Chapter 5: I Nearly Lost My Hands
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"Oh, its you, Shinya."

"I need answers, Sulver. Do you know something?"
Shinya found Sulver doing maintenance on the club's equipment and asked him right way about the silhouette.

"Do you happen to know what's this college about?"
"I don't know what you mean?"

"I heard that this is not a normal place, and you happen to know what it is."
"Are you sure you're alright? Have you heard voices in your head?"
Shinya laughed a little while cleaning, feigning ignorance to Shinya's questions.

"Yes, I've heard voices, and I want to ask you to look at my chest right now."
"Woah man, have you lost it? I'm not into guys."
"Just shut up and hear me out."
Shinya slowly removed his top and Sulver saw a huge mark on his chest right where the heart is. It's wriggling a little as if the mark is alive, but Sulver stayed silent and his atmosphere changed after seeing it. Sulver sighed and continued.

"Anyone who registers to this school are not normal people, you should remember this. With that mark on your chest, you have become one of us now, and you can't do anything about it."
"Wait, so you know what this is?"
"It's a mark of someone awakening their blood, their human blood suppressed this to hide themselves well enough to full blood tests and monitoring equipment. Now that you have a mark, people will know who you are, not a human, thats for sure."
"What? Then I'm gonna die if I meet these hunters?"
"Not unless you learn how to fight back. I didn't want you to awaken now, but it has now come to this. I'll bring you with me on my job tonight."

"....Let's talk for real now."
"I hope you know what I want to know."

Sulver stopped cleaning and then sat on the nearby chair with Shinya and their discussion began.

"Alright then, where do I start.."

"So, where did you hear about it, and what is that on your chest, it's annoying me."
"Then don't stare at it too much, it's just awkward on both our part."

"Fine, fine, I just didn't expect the mood to be sour right now and made a joke."

Sulver laughed at the small banter between the two guys and then after a while, he got serious and started speaking.

"So, you know that this place looks ordinary, right?"
"Yeah, nothing seems out of place."
"Then it means that everyone you pass by in this college is good at hiding their true selves and blending in really well."
"But why?"
"To hide, of course. This place is the only safe haven for our kind."
"What do you mean, our kind?"

"We'll get to that. Anyway, the reason why we hide is because we don't want to end up hunted until we're dead. It has been like this for years since it was first built, like around two centuries or so."
"Okay, I get the idea, now tell me what are we, or rather, who are we hiding from?"
"We hide from a global scale threat to our kind, humans who have a grudge with us, a grudge where we are put to blame without us being involved."
"Are they the government or something?"
"No, the government is run by humans who have no idea about us, but support this global scale group as a partnership of some sort. This group is in charge of world trade and is supported by countries. Some of them are only hired as regular employees living a regular life, while most have been looking for us."
"Did they manage to find the rest?"
"Yes, and some escaped, while the rest.."
He trailed off there, and showed a sad look in his eyes. Shinya sat quietly after hearing Sulver's story. He sighed and continued his story.

"Now that you have awakened, you are no longer safe unless you trained to fight back."
"Why? I thought I could fight back already."
"Not against these hunters. Even the weakest one is stronger than you currently. The more elite hunters can even destroy a large group in just a few minutes."

"So if I'm awakened, do I get powers or what?"
"You will learn about them after you go through the basics, physical training."
"Let me ask, is this related to your job?"
"Nice guess, but it is more than that, I will take you with me later tonight, you should get some rest. I'll tell you more after you learn."
"Can you show me how strong you are? How about I try to block your fist."
"Fine, I do needed to release some stress after explaining this to you."

Both of them stood up, and backed away from each other. Shinya looks serious but Sulver looks relaxed, not even worried.

"Give it your all to block it."


A large sound wave exploded in the area, and the origin came from Sulver swinging a punch at Shinya's hand. They pulled their hand away and one side looks relaxed, while the other is trembling while panting.

"What the hell is that?"
"Just a regular punch, nothing serious."
"Nothing serious? I felt like I was trying to block a professional boxer's punch at full force."
"If you managed to block that one, then how about I knock up the difficulty a bit more."
"Are you trying to kill me?"
"No, but its best to experience this pain if you want to survive."

Sulver made a stance, and kicked forward. He punched again with some more power and Shinya blocked it with both his hands but fell down on his back, barely managed to block it. His hands were shaking, but the hand that was punched the first time felt a crack on his bones.

"Hoh, you did it."
"Fuck, I think you broke my hand."
"Uh oh, better hold back more next time. Anyway, I'll meet you at your house later tonight, you will know what my job really is."
"What? So your gonna leave me here with a nearly broken hand?"
"Oh, I forgot to mention that we can regenerate our limbs as long as they're not severed, we are not immortal, after all. Our vitality has limits."

He walked off, with Shinya on the floor, unable to use his hands.