Chapter 27
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Eh, Liu Yong didn’t tell you? Once you had been taken away to be looked after by doctors, Liu Yong collapsed. If a nurse hadn’t been close by and given him cultivation treatment immediately, he would have died. The doctors said he had given all of his cultivation to you. In the end his sacrifice is what kept you alive.”


The trembling in Zhou RenShu’s hands spread to the rest of his body as Officer Yu became worried. Zhou RenShu imagined the same pale and gaunt face of Liu Yong he had seen on the night he was brought back to the living. Liu Yong looked as if he would drop dead at any moment. Seeing the love of his life like this scared Zhou RenShu to the bone. Officer Yu finally noticed the pale complexion on Zhou RenShu’s face. “RenShu, did you really not know?”


“Know what?” Liu Yong walked in after he had ordered lunch. Zhou RenShu had his back facing him so he couldn’t see the scared look in the small boy’s eyes. Officer Yu took a few steps away as he didn’t want to be blamed for Zhou RenShu’s poor appearance. Liu Yong quickly turned Zhou RenShu around to face him, his eyes turning dark as he glared at Officer Yu. “What did you do to him?”


“I-I didn’t do anything, I was only apologizing for my stupidity all those months ago.” Zhou RenShu anxiously groped and squeezed all over Liu Yong’s body, the two men glaring at each other stopped and looked at the small boy. Zhou RenShu slid his hands up while squeezing handfuls of muscles until he got to Liu Yong’s face. “Why didn’t you tell me? You looked after me everyday without resting, but you needed to be taken care of too.”


“I’m all better now. I was fully recovered by the time you woke up.” Liu Yong removed the hands that were pinching his face, rubbing small circles over the small palms. Officer Yu chirped in too. “You don’t need to worry about Liu Yong, everyone at the precinct donated some of their cultivation for him, not only that but the officers also donated some to help create a pill to help hide a demon’s animal identity.”


All of the information was too much for Zhou RenShu and he couldn’t keep up, Liu Yong hadn’t told him about his time in hospital, leaving him worried but now he was also being told about a magic pill which he didn’t understand as to how it worked. “I hadn’t told him about that either.”


“Oh, you guys should talk more.” Liu Yong glared at Officer Yu until the man took his leave. I thought we were having lunch first! With no more witnesses Liu Yong kissed Zhou RenShu but it was short lived as he pulled away with a curious face. “Wha-”


Zhou RenShu couldn't speak as a thick tongue was shoved in his mouth, rubbing itself all over his cheeks and soft palate. Once Liu Yong pulled back Zhou RenShu was still in a daze. “Your scent is gone.”


“It is?” Zhou RenShu poked and prodded the tender skin in his mouth before sniffing his wet finger, it didn’t smell like anything. Both men were left standing in the room confused. Liu Yong looked off into space a little confused. “I wonder why?”


“What was Officer Yu talking about? Why didn’t you tell me about your time in hospital and what are those pills he was talking about?”


Liu Yong brought Zhou RenShu to the sofa so he could explain everything. “You really don’t have to worry about me being in hospital, I only needed to rest and have cultivation infusions for a few days. By the end of one week I was fully healed and back to normal.”


Zhou RenShu continued his groping to make sure the firm muscles and tanned skin were the same as he always remembered, once he was sure there were no faults in Liu Yong’s body he decided to rest his hands on Liu Yong’s thighs. “Tell me about the pills, I remember Officer Yu asking me about how you were able to hide my snake identity, I thought that was done because of the seal and necklace.”


“I thought so too. However after meeting with Wu Yun I found that it was actually done through the giving of my cultivation. Just like how the life essence of a demon can prolong a cultivator’s life, the life essence of a cultivator can protect a demon.”


“Why did you meet with Wu Yun, when did you do this?” Zhou RenShu’s large eyes narrowed as he glared at Liu Yong. He saw Liu Yong’s face stiffen before relaxing. “I met with him before he left, this was during our time away. If I hadn’t met with him I wouldn’t have been able to know some vital information.”


Zhou RenShu was still confused. “RenShu, don’t worry about things you don’t need to, okay? Those pills can help snake demons that are still being targeted, the way they are made are done through a donation process too. No one is harmed during the making and Wu Yun is far away now. You don’t need to worry about him.”


“Then why is my venom gone?” Liu Yong didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. How am I supposed to know that? I am just as shocked as you! Zhou RenShu poked at his mouth again to see if anything would come out but his fingers were only covered in his spit. “How about we see if it’s still there in my snake form?”


Before Liu Yong could answer Zhou RenShu was slithering up his thigh, the scene reminded him of their first cultivation session together. Zhou RenShu kept slithering until he was pressed against Liu Yong’s cheek, he hissed quietly but no spray or smell came out. Liu Yong noticed that the colouring on Zhou RenShu’s body had also faded, it was more a milky white with the faintest hue of yellow. “There’s nothing coming out, change back now.”


Zhou RenShu did as he was told and sat in Liu Yong’s lap stark naked, his clothes sitting beside Liu Yong where he had been sitting earlier. Liu Yong took the opportunity to grip two fistfuls of Zhou RenShu’s plump butt cheeks. Even though his hands were full he acted as if this was completely normal and started talking again.


“A few people at work have found out about our blood contract. My Supervisor wants to hold a ceremony, I told him it’s up to you.” Zhou RenShu was lifting Liu Yong’s shirt up as he listened. “Will it be like a marriage ceremony?”


En, but the only guests would be the officers from the precinct, I have no one else to invite.” Liu Yong helped Zhou RenShu remove his shirt before he leaned back against the sofa. Zhou RenShu’s small hands went straight towards the chocolate coloured buds he loved so much. “I don’t have anyone else either, I thought the people at the orphanage were good but they weren’t…... Will there be cake?”


“If you want.” Liu Yong slid his fingers in between the small crack, rubbing up and down the sensitive area, Zhou RenShu arched his back as his fingers scratched over the firm chest underneath his hands, his nails leaving long red marks. “What about music?”


“There can be.” Moving his hands lower, Zhou RenShu undid Liu Yong’s belt and opened the tight pants. He shoved both hands into the tight space and brought Xiao Liu Yong out. Meanwhile Liu Yong had pulled Zhou RenShu’s own stem back through his thighs, his large hand stroking the small length until it started to leak. Zhou RenShu’s voice struggled to stay even as he continued to talk. “Wh-What about...the aisle, Wh-Who will walk”


Hard slaps rained on the tender white cheeks before they were roughly squeezed and pulled, Liu Yong moved his mouth to Zhou RenShu’s red ears and sucked on the tender skin before moving to the other side to nibble. Once both ears had been attacked, the warm air from Liu Yong’s breath as he whispered sent chills through Zhou RenShu’s entire body. “Your husband will of course.”


The two men no longer tried to continue their conversation as they passionately kissed, when Zhou RenShu’s mouth was overflowing with saliva, Liu Yong pushed the small boy to the side only to pick him up by his waist. Zhou RenShu’s eyesight was covered by the large thing between Liu Yong’s legs. He shoved as much as he could in his mouth as he bobbed his head. More spit streamed out of the small gap in his mouth and dribbled down into his short hair.


Liu Yong had his eyes set on something else, he couldn’t get enough of the taste of Zhou RenShu’s ass. The small boy felt weightless as his small hole was bit and licked repeatedly. When Liu Yong wasn’t sliding his tongue over the puckered skin he was biting and sucking the small mounds that surrounded the tender area.


His ass was eaten so thoroughly that spit was mixed with precum dribbled down Zhou RenShu’s body. Zhou RenShu was in heaven as he held onto Lu Yong’s thick thighs, with the help of Liu Yong’s thrusting, his throat was filled to its capacity. The small tight canal stretching to accommodate such a big thing. Zhou RenShu grunted and groaned as his face turned bright red, he wanted to stay in this position forever but he was soon placed down on the sofa.


“More~, I want more of Husband’s cock~” Liu Yong watched as Zhou RenShu hung his lewd head over the edge of the sofa, the heat in his loins burned making his cock jump and twitch. Zhou RenShu moaned and writhed on the sofa seductively, trying to get more of Liu Yong s attention. He pulled his legs back too, showcasing his precious pink flower. Liu Yong couldn’t take anymore as he gave Zhou RenShu what he wanted.


The thick cock slid back into the warm orifice as Liu Yong leaned forward, one hand gripping the back of the sofa while his other hand squeezed the plump sack on Zhou RenShu’s small body. Zhou RenShu opened his throat as wide as he could while Liu Yong pumped his hips slowly. After a few more tugs and fondles, Liu Yong slid his hand along the tender taint under the sack before drawing his hand back, a light spank hitting the sensitive area.


Zhou RenShu’s throat tightened as he grunted, his hips jerking without control, Liu Yong rubbed over the soft skin again before lifting his hand to spank it. Zhou RenShu’s legs opened further while Liu Yong thrusted harder. Zhou RenShu could see the heavy ballsack of Liu Yong’s bouncing beautifully, his small hand reached up and fondled the soft skin.


Liu Yong stopped his spanking session as he shoved two fingers inside of the slick cavern, his fingers founding the delicate spot. His hips and fingers moved at the same fast pace, driving Zhou RenShu crazy. The lower stomach area on Zhou RenShu’s body was covered in clear slick juice, Liu Yong removed his fingers and slid them all over the precum before shoving them back inside.

Removing his hand from the sofa, Liu Yong held the back of Zhou RenShu’s neck, his already harsh thrusts became rougher as the small boy’s eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Spit was fucked out of the tny mouth without mercy while his delicate hole was continuously finger fucked. Liu Yong grunted and gasped as he forced the small boy to take all of him, his balls sitting on the small face as his cock contracted and twitched.


Thick streams of cum flooded Zhou RenShu’s throat as his own cum rained on his body. The fingers attacking his ass never stopped. The screaming and moaning would have echoed loudly in the room had it not been for the massive pipe still filling his throat. Once the large amount of milk had stopped flowing, Liu Yong slowly pulled out. Zhou RenShu gasped for air as his small body was lifted.


Liu Yong gently kissed and licked at the mess on Zhou RenShu’s face. Once Zhou RenShu’s breathing had regulated, the small boy wrapped his legs around Liu Yong’s waist. His voice was hoarse but still seductive. “Fill my other hole too hubby~”


Fu~ how am I supposed to return to work when we can’t go more than three days without fucking or dual cultivating?” The question was of course rhetorical as he shoved the small boy down onto his semi hard cock, he walked from the living room to the bathroom like this. By the time Zhou RenShu was leant up against the mirror, Xiao Liu Yong had fully awakened. 


The two continued their love-making until the third call from Supervisor was heard from another room. Liu Yong pulled away from the gasping boy as he angrily left the room to find his phone, Zhou RenShu followed behind in a daze as a stream of white liquid flowed down his thighs. Liu Yong didn’t bother to calm his breathing as he answered the call. “What?”


“Have you asked your little wife yet?” Zhou RenShu kneeled in front of Liu Yong, his ass facing the sky, Liu Yong’s eyes darkened as he looked down. Zhou RenShu’’s hole was a pretty red as his husband’s white mlk flowed from the unclosing hole. Lewd juice also covered the majority of Zhou RenSHu’s thighs and ass cheeks. “I asked him.”


Zhou RenShu shoved three fingers inside the mess of his hole but it wasn’t enough, Liu Yong had stretched him out too much. Adding a fourth small finger, the small hand pummeled the tender canal until more milk leaked out. “Well, what did he say? Does he want a ceremony?”


Liu Yong pulled Zhou RenShu’s hand from the hole and slurped at the messy juice running down the small wrist. Once the whole hand was clean he shoved his aching cock back inside. Liu Yong used his free hand to slide around Zhou RenShu’s thoat, once his hand was covering the warm stone he pulled back, not stopping until Zhou RenShu’s back was extremely arched. 


The small boy gasped and grunted as his hole was ruthlessly fucked again. The Supervisor pulled the phone away and looked at the screen, seeing it was still connected he put the phone back to his ear. “Liu Yong? What did he say?”


Zhou RenShu’s fingers were barely touching the ground to steady his flailing body while Liu Yong clutched the phone, he could hear his annoying Supervisors voice but he couldn’t be bothered answering. Only after the fifth call of his name did he answer out in anger. “Fucking take care of it yourself!”


The phone was thrown to the side with the call still connected. Zhou RenShu’s throat was pulled back by two large hands now, cum had already flowed from his swollen stem but more wanted to shoot out already, Liu Yong’s large body loomed over the small boy beneath him as all of the cum from the previous rounds sprayed out of the small hole, covering both bodies. The gasps and roars carried over to the still connected call.


The whole of Zhou RenShu’s body was red as his breath lessened while the pressure built up in his gut until it felt painful. Liu Yong was gasping as well as his hips slapped against the sweaty ass cheeks. Zhou RenShu couldn’t take anymore as his eyes rolled back, inhumane gurgles and grunts erupted from his closed throat as the last of his cum emptied onto the floor. The hole that was being ravaged clenched tightly until Liu Yong grunted in pain. 


Even though it hurt Liu Yong didn’t stop plowing the tiny hole, his cock swelled more before cum filled the tight space. Zhou RenShu’s body shook as if he was having a seizure, his cock stopped leaking cum but it was still twitching. He felt as if he was being electrocuted in the best way. Slowly Liu Yong released the small boy's throat as he stayed inside the wet hole, Zhou RenShu was still trembling as his orgasm was yet to finish.


Liu Yong held Zhou RenShu as he tenederly kissed his beet red face as well as the area his large hands had been constricting. Finally his cock softened enough to slide out of the small hole by itself and the load he had just dumped inside dribbled out. Only once Liu Yong was no longer inside, did Zhou RenShu’s body stop orgasming. His limp body leaned back ino Liu Yong’s arms.


Small light kisses rained over Zhou RenShu’s sensitive body until he had fallen asleep, Liu Yong picked Zhou RenShu up and was about to enter the bathroom when he saw his phone was still connected. He picked the device up in time to hear the Supervisors breathy grunts. His powerful voice crossed over the city in a dark fury. “Why the fuck are you still on here? Go plan my wedding you old pervert!”


Although Liu Yong had roared loud enough for the Supervisor to hear him without the phone, Zhou RenShu only cuddled in closer to the angry man. Back in his locked office, the out of breath Supervisor was having a mild freakout. My dear wife, your husband has wronged you again! I only meant to hear the answer Liu Yong had promised me but I ended up staying for a double happy ending. Please forgive your old horny husband!