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[Are you ready Host?] The system ask its host who was currently staring at the necklace blankly, this was the reward for completing and solving the mystery in the last world.

Now they need to go forward to the second world.

Its already been 3 days since its host, Jabez was staring blankly in the the necklace with some word in it.

Jabez, hearing the system. Look up to its system who was currently in its Rabbit form.

The system with a rabbit form was circling to him, while floating in the space.

"ok, lets go the the next word" he said while clenching the necklace tightly.

The Rabbit jump up and down in excitement and quickly use his power.

The vast space quickly was envelope with light and a Black haired, Brown eyes youth appeared. He look at them blankly and close his eyes.

Jabez close his eyes and the information flow to him.

[Tyron Cooper, A Rich generation youth. In his school he was known as a Bully, when he was at school he bullied the top scorer of their class until it commit suicide by jumping on top of the building in their school but he didnt know that the person who he bullied, and die was the son of the richest man in the world, because of this he was sentenced to prison but his parents try every best of their abilities to save him and he was out, but in exchange the family was bankrupted, his parents died because of an car accident arranged by the father of the one who died, he spends his life out in prison but because he didnt study well and didnt know anything he was scoited to be a prostitute and died at the age of 25 because of HIV. ]

'that's all?' Jabez open his eyes and see the rabbit infront of him, The youth named Jabez was floating and looking at him too.

[Yes, for now that's his info. But you have a mission now.

Mission: Save and protect Earl.
Side mission: Treat the cooper parents right.]

The person who was standing beside the rabbit give out a faint smile and was slowly fading into nothingness, Jabez could feel the sadness the man named Tyron emitting. Jabez think its because of the regret he did.

He smile at the fading Tyron, mouthing 'I'll protect them.' Tyron show a smile, reassure. Tyron mouthed something to Jabez and fade into nothingness

'I trust you..because you beeepp  bee*p'

He feels something was not right because the last words that Tyron said became a blurry sound.

[Transporting Host!!... 1%...45%..78%....100% good luck host to your next mission]