The Legend of the Tamer Chapter 31
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Aeron proceeded to hunt with Arthur and the group, east of the base, this was until they reached the only Mid-Grade Vine Snake in the area.

“Where is it Arthur?”

Aeron asked, Vine Snakes were master of camouflage, and within a forest filled with vines of differing sizes, it took more than sharp eyes to find them. It was a good thing Aeron had Arthur who had excellent senses, enough to find Low-Grade and Mid-Grade Beasts. In situations like this, it was commonly the Archer’s job to scout the surrounding, or Tamers using pets with good vision. Agila for example would’ve fit the job more than Arthur as Agila’s species usually had ocular skills.

“It’s resting at the top of the tree master and doesn’t seem to be hunting.”

Arthur replied, Vine Snakes usually positioned themselves in areas where prey usually passed by, which weren’t the top but more on the ground or middle areas. It was actually quite odd to Aeron since they haven’t met a lot of aggressive beasts that lived in treetops. One reason was that most tree-dwelling beasts had enough food sources for them to share, thus mitigating the confrontations. Groups of tree-dwelling beasts usually had defined territories, there was a lot of room to share so territorial fights rarely happen. Another reason was Arthur’s presence, most beasts living at the forest canopy had already left or submitted after seeing such a dominant High-Grade Beast, there were even a couple of Monkey type beasts, but Arthur didn’t have any intention of subduing them with his skill as most of them weren’t battle oriented monkeys.

“Then let’s go and see it.”

Aeron said as he hopped on Arthur’s back, the prey was a Mid-Grade Beast, if for some reason it possessed an unknown skill that could potentially kill Aeron in the blink of an eye, then it would be a pity. Even Aeron could use skills like [Lighting Strike] which was from Agila who was currently still a Mid-Grade Beast.

Arthur quickly made his way up the tree in silence, followed by the black monkeys and lastly Lancelot and Gwaine. Arthur stopped before they got nearer the Vine Snake, what Aeron saw was something else. The huge tree they were currently on had a huge vine wrapped around its branches, it was at least 20 meters in length, if Aeron hadn’t seen the Golden Eyed Snake first, then he would truly be stunned. The biggest Vine Snake Aeron had seen was only about 10 meters, this Mid-Grade Vine Snake was twice that size. Vine Snakes weren’t venomous which was a clear sign of its hunting style being that of constriction, snakes like these even in Aeron’s past world grew to astonishing sizes.

“There’s still a bulge, it must have just caught its prey recently.”

Aeron whispered as he saw a bulge in the middle of the Vine Snake’s body, Aeron judged it at least be another Mid-Grade Beast, if it wasn’t then the Mid-Grade Vine Snake would’ve already finished digesting its prey.       

“Can you take care of it quickly without letting it die Arthur?”

Aeron asked, the only way Aeron could do the last hit was through his bow, going near such a beast, especially considering that snakes were known for their vitality made approaching this Mid-Grade Vine Snake more dangerous, even if it was dying.

“I can Master, should I open its mouth for Master to fire on?”

Arthur answered confidently, even if the snake was a Mid-Grade Beast, against a High-Grade Beast, it would still be like an egg thrown to a rock.

“If you can, then do so, otherwise I could go for the eyes.”

Aeron replied, if Aeron could puncture the mouth leading to its brain, then he would make the choice, but if Arthur couldn’t open the Vine Snake’s mouth before it dies, then the Vine Snake’s eye was a viable choice. Aeron was expecting Arthur to quickly injure the Vine Snake severely to weaken it enough for Arthur to hold it in place, but Aeron was still underestimating Arthur’s strength.

After Arthur heard Aeron’s confirmation, he quickly charged at the Vine Snake’s head, the Vine Snake sensed Arthur approaching when it was already too late. Arthur created a golden staff and covered himself in golden armor. The golden staff left a golden flash as it hit the Vine Snake’s head, the Vine Snake bounced on the tree, before it could start falling, a golden streak suddenly appeared.


The golden staff pinned the lower area of the Vine Snake’s head to the tree. Arthur quickly followed, he stood above the Vine Snake’s head, skewered the tip of the Vine Snake’s mouth before yanking the upper jaw open. Although the Vine Snake was in a lot of pain, it was still trying to fight back, its long body lashed out towards Arthur, but all the blows were negated by Arthur’s golden armor. Seeing that its attacks were futile, the Vine Snake’s eyes suddenly glowed as the branches of the tree turned into spear tipped tentacles, the branches rushed towards Arthur.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Arthur’s figure was covered with branches, cracking noises filled the air but Arthur stood still, and the branches around him started to snap. The branches surrounding Arthur burst as it collapsed from the impact with Arthur’s armor. Arthur’s armor was not just hard and durable, it was also infused with Arthur’s aura. Even though Aeron was surprised about the turn of events, he was still waiting for the opportunity to strike.


Aeron’s arrow pierced through the Vine Snake’s upper jaw piercing through its brain in the process. The Vine Snake writhed around for a short amount of time before it started to slow down and slumped on the tree branches. Aeron felt the flood of mana entering his body after the Vine Snake died, the amount was almost worth one day of hunting Level 4 to 5 Low-Grade Beast.

“Arthur, Guard me till I finish meditating.”

Aeron quickly said as he sat down cross-legged, he had already killed a few beasts on his way here, though the power gap between Low-Grade and Mid-Grade was big, Aeron didn’t expect this much mana to enter his body. He purified the mana inside his body as quickly as he could. The human body could not accommodate too much mana from kills as it was usually not compatible with the individual’s body as such when the excess foreign mana entered the body, the body tended to reject the excess mana. Aeron was currently purifying the foreign mana, as well as holding on to it. This process would inflict pain but to Aeron, the pain was worth it.

Arthur quickly ordered the other monkeys to guard around the perimeter while he guarded beside Aeron. It was very unlikely for other beasts to come, but the dead Mid-Grade Vine Snake’s corpse might attract some stray beast. It was a good thing that the other monkeys were also Mid-Grade Beasts, which was enough to intimidate the stray beasts and avoid disturbing Aeron’s meditation. Meditation was mostly done in places which the individual judged as safe, or have trustworthy people to guard him. This was because meditation deals with the soul, and being disturbed or even attacked while meditating could lead to damages to the soul which was one of the most difficult to heal.

Aeron opened his eyes with a breath of relief, he had to eject some excess mana but not too much. He looked around and saw that it was already dark. Arthur was standing beside him vigilantly.

“Thanks Arthur, I’m already done. Let’s return, Agila and the others must be worried.”

Aeron said, and he was right, Agila was already worried as well as the other monkeys, even Ursa was awake sensing the weird atmosphere. Of course, the monkeys were more worried about Arthur, he was their king after all. Even so, none of them tried to go and look for Aeron and the others, it was one of Aeron’s orders. Their worries were actually unwarranted because Aeron could just summon any of them if there was any danger, unless Aeron died before he could react. Agila would’ve known because they had a soul connection, but it was still too young to understand everything, and the monkeys weren’t so smart to think about this.

Arthur nodded, he grabbed the Vine Snake’s head and dragged it with him effortlessly through the forest. Aeron followed beside Arthur, while the other monkeys guarded both of them. Lancelot and Gwaine in the front, while Richie, Bruno, and Rambo guarded the rear.

‘What kind of beast could’ve it eaten.’

Aeron thought as they traversed through the forest.

“Master! I feel a High-Grade Beast approaching, there’s also at least ten Mid-Grade Beast with it.”

Arthur suddenly warned.

“Is it stronger than you?”

Aeron said, Arthur confidently shook his head.

“Then let’s fight here.”

Aeron said, if it was only about speed then Arthur could probably escape carrying him, but he couldn’t bring the Vine Snake corpse with them. Aeron also thought that the beasts were approaching because of the Vine Snake’s corpse. Aeron quickly unsummoned and summoned the Percival and Elyan, as well as Alexander and Caesar with 10 other brown monkeys. He still didn’t know what the enemy was, so it would only make the area crowded if he summoned too many monkeys at once. This way he could still have more options according to how the fight goes.

“Arthur, I’ll let you be the judge of the situation, I’ll try to help you when I can, but do as you will!”

Aeron said, even though the tree canopy wasn’t very dark, and the dark sun illuminated the night much more than Aeron’s past world’s moon, Aeron would still not be able to react as fast as Arthur would.

“Yes Master!”

Arthur answered and started ordering the other monkeys, they formed a circular formation, with most monkeys concentrated to the front where the enemy was coming from. After the monkeys positioned themselves, they started to wait. Aeron hid at the back of the formation with Richie and the other black monkeys guarding him.


Yellow eyes suddenly appeared in the shadows of the trees, as the enemies appeared, Aeron quickly recognized them.


Aeron thought in astonishment, there was that possibility that this was revenge, but it was too small to be considered when they killed the Lykoi pack. This could simply be about the Vine Snake corpse, but since Arthur felt another High-Grade Beast then it should not just be because of the corpse.

There were at least 12 Lykois that appeared before the alpha appeared, it was a massive Lykoi, almost 7 meters tall, its fur was pitch black, its tail had spiked barbs which looked sinisterly sharp, its eyes suddenly focused on Arthur.


 The High-Grade Lykoi growled which made Aeron think his ears were going to bleed.


Arthur answered in kind, Arthur’s scream cancelled out the Alpha Lykoi’s growl. Both sides stood still as they sized each other up. Arthur obviously had an advantage in number, but the Lykois didn’t seem to have any intentions of leaving. Aeron knew that standoffs like these were important, if the other side becomes too intimidated to attack then they would be able to avoid a fight with another High-Grade Beast, else, the fight would commence.


The Alpha Lykoi suddenly hissed, the other Lykois also hissed and poised to strike.


Arthur and the Silver Monkey’s armored up, the brown monkeys also started to grow a bit bigger as they used their body reinforcement skills. Arthur suddenly brandished his obsidian glaive as it was swallowed by golden liquid turning it into a golden glaive, the same happened to both Lancelot’s and Gwaine’s spears, while Elyan and Percival brandished their silver staffs. It was a pity only Arthur, Lancelot, and Gwaine had proper weapons, but the sight was truly impressive.

It seemed that the actions of Arthur and the monkeys made the Lykois hesitant. The Alpha Lykoi still looked fierce as its barbed tail swung from side to side. Its face looked like it was contemplating as the other Lykois seemed to back off.

‘Maybe they’ll just retreat.’

Aeron thought as he watched the situation unfold. If he was lucky then the Lykois would not attack, but even if they did, he was still confident that Arthur and the monkeys could stop them. The problem was whether the Lykois noticed his presence. But it was at this moment that something happened.


The Alpha Lykoi growled loudly as its tail swung towards Arthur’s right side. Its tail barbs shot out with blinding speed.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swing!

The Alpha Lykoi launched its barbs continuously, Aeron wasn’t able to follow but Arthur was.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

Arthur was able to strike down most of the barbs with his metal blades, as many as 8 metal blades were intercepting the Alpha Lykoi’s attack. But when it came to the number of projectiles, the Alpha Lykoi won.

Bang! Bang!

Gwaine and Elyan blocked in front of the other monkeys, they were blasted off by the hit. Gwaine slammed into the brown monkey behind him before both of them slammed into the tree behind them. Elyan fell down to the ground. Aeron quickly unsummoned Elyan before it hit the ground, he could only unsummoned Gwaine and the brown monkey after they slammed into the tree, the attack happened too fast and Aeron was unable to keep up.

When the alpha Lykoi attacked, the other Lykois also sprung from their positions, each picking a target for themselves. Arthur and the other monkeys were enraged seeing their comrades get hit by the Alpha Lykoi’s sneak attack.

The metal blades suddenly flew back to Arthur, they spun around him once before turning into golden blades. Eight Golden Blades launched towards the Alpha Lykoi who quickly dodged, two golden blades sped up to attack the Alpha Lykoi but was swatted away by its claws. But the six other golden blades attacked the other Lykois, the nearest 3 were instantly killed while the others were able to dodge.


The Alpha Lykoi got enraged when it saw three Lykois fall to the ground unmoving, the other monkeys became guarded and Aeron also focused on the battle more, he didn’t know how much damage Gwaine and Elyan took and he currently had no time to look into them.


Arthur rushed towards the Alpha Lykoi, he swung his golden glaive which was met by the Alpha Lykoi’s claws, each claw was glowing with a sinister light.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sparks flew off as the two High-Grade Beast exchanged blows, the Alpha Lykoi seemed disadvantage as it kept leaping away while Arthur chased behind it. Meanwhile, the other Lykoi’s were not looking well, each of them faced at least one monkey, while four others face two.

“Tom! Bring the other monkeys and help kill the Lykois quicker!”

Aeron ordered, he already summoned another batch of 10 brown monkeys to help the fight.


Arthur swung his golden glaive which was dodged by the Alpha Lykoi.


The Alpha Lykoi suddenly swung its tail as another batch of barbs grew unnoticed on its tail.