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Waking up on the fourth day in his new world it was time for the thing Renal dreaded the most, meeting his servants. He had only really been briefed their names and general looks to recognise them.

Pushing it ever later was fine for a while but it wasn't a viable long term option. The shape of his new life depended on how this meeting went; if he couldn't manage to make these people believe that he only had amnesia, rather than him being somebody else, he would have to leave with Teres.

But there was also the coming clean and admitting it to them. But he wrote that off because it might make them call down less open religious zealots that would purge him, he really didn't know the local world enough to dare to do that. But the moment the three people walked in his eyes fell on the taller black haired woman, he felt that she should be his. A burning desire to conquer.

'Ah damn, this is what I feared, some lingering thoughts from the body again. But she doesn't look that overjoyed to see him as 'I' feel?' He right away noticed a slight twinge in her smile. Well he put that away for later and looked over the other two, the younger somewhat blond haired girl, 'Erica should be her name, and the middle age looking man should be my steward, his name should be Carl.'

The girl really outclasses Renal's body when it comes to magical talent if Renal is barely able to reach grand-magi she would be a grand-magi in her twenties, with proper training and resources of course. But he felt that this really was a backwards world when he noticed that doesn't have a speck of magic in her. 'Is it because she is a woman or because she is a commoner?'

The man looks like he is fairly strong in a battle, not a paladin or magic knight so unlike Teres there isn't a speck of magic on him either. But even without magic strength of body has many times proven itself superior to magic. Especially in masses but also in personal combat. While he doesn't look that old his hair is completely white, both the head and trimmed beard, physical training just like magical did prolong your life just not to the same extent.

'But Nina... She really is beautiful. Long silky black hair past her shoulders, a slim but curvy body, clothes that don't seem anywhere like something a servant should wear working. They weren't noble clothes or anything untoward just not quite a servant's, unlike Erica that has reasonably frizzed hair and fairly rough linen clothes, she is immaculate. Too clean, too well dressed.'

"Hello, master." The trio called out when they came into the tent. 'Ouch, that I won't accept them saying, makes me feel dirty.'

"Ah hello, I guess Teres told you I lost my memories? Most of what I remember comes in feelings, hopefully more comes back soon, but shouldn't there be someone else in the party?" Renal got a feeling someone was missing from this group, someone he has a stronger impression of than these people.

"Yes master, your valet, Boes, has gone to your father to report in the delay," Carl replied quickly and curtly.

"So can you tell me what happened here? I really can't remember." All he felt was a headache when he tried to actively dig out on any memories, be that people or events.

"Master we camped for the day because you had run down with a fever, and you ran off while ranting delirious ravings into the woods. If these Templars didn't come along and search for you we'd never have found you." Nina said.

"Ok, can you stop with calling me, master? It is really creeping me out when I hear you say it." Somewhat creepy when he hears the other two say it but somehow he doesn't really have quite as much of an aversion to it as when Nina says it.

"Well master seems like you've really lost your memories, you're the one that told me to call you as such." Nina immediately counters. Somehow he feels chills looking at her like she is really strong and scary. He wasn't sensing any magic or physical strength though.

'Am I not supposed to feel love towards her? Was Renal the weird type? Not judging, just don't feel comfortable thinking that now that I'm supposed to be Renal.'

"We shouldn't take up more of these good templar's time, when do you think we can start moving again?" Nina seemed very eager to move, Renal didn't mind since he was getting really fed up by being stuck in this tent.

"Doubt I'm well enough to ride but sitting in a carriage shouldn't be an issue." There never were any large internal injuries from what he could tell, mostly bruises and scratches. Most of the actual damage was to his soul, and the pain was the mind not realising the feelings that the body sent. The idea of getting away from the 'interrogations' was another really tempting thing. "Can you ask Teres if we can leave on the morrow then?"

"Very well master. And good night." Then the trio of servants left. Renal did again feel suspicious why he felt danger from Nina but he put it at the back of his mind, why? Because he didn't think they caught onto him and he felt joyous and slightly sad about the now 'dead' Renal.

'Just how little did they look or care about him when he was Renal? It can't be this easy to pretend to be someone else.'



There was no need for Renal to tell Teres about their departure, that was a servant's job. And just like Renal expected he came just a few minutes after the servants left.

"So you feel like you can manage to keep them in the dark about new you. Well, congratulations are in order, and I've decided who should follow you. Telan, an apprentice that needs to get to know how to get through the world on his own." There was no pleasantries and no room for disagreements, he simply came and told Renal what was going to happen.

"Okay thanks, but it feels too easy fooling my servants. And I really don't think Nina is who she says."

"I've got no doubt about that but why should we care? All people and places have their own secrets." And after a pause, he added. "But she doesn't seem to want you dead either so don't worry too much."