Chapter 21
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Aversia and Zeldaris stood motionless on the platform as they continuously absorbed the grey flames.

The normal villagers were looking in awe and some were a little bit scared at the changes of the two half dragons.

Emrissen and Challot on the other hand were very happy at the fact that their children got out of it unharmed.

As for Belserion, Tia, Vulcan and Irene they heaved a long sigh of relief, but were also happy that the two were fine.

Igneel and Metalicana were dumbfounded, they never expected that the release would be so overwhelming.

Belserion had told them about the previous times, but they thought that he was being dramatic.

Natsu and Gajeel were surprisingly in thought.

Anna was similar to Natsu and Gajeel also in deep thought, but her demeanor was much more serious.

“Lady Irene, I would like to go back to Grandeeney, Skiadrum and Weisslogia and tell them that the situation has been solved.” said Tia while looking at Aversia and Zeldaris.

“Yes, do that. Vulcan, Belserion and I have everything under control here and I believe that the others are worrying about us and are probably going to have a lot of questions that they are going to bombard us with.” said Irene, while sighing again and looking at the surrounding people.

Tia used the enchantment again and run at high speed back to the dragons.

5 minutes later and Tia came back with Grandeeney, Skiadrum, Weisslogia, Wendy, Rogue and Sting.

The three dragons looked at the platform were Aversia and Zeldaris were almost finished with absorbing the energy.

They had a tone of questions, but they decided to wait for a better moment.

Wendy, Sting and Rogue were captivated by the scene of Aversia and Zeldaris absorbing the energy into their body.

The energy was flowing in streams into their body. (AN: Just imagine the scene from Helsing where Alucard absorbs the blood of all the dead people in London. Similar just way smaller.)

Natsu and Gajeel were finished with whatever that they were thinking and joined the other young dragon slayers.

Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Rogue and Sting started to chat among themselves, but they stole some glances at Aversia and Zeldaris from time to time.

Their foster parents were happy that they got so good along with each other and watched their children with warm smiles on their faces.

But they would soon be interrupted, because Aversia and Zeldaris had finished absorbing the floating power into their body and created a shockwave the second that the last peace was absorbed.

All eyes were staring at the two, anticipating what would happen next.

Challot, Emrissen and Irene were standing at the edge of the platform and were ready to act if anything was wrong.

The eyes of the two started to open slowly and when they were fully opened chocked everyone.

Because their eyes were the same eyes as the eyes of the fire dragons, golden with a vertical slit pupil. (AN: if anyone has a better phrasing for this, please tell me)

Irene and the other two got ready to attack at any moment, but were surprised at the next moment.

“This is an even weirder feeling in reality. God dammit how are mom and aunt Emrissen dealing with this, I mean they lose not only their wings, but also their tails when they transform into their human form.” said Zeldaris, while repeatedly opening and closing his wings and Aversia was not much different.

Everyone was dead silent, they expected many things, but they would never expect this comical scenario were two half dragons were running around the platform and repeatedly opening and closing their wings, while saying how weird it felt.

Challot and Emrissen turned around and covered their eyes with their remaining hand, as if to say ‘Nope not my child’, but they remained like this for a few seconds and then turned around and walked towards their children to stop their embarrassing antic.

They grabbed their respective child by the neck and lifted them up and said in unison, „YOU GOD DAMM IDIOTS! HOW LONG ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT?”

Aversia and Zeldaris became absolutely frightened and started to inspect their surroundings.

Most of the surface of the platform was either glowing red or melting from the heat and only a small portion was untouched.

The surrounding area was damaged by the sheer force of the roar alone, but thankfully no one was seriously hurt, thanks to the enchantments.

They looked at everything that the fire dragons destroyed and burned it into their heart.

This was only a fraction of what would happen if they would lose control and let themselves be devoured by their draconic side.

Seeing that the two had calmed down, Challot and Emrissen let the two down and Challot asked, “Now that you have calmed down. What the hell happened, and do you know what this thing was that was inside your magic energy?”

Both of them said that they would tell them, but asked Irene to use an enchantment that would make them audible to every person and dragon in the plaza.

Irene just shook with her shoulders and casted an enchantment.

Aversia and Zeldaris tested to see if everyone could understand.

After making sure that everyone could hear them, did they start with telling them what happened with the voices.

Everyone was stunned at the events that happened, especially Irene, Challot, Emrissen and Vulcan were the most shocked out of everyone.


After they finished the story, Emrissen asked a single question.

“Couldn´t you have just let him take over your body´s and archive your dreams that way?”

The two of them looked up into the sky.

“You once asked us. What makes a dragon a dragon?”, said Aversia

“Back than we thought that would be their strength and you two said that we didn´t know anything about dragons and you were right.”, said Zeldaris.

“But our time here in this village and the encounter with the voices, I believe that we know now the answer. The answer is freedom. The freedom to do what ever he wants. To not be tied by anything that he doesn’t want. You can´t force a dragon to do your bidding and you can´t force him to do anything that he hates. That is also the reason for our decision.”, said Aversia.

“Although we are only half a dragon. A dragon’s blood is still running through our veins.”, said Zeldaris.

And as they talked, the gray flames of chaos erupted and covered the area around the two.

Irene became tense when she saw the flames, but soon relaxed.

Because the flames were different, they were being controlled by Aversia and Zeldaris.

Challot and Emrissen started to smile a bit.

“And even if we agreed, it would have meant nothing. We need to make your powers, our draconic side ours again and the only way to do that is through our own hard work. Besides, if we did it in a different way than earning it then our draconic side would never let us control it.”, said Zeldaris.

“If we ever want to walk the path of a true half dragon and settle that unending war inside us than this is the only way, our way. No matter what happens we will stand.”, said both of them in unison.

Hello there, thank you very much for reading and i hope you enjoed it.

Aversia and Zeldaris explaining why the offer of the voices would have meant nothing.

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