Chapter.09 Necrosis……
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I thought it was strange that she wasn't their, so I went looking for her, I went to her quarters...she wasn't their...I went to her children's den's...they weren't their nor was Niphyala, so I searched more, throughout the entirety of the Den, then I thought 'could she have gone out?' in all of...however long I had known her she had been reclusive, always staying in the Den with her children...almost as if hiding...from something...or someone...I searched the forest...I searched the caves...I searched through the expansive desert.

After hours and hours of searching I started to panic, I may have rushed it a bit but...I was worried about her...she was the only one who I could talk to...but then...I remembered something...a room she told me never to go in, I went to that room and what I found was cave covered in runes, filled with parchments and pentagrams...'what has she been doing down here? it seems old and dusty so she's probably been using it for a long long time, maybe she been practicing magic or something? yeah that's probably it' I thought to myself trying to get my hopes up I explored for a long time for nearly 8 hours if my internal clock was correct...then I heard banging, the chanting of spells in a language i'd rather forget, the sounds of fire burning and iron claws clanging and then I heard the screams...of Niphyala.

I was panicking...I didn't know what to do...I tried to think of a way to help her, I tried to think of but of where she was and how to get to her out of where she was, they were coming from somewhere in this blasted cavern! but where? I started to spread my mana out into the air making it as thin as possible and letting my consciousness flow into the mana, I winced at the increased cognition of my surroundings and the fact that her screams became louder as I did so, but it was necessary to find her, I checked everything in the entire cavern, the walls, the crevices, hell even where the the rats holes were, but it paid off in the end

'AHA' I yelled to myself 

She was behind one of the wall 2km's away from my current location, so I fucking ran for her, faster than a literal fucking bullet and before I knew it I was there and before stood a ginormous rock wall, I thought it would be easy to break...I was wrong

*CLANGK* my fist made a dent in it.. a tiny fucking dent in it..FUCK



I couldn't break the damn pissed me RIGHT THE FUCK OFF...I WAS ANGRY , I WAS HATE AND I COULDN'T SAVE MY FUCKING FRIEND DESPITE HER ALWAYS ROOTING FOR ME!!!!!!!!!...................and so in my rage, I did the only thing that I could think of...I started to punch caves wall as hard as I could with [FURY] flushing through my body like adrenaline, I activated my newly acquired [Augmentation Magic] and hit the wall with all the might I could muster,

the wall started to break on my first hit,

on my second it started to show massive cracks

on my third hit it exploded, showering stone shards in front of me

...Then I saw HIM, a lich at leas 7 feet tall ragdolling Niphyalas body to the side of the cavern with some unknown force...I knew what I needed to do to this cocksucker

I charged out frantically toward her, praying to whatever Deity was out their to let her be okay, but...she wasn't okay....I saw her...flopped on the ground...lifeless, with her and her children's broken and charred remains...........and the lich in the middle of the room...Cackling like he's just heard the funniest joke in the world,


I was pissed, scratch that I was FUCKING FURY INCARNATE, the Lich then looked at me, "Huh? A soldier? Get back to the castle worm! This is no place for the likes of you!" he said acting like he was hot shit

I charged him while he was still berating me with insults "What in the 32 hells are you doing you milksop?!? YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO CHALLENGE ME, THE GREAT ZARKIYA! HAAAAAAAAA" suddenly a hundred fire balls, each roughly 30 centimetres in diameter, appeared and shot towards me at ludicrous speed

I dodged 32 of them and let the other 78 hit me, they barely dented my health pool anyway, all to the liches surprise

"What?!? How could you resist that bombardment! It could destroy a castle! Fine Eat This!"

He let out a barrage of ice spears which were harder to dodge and slowed me down due to the ice freezing my joints but didn't pack much punch, unfortunately they just kept coming so I remembered back to my [Heart of Mana] skill, 'it just said absorbing mana from the surroundings right?' I thought, so I activated it, the Ice spears began to melt, slowly, but I gain a massive source of mana, I increased the potency of my [Augmentation Magic] and charged toward the lich, I swung my arms at him bone claws extended but I was met with incredible resistance when my claws neared within 0.5 metres of him and the lich all to happily gloated over my failure to harm him

"Ha! a pathetic worm like you could never hope to pierce my Void Shield, Now burn in pits Gehenna like the sinner you are, trying to defeat the godlike me!" as he said those last words a portal opened up behind me I tried to get away from it but it opened up wherever moved to in the cave I activated [Suffering] on the Lich on 1/10'th per second, It Hurt like hell but he was in far more pain than I was, the damn thing screamed as his bones broke and evaporated

I dodged weaved out of the way of his desperate attacks, he was nearly dust all I needed was a little more, but I was pushed back by something I didn't expect but had felt before telekinesis, I tried to resist with all of my might, all I needed were a few more second! but I couldn't hold, I was pushed into the the portal.

the last thing that I saw before the portal closed in front of me...was the lich's, now, floating skull cackling like a mad man over Niphyalas corpse...and now I'm here...In someplace that looks like literal hell...but it doesn't matter...all I know is that...I.WILL.HAVE.VENGEANCE.

Chapter End

To be Continued