Chapter.10 Gehenna. The 32nd Hell.
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Vengeance would have to wait first I had to find out where I am and how to get out of here, suddenly a small red goblin with wings and horns appeared in front of me

"Hello there...skeleton? um this is a first...welcome to Gehenna the 32nd hell! this is the lowest level of hell you must've been preeeetty fucked up to get here, even for a skeleton!, luckily for you Beelzebub is in an agreeable mood today and is willing to give you a chance to leave this place! but this is a limited time offer and the mission is extraordinarily tough to beat, be warned though fail and your very soul will be tortured by Beelzebub himself and used as a stress reliever, for all eternity!" The little Devil said,

'um this may sound strange but I didn't even die to get here' I said astutely

"It's alright most people are in denial about there deaths, but you did die otherwise how would you get here? it's literally impossible!" He said confidently

'well actually I was pushed through a portal by some fucking lich, I believe his name was Zarkiya?' I said to the now pale faced Devil

"wha...WHA...WHA...WHAT DID YOU SAY HIS NAME WAS?!?!?!?!?" said the Devil, almost screaming out his words

'Yes I almost killed that son of bitch to...but I failed, although I did nearly vaporise him...I almost avenged Niphyala...I failed...' I said in a saddening tone to the Devil which was laughing madly

"HAHAHAHA, I get it I get it you're trying to get out of Gehenna by acting like you're some hero, yeah riiiight" The devil said in an incredibly sarcastic tone

'But it's true!' I said firmly

"alright listen you're gonna trick me so easy, Zarkiya is nearly as strong as Beelzebub even without his minions! there is absolutely no way that you...whoever you are could stand against him for a nano-second!" The devil said matter of factly

"Oh yeah? well then, I CHALLENGE WHOEVER THINKS THEMSELVES STRONGEST IN THE AREA TO FIGHT ME!" I said using augmentation magic to transmute my thoughts into a mana signal and send out as psionic roar across what I estimated to be roughly a 20 kilometre area

About 15 minutes later I heard the sound the earth shaking then I saw a large culmination of what I assumed monster roughly 8 kilometres away from me then I saw them Giant behemoths in all shapes and sizes closing in, it only them 3 minutes to reach me they all stared down at me and then one of them stepped forward, a giant human shaped crocodile with 3 eyes he was robust and roughly 5 metres,

"Are you the one who sent out the challenge?" he said in deep manly voice

"Yes" I said using my abilities to send out the signal as a sound wave

"My name is Ke'Lurak Tun of the Scex clan, I will be your first and only challenger" He said

I smiled, "Alright, let's see how long you last"

Tun and paced 20 steps opposite to me, he then unsheathed his Great-sword getting into a fighting stance, I stood there and waited for him, we exchanged no words only watched and waited analysing each others stances, waiting for moment of laxity in our opponent to strike, then he suddenly charged at me his enormous Great-sword held low behind him, ready for an upward slash he was upon me in seconds but it didn't matter, he swung at me but I simply grabbed his Great-sword before it hit me, grabbed it with my other hand and ever so lightly pulled it upward with Tun dangling on the end I started to shake it Tun hanging onto it for dear life, like a scared cat in a tree, when I got sick of him just hanging there I heated the sword with hell fire, burning Tun making him leap off and scream in pain, I then started to beat him down, after I was done with him he was just crying lying on the ground begging for mercy through his now missing teeth and broken jaw

"pl...please...'ave mercy, the fight's over you win!" he said

I took a deep breath (or what what seemed to me like a deep breath depite not having lungs) and then spoke out toward all the other surrounding monsters as well as Tun

"I accept your surrender but there will be no such chance to those after this one, these are now death matches your surrender means you surrender your life, now, Tun leave" I said trying to make myself intimidating so that the others accept me as the strongest

unfortunately most of them were either slack jawed or whispering about how brutal I was

"Did you see how he just beat down Tun, brutal..."

"I'm not gonna fight that not even if you payed me a Hectagalgon's worth of Black Metrinks!"

I think I got the message across but just to make sure

"Did you think that was the worst I could do to you?, HAHAHAHAHA, I was showing him a large margin of mercy, to the next challenger i'll make an example of you by showing what pain I can deal upon a foe! KUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA" I said putting on a regal tone whilst using [Heart of Mana] to make it look as if I was an abyss, they all went silent I let it sink in for a moment before regally turning to the Little devil who couldn't hide his horror and disbelief toward my brutality

"Now that i've proven my strength I do believe you had a mission for me?" I said

"WHA... oh um yes, sorry about that not many thing, even in Gehenna, are as brutal as you, you wish to accept the mission correct" the little responded squeakily

"Yes" I replied

"Right then follow me" He said.

We walked at a snails pace toward...wherever the hell we were going, the little Devil constantly asking for breaks

"*Huff Huff Huff* Please *Huff* Slow Down *Huff*" He said for the eighth time in the past hour

"C'mon we've only been walking for 5 minutes you need to hurry up!" I said annoyed

"I've been flying at max speed, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, you're 'walk' is faster than most dragons can fly! and i'm meant to be in front I'M MEANT TO GUIDE YOU!" Said the Devil

"You offered me a mission I accepted, you're the one that approached ME take responsibility for your actions and get me to where I need to be" I said obviously right

"Do you even know what you're mission IS, I know you don't so let me explain it to you!, you are to subjugate the Black Dragons nest each the children are S rank threats Each of the adults is SS+ and The Monarch is Nearing the EX rank, these bastards have been assaulting our citizens and charging 'protection fees' because they have been so much of a pain and Beelzebub is to busy keeping that bastard Zarkiya and his friends' minions at bay the council came up with this mission request all of those given this quest have failed and died, this is your mission also we're almost their" The little Devil said

'wow, that's going to be fun EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE' I thought to myself relishing the idea of slaughtering such worthy foes as I saw the home of the lizards it was a ginormous mountain with a hole at the bottom large enough to fit most cities in!

Chapter End

To be Continued