Chapter.11 A Dragon’s Death Should Be By Another’s Breath Not An Outsiders Claw
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I looked down into the giant hole where the beasts dwelled

"this is the place, you want to get mentally ready before you go in just a suggestion" The Smol Devil said

"Nah I don't need it, imma go in now and kick those dragons asses!" I said confidently and charged into towards the edge of the pit

"Try not to die, though you probably will!" He yelled toward me

Then I jumped down to the depths and felt the wind rush against me for at least 3 minutes until reached the bottom making a loud clanging noise as I hit the bottom and creating craters where my feet were

'Oof that hurt a bit'

I checked my health it had gone down by at least 3 percent but it doesn't worry me, it'd regen in roughly 15 minutes, after checking the damage toward myself I explored for a bit while thinking about how to more effectively use my time so I thought about a spell to increase my perception of my surroundings, I started to think of a magic pattern, it was a mix of elemental magic and arcane magic it dispersed magic from myself into the environment it took a while and I ended up getting massive migraines each time I tried to use the opposing magic but I finally did it! this granted me the ability to use the environment in the radius of the magic, then a blue screen appeared in front of me, [SKILL GAINED] 

NEW! Domain Magic: By dispersing a bit of your out into the environment you can control it as if it were one of your own limbs! Mana cost: 16 mana per cubic metre

I thought of a few ways to use this like setting these areas up to ensnare victims in stone hooks or encode magic script into the domain to react differently to certain entities and objects so many things to practice and perfect! amazement aside it still had to big of a cost to be practical in immediate combat unless there was alot of mana in the surrounding and I needed practice with it so I didn't get the headaches, but what I needed to do right now was kill some damn dragons! speaking of which I hadn't seen one since I entered, so I started to go through some of the larger tunnel networks place some [Domain Magic] here and there, I kept wandering around these large tunnels until I found what I thought were black dragon eggs, seems I was right because only few moments later an incredibly large Adult Black Dragon came out of a nearby tunnel acid pooling in its mouth and a leather sack with what I assumed were people inside, it tossed the sacked into the corner making a large splat after which the wriggling stopped.

'Gotta wait for the right moment.' 

I was still in the tunnel the dragon couldn't sense me

'alright its back is turned!'

As soon as the Dragon turned its back away from my direction I charged at it, augmenting myself so that I didn't make a sound I summoned my blade and tried cut the nape, I only caused a small cut near its neck and alerted it to my presence, I had severely underestimated my opponent, it charged toward me with eyes glowing a haunting green and acid spilling from its jaws, melting the rock it spilled on, It snapped at me luckily I was faster than it I landed a few cuts with my sword they did little so I switched to the Mace 

"Let's see if this works a little better!" I said maniacally

I swung my Mace down in between the shoulder blades of the Black Dragon, breaking its spine handicapping it and causing blood to spurt out of scales that were inside the crater I left, it roared in agony as it flailed its limbs and barfed acid about randomly in a last ditch attempt to kill me, I simply went to a high enough ledge which the Black Dragon couldn't reach used my [Domain Magic] and increased the gravitational pull around me and pulled most of the attack to the ground below me, eventually it tired and I descended toward it Mace in hand and landed softly close to it using [Augmentation Magic] as I raised my weapon above my head, the Dragon spoke through broken teeth

"Why?" I stopped half swing my grip tightening

"hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" I laughed and laughed like madman, stopped and looked the dragon dead in the eyes slowly orchestrating the mana waves into a low deliberate sound wave reminiscient of the deep voice of an old warrior speaking slowly to their most hated enemy

"Let me answer your question with one of my own, do you spare any thought for your prey?"

the Black Dragon's face went pale and I swung down *KRASPLUETCH* and with that I had one less problem to deal with.


Oooh what did I gain this time?

Chapter End 

To Be Continued