Chapter 2
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After eating dinner Mitsu probes Soji. "I know this may be a sensitive topic for you and I know that you are a good kid so what happened for you to act like that?"

Remembering how he acted in front of his parents after he just returned home.

"Sorry about that dad it's just..." Thinking about how to phrase it Soji pause.

"It's just what?" Mitsu ask after he pause.

Remembering most of the things he just read on the net, he continued. "You know I'm a member of my school tennis club right?"

Nodding his head he urges Soji to continue.

Chapter 2
"It's like this. We have a some sort of school tradition where we have a mini tourney within our club to select our regular before golden week so they can choose who to bring at the training camp."
"I see so what about it got you so moody?"
"As you know I was not a regular last year. But as I am a second year no I thought about how I have a chance now as I have been able to reach the main bracket." Speaking up to here Soji sighed.
"But they only take the ones who goes to the quarterly finals and I was just one win away from it."
"OH that really suck." Ayano said knowing the frustration of nearly getting to your goal but you are just stop in front of it.
"That's not the problem though. I lost against Hara-senpai who is now our captain. and some of my friends qualify for it. It's not that I think it's unfair or anything but I know they got some professional training since they always show off the things they learn during the break." Soji complains.
"So you think you can also be a regular if you have that type of tools?" Mitsu ask.
"I guess." Said Soji Meekly.
Seeing their son deflate Mitsu and Ayano looks into each others eyes and silently communicate with each other.
Coming up with a decision, Ayano talks. " Well if that is what you think then how about I introduce you to my friend in high school who is now a tennis coach?
"You sure?" Asks soji excitedly.
"Well tomorrow is golden week and you have nothing to do. But she can be quite intense in training so you can't complain.

Knowing his mother Soji contemplates about his decision seriously.
Remembering the things that happen today and not wanting it to repeat he goes through with it.
Seeing his determination both Ayano and Mitsu look unto each others eyes and smile.
"Since I was the one who has introduce you to tennis I think it's fair that I give you every support I can give." said Ayano
Ayano stand up and leaves the table to make a call.
Seeing that Soji decided to talk with his dad.
"So dad mom said that she was the one who got me into tennis so how did it happen?"
Looking at his son's eyes Mitsu replied. "Well, you know that we have some sort of family time each break right?"
Soji nods in confirmation.
"So in one of those we decided to play tennis since she played it when she was in school, so when she played with me and you she mercilessly defeat us easily."
"So you want to try and get back at her and also wanting to be close to he I guess, you joined your elementary school tennis club. Although she quit after high school  and pursues designing at college."
"I see so that is how I get into this."
"Well it is good though, since there are more harmful hobbies you can do to have fun. So we are not exactly against this."
Soji smiled at what Mitsu said.
"Also in the future If you have any problems or question, big or small, you can ask both of us for an answer. Since if we can't even help you then what is the point of being your parent."
Feeling the sincerity of his word Soji look at him and said. "Thanks you, dad"
Hearing that Mitsu stands up from his seat to pat Soji's head.