Chapter one
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My name is Esmond morrow and I'm 16-year-old boy living in the town of Amwood it's not a big town but it has a Mall and water park two towns away sure it has wood surrounding the town and a mountain but I was not very outdoorsy but that did not stop me from having the best summer vacation of his life.


 I got himself a girlfriend In my second year of high school. I was very surprised when she came up to me. We were on the last school trip before Summer vacation to the water park I was sitting with me two best friends Erin Cross and Jeffery James we've been friends for years and now in the second year of high school, we all have the same classes and I was looking forward to the third year of school.


When she came up to me I noticed that she had a nice figure with long brown hair that stops just below her shoulders with beautiful green eyes and a name that fit her eyes, Jade Parker. When she came up to me I was thinking why did she find me so attractive I wasn't in the best shape I have messy black hair the only thing I thought that looks good on me was my blue eye that looked two pool of water as my mom always told me and my name was a laughing stock in elementary school. My mom once told me she gave me that name because it would protect me. I mean to protect me come on where was it when I fell off my bike or when I burned my hand on the oven.


Never the less the summer was perfect until the last week. We had gone out to the mall for a date as we walked around looking at the various store I start to hear a ringing in his ear. The noise slow fades away and I continue my date with jade that's when we decided to stopped to get some food in the food court when the ring comes back a little louder this time and seems to last a little longer that's when I think I head a voice ”come on”. Turning to jade did you just say something ”no why?” I thought I heard something just now must have imagined it how about we get going.


As the date continued for another couple of hours when the ringing comes back but this time it made my skin crawl when I heard "way is not workingMaybe I need to put more magic into it" then the ringing start to fade away. When I looked at jade she was shacking and looking very uneasy as she pulls out her phone and sent a text. A couple of minutes pass as she got a reply a sad look on her face after reading it she then turns to me and hugged me as I could smell the perfume on her as she tells me "its bin fun but I can't see you anymore I'm sorry."


The pain in my heart was so strong I was frozen in time as she walked away with tears in her eyes. As it started to sink in I made it to the nearby bench with thoughts racing through my head what did I do? Did I upset her somehow, no we were happy she was happy? Not getting any answer I decide to head home the walk home was like in all those movies where it's all gray and depressed but thankfully no rain. 


When I got home the sun was already sinking below my house it was a plan two store with a fenced-in backyard. Once I got in I made way to the dinner table where my father sat at the table waiting for me to sit and eat. The moment I sat down my father asks "how was your date" as the hollow feeling returned my appetite left me. 


Getting up from the table I tell my father I'm not very hungry. As I make my way up the stairs heading for my room I lay on my bed with no will to change my clothes. I can still smell jade's perfume from when she hugged me when suddenly the ring can back but this time it made my body felt like it was on fire. When everything went white the pain did not subside.


When my vision returned I was looking up to see a girl in a white room. She had almond hair and dressed in a black kimono her skin was white as snow and eyes as pale as the moon and pair of fox ears on her head and eight tails. A look of panic on her face as she and in a low whisper she says "this was not supposed to happen like this I need to get help." As she ran off I looked around when in my vision was a long thing with black hair on it as I lifted my hand to touch it I saw long fingers with black claws with white hair and thick skin on my palms.


As I was looking over his body I had found out that I look like one of the werewolves from the movies I'd seen big pawed feet, a black-furred tail with a white-tipped the white fur on my arms only when up to halfway to the elbow and white-furred chest and stomach. I was not very muscular like the ones in the movies but felt like I could do anything.