Chapter 30
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No, he is my friend "I know you don't believe that but none of that would've happened if not for Hoshi" get out of my head "ESMOND SNAP OUT OF IT DONT LISTENING TO IT" "oh is that the inner you? He seems strong" "I WANT YOU OUT NOW DEMON OR ILL MAKE YOU" "hahaha your funny like you can make me do anything but I've had my fun see you two around."

After that, the voice left but my arm feels wet and it hurts when I look down jeff was biting my arm with his mom trying to pull my arm when I looked in my hand I had Hoshi in her small fox form by the throat "Esmond snap out of it you're killing her let go now." As Mrs.James was yelling at me she let go of my arm and slaps me I the face.

As I drop Hoshi on the floor and I step back what happened? "That what I want to know Esmond" as Jeff moves in front of Hoshi as his mom check on her "she still breathing I'm taking her to her room." As she leaves with her I slide down a wall "CALM DOWN ESMOND THAT WAS NOT US."

"Esmond, what was that all about?" I don't know I was in the kitchen and there was a voice in my head. "Was it that thing you called your instinct" no it was female and how did you know about him? "I have one as well and well we are talking about this mine hates you" well that's good to know.

As Jeff's mother come back downstairs "so what happened to you" I can't remember all I know is a female voice was in my head talking to me then I was out here trying to kill Hoshi. How is she "she fine you did not do any permanent damage" that's good to hear. "I think we should all get some sleep.

The next four weeks when by without any problems. It was in the first week of October when the orbs of light in the sky started to slow pulsing. The news came on well we had breakfast "our top story this morning is the orbs in the sky that have baffled scientists so far have begun pulsing farther confusion the science community. Our other top story this morning the are still thousands of missing persons around the world with no explanation for the disappearance."

As I shut the TV off Mrs.James came out of the guest room "morning Esmond" good morning "so I heard from Hoshi that your mom is out of the coma" yes but she can't come home till next month and dad is still missing. "I'm sure your mom can find him with a spell" I hope so is it true you and Jeff are heading back to your house today?

"Yes, I feel I'm safe now and besides I have a talking guard dog haha" "hey I heard that" morning Jeff "morning Esmond mom why do you keep calling me a dog I'm a wolf" "they are both canines is everything packed so I can take it over to the house today?" "Yes, all packed and ready not that I have much I the way of clothing" as Hoshi walks in "good morning everyone" morning.

As she sits down Jeff sniffs her "why do you smell like Esmond?" It's because she has been sleeping in my room. "Esmond Morrow, how could you do that without telling your mother" what are you talking about Mrs.James? "You and her in the same room doing it." I never said that she has been sleeping on the floor once in a while because she gets lonely. "I get lonely and I need someone nearby." As she leans to Mrs.Jame's ear to whisper something.

I see them blushing "I wish you luck Hoshi" is all she said back to her. As we leave for the bus "stay safe" you too. On the bus, everyone was talking about the lights pulsing there was a lot of theories "well my dad works for the government and he says that it's a scientific experiment" "well mine says its aliens" one that got my attention was someone said, "on one of the pulses a monster appeared were a person was it was all over the internet."

As we got to school Mrs.Soany pulled us three into a classroom "good morning you three" as she said those words chills ran down our bodies. "Oh relax I'm not going to hurt you I need your help." You need us for what? "The director of MID contact me it seems the light orbs is dispelling the illusion permanently at random." "That's not good but what do you need us for."

"Well little puppy if it happens here I need to keep them safe but I need help will you please help me?" I looked over to Jeff and Hoshi "I don't know how to help but I'll try" "I'm loving this a dragon asking a kitsune for help I'll help too but you owe me one dragon" Mrs.Soany glares at Hoshi I guess I'm in as well.

"Thank you three now Esmond I know you have to be extra careful now" I know but with the illusion coming down randomly it's only a matter of time till I have to fight to live. "Don't worry Esmond we have your back" thanks, Jeff. So what do we need to do? "that I don't know he did not say but the first thing is to remove them from the humans."

"Well, what if you use one of the empty classrooms till the pulses die down" "that's a great idea Hoshi but if they're revealed in front of everyone they can't stay here for long." "Well, Esmond does have Space-Time Manipulation" Jeff! "What" don't give away my powers "I'm sorry I thought it could help us."