Chapter 32
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As it looks down at everyone I hear a cracking sound in the air and I see bolts of lightning on its body. "Kage do you feel that" yes Oris, as I was answering him a bolt of light, hit a police car as it blows up behind us. We run over to the cops as another bolt hit the ground where we were just standing.

We need to stop the lightning then we can stop its rampage. "If only we had a lightning rod" as we were talking the cops started to shooting at it. It charges another bolt and aims it at the cops and fired as a wall of earth rises in front of them the bolt hits it we run over to them. We have a plan to fight it but you need to get back.

"How can we trust you?" you don't have a choice now go "fine but this is not over you are still under arrest" as they grab the wounded people and ran I told the monsters from the gym to follow them and keep them safe "good luck" as they ran off. As Hoshi runs up to us "are you two ok?" We're fine but that is going to be a problem as another lightning strike near us.

"A lightning dragon that's just great" "I hope that was sarcastic Hoshi" "it was Jeff do we have a plan" Jeff can you make a stone tower for a lightning rod. "I can but we need a piece of metal" "how about the flag pole" that's a great idea Hoshi jeff get it as high as you can. "Right I'm on it" as he runs towards the pole.

"We need to get its attention Esmond" how as Hoshi looks at me with a smile "live bait" she tosses a rock to me "the first one to hit its head wins losers buys lunch" as we started to throw. As the dragon turns to look at us I hit it in the eye yes got it in I win Hoshi as I look over she was gone.

Then something hits me into a tree as I try to move my muscles are all stiff and will not move. I hear something move towards me as the silver dragon stands over me with one eye closed. Can we talk about this I ask as the tail comes down on me again as I feel electrical change goes through my body.

As I'm getting smacked around I see Jeff has the lightning rod up in the air as he throws a bolder at the dragon. The dragon gets knocked away as I get levitated to him where Hoshi? "I thought she was with you." As we are talking a policewoman comes out of nowhere "what's the situation" "who are you?"

"Names Bell I'm a monster as well we need to stop this now." "Well thank you for the help" "no problem, by the way, is he ok?" "I think he was tased and we are missing Hoshi" "who's that?" As Jeff was talking a lightning bolt hit the rod with a boom. Then we see Hoshi in the flash above the dragon sitting on a black fireball the size of a bus.

As she kicks it at the dragon as it hit the dragon the black flames wrapped around it. As it jumps into the air at Hoshi it's meet with her tails slapping it back to the roof of the school. As we are watching another police officer came up to bell "what are you doing here its dangerous.

"Ahhhhh" as we look up we see Hoshi in yellow light falling. As I finally able to move I ran to catch her as I jump to she falls into my arms I go into a roll as I land I hear a snapping sound and pain in my left leg. "Are you guys ok?" I think my leg is broken and Hoshi unconscious.

"Your gods must favor you unholy beast" "who is that" "it the angel and a huge pain in the ass officer." As Erin comes out of the clouds holding a yellow bolt "fear not humans for the one true God has sent I the holy angel Heman." "........why do you not cheer my name I'm here to save you from these monster" as I try not to laugh I see Jeff giggling with the two officers.

"You dare laugh at me as he throws his bolt at the male officer the woman pushes him out of the way as the bolt goes through her. "No bell!" as he runs to her she starts to turn clear "I'm sorry John I did want you to find out like this." As she turns into a ball of slime. "What did you do to my wife you damn angel?" "I missed that's what but I guess I can count this as a win."

As he was gloating over his attack the thunder dragon floated you to him "you did this to us, you stupid angel." As a look of horror appears on his face he turns around "you think I'm afraid of you?" "Oh, little angel I can smell it on you" "well it's not true you can even use your lighting with that up in the air." As he pointed towards the rod confusion crossed his face "where did it go?"