Chapter 33
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As he falls from the sky the light fades and the dragon is gone. I set Hoshi down and slowly moving over to him. As as I feel my leg heal I see him lay there on the ground his body was twitching with electricity. As I got closer he sat up and stabbed me in the heart with a light sword "I did I get the wish......I wish for the power to erase anything I choose.......hello?" You won't be getting that wish.

"But I killed you" you missed as I look down the sword was enveloped in black flames "how" was he said before I flipped him over I gather void energy in my claws "what are you doing?" I'm getting rid of you as I dig my claws into his tattoo. "Ahhhh if you kill me he dies too" I'm not killing you I'm removing you. As I start to pull my claws out the tattoo starts to reseed.

As I pulled my hand back an orb of light was in my hand with black flames around it. As I look down I see Erin is still breathing and his wings are black. As I was looking Erin over the orb spoke: "you think you have won just watch what happens next hahaha." As I feel a huge amount of energy in the sky I look up in disbelief.

As I see angels appear in the sky "Heman you have failed us again" "I'm sorry please give me a new host and I will not fail again" "no you shall not" as the orb lifted out of my hands. It floats up to an angle in golden armor "thank you for giving me another chance now smite them down."

As I feel his power growing "hahaha now you will die by the holy one's army" the power I feel from him is ten times more than Heman when he was in Erin. "You are wrong Heman I'm here for you "what" as put all that energy into the orb he throws it into the ones in the sky "this world needs to evolve and live with monsters not against."

As the orbs come into contact a light covered the sky and it felt as if the whole world just stopped. As the one in golden armor descends toward Erin and me I stand ready to fight. "Listen we unholy beast I give you thanks for what you did here today as a show of good faith I will spare you and leave you with this useless husk." As he pointed at Erin he has a name! "It is of little consequence to me what you call it."

As I feel the rage building in me I hear a voice at my feet "whatever you are don't he may be a male harpy but he is powerful." I look at the angel I see hatred in his eyes "YOU FILTHY CREATURE DARE CALL ME THAT......but I cannot go back on my word you will live today but ill be back we all will." As light filled my vision the angel is gone but in my head was the thought of a clock ticking backward from two thousand one hundred ninety.

As I roll Erin over Jeff comes running over with Hoshi on his back followed by the officer carrying the slim. "Why is there a clock in my head?" I don't know it is in my as well but it cant be good. As the officer comes over as he sets the slim down "is that him?" Yes, why "I'm placing him under arrest" you can't he did not do anything "he killed my wife as he points at the slim.

"She not dead officer" as I look at Jeff Hoshi you woke up! "It seems I was not hit with a lot of power" "what do mean she not dead" "her core is still intact" "core what are you talking about?" "Every slim has a core if it gets destroyed then they die but her or its is fine it should be up and about in a couple of hours." "Why are you calling her it?" "Well, slims don't have genders."

"I don't understand what is going on but just take him and go and please help bell" we will and thank you as I go to grab the slim it moves backward away from me. "I'm staying with him so go now" as I hear people coming so I give up and leave with Erin. As we make it down the street we see military helicopter fly towards the school.

As we ran into an alleyway I set Erin down as jeff put Hoshi down. "Thank you for freeing me from him and I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you three." It's alright Erin it was not you. "It was my body, my voice I saw everything and heard it all." As Jeffrey walks over and sits down "no it was not you, it was that angel with the fuck hilarious name." "But" nothing it was not you and that is that.

As we are talking my nose twitched as I smell something I stand up just in time as I feel the bones in my right arm get crushed and I fly down the alleyway. "There you are now I can get my wish." As I sit up, holding my arm I look back down to where I was standing to see a muscle cat creature covered in black fur.

"Kage! Who the hell?" as I see jeff get thrown into the wall behind the creature as he gets impacted into it. Oris! As I get up the cat thing looks at me as it walks towards me what do you want? "You dead" why do you smell like my father?

As I looked into its eyes they softened "son I'm sorry now run" as he hisses at me. What did you do to him? "I have always been with him but with your death, I can be free." I don't care now give him back as I run at him. It jumps at me as I roll onto my back I pushed my paws into its chest and push it behind me.

As it hits a dumpster I stand up and turn around it stands up with a hiss. You may have got the drop on us but you won't win "as it looks around next I'll kill you" as jumps up the wall and disappears over the roof. As I run over to jeff I pull him from the wall he is unconscious.

As I drag him to Erin and Hoshi a van pulls into the alleyway I stand ready to fight as the doors open "are you, Esmond?" Yes, why? "Horus sent us do you need help?" Yes, these three are badly injured as they hopped out of the van to help me "holy shit it's the angel!" As they ran over to where Erin is slumped on the wall I run in front of them.

Stop he is not possessed anymore "I'm sorry but we have to take him to custody" just don't hurt him he's been through a lot. "We understand" as they put Erin in a magic cage they bring the rest of us to the van. It was a short ride to the MID building as we got out the med team was there with stretchers as I set Hoshi down on one her tail wraps around my arm "don't leave me Esmond" then she pulled me down and our muzzles locked with each other.