Chapter 34
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As we separate they pull her into the building as I stand there in a daze till a hand hits my shoulder "Esmond?" As I turn to look beside me I see Horus "we need to talk come with me" as he drags me to his office I sit down. "So Esmond the reason you're here is I have been in talks with the US president about legalizing monsters."

Ok, but what does that have to do with me? "Well you see Esmond we have three months to get everything in order before the orbs explode and once that happens all the illusions will come down." So I'm going to be an even bigger target then.

"Well I have a plane for that" you do! As my tail starts to wag fast "now just calm down for a minute you might not like it" well if it keeps me alive then I'm fine with it. "Well just listen to it first then make your choice."

Alright, let hear it "as I said before I've been talking with the president and he is going to pass a bill that will grant equal rights to monsters that humans have." That good what about me? "I'm getting there now he has agreed to do a trial run in this town because the MID is here." Why do I feel there is a but coming.

"Anyways we here are going to have our hand full with all the adult monster that is why I would like you and your little group to work on the school front with Mrs.Soany to help the kids feel comfortable with monsters." But how does that help me it just sounds like work and why us.

"I chose your group because every one of you besides Hoshi was a human a couple of months ago and it also helps you to get more friends so that will decrease the chances of getting killed by some upstart." That does sound like a great idea but does it have to with Mrs.Soany?

"She is the only adult monster working at the school why?" Well, you see she asked us for help today and we kinda fucked it up and got on her bad side. "That is a problem a dragon's anger runs deep but your smart you'll think of something."

Wait aren't you going to talk to her "I already did" what did she say? "I rather not say" she going to kill me isn't she "no but let's just say the medical team will be on stand-by speaking of that why don't you go visit your mom?" As he pushed me out the door. "Oh, one more thing you have to go outside to get to the med wing for now." As he shuts the door.

As I make my way through the building it was still in disarray from the attack. As I walk outside I see Mrs.Soany standing there with a small cut on her arm. "Esmond, did you talk with Horus?" Yes "good" as she walks toward me I back up she put her hand on my shoulder "look I'm sorry for getting mad at you so what do you say let's work together." As she put her hand out I take.

The next thing I know I have pain in my gut and the ground is getting further away. "It's time for your punishment Esmond" as I feel a tail hits me in the back the ground comes rushing towards me now. Just before I hit it just like in the movies I see her in slow-motion wipe her tail sideways as I fly into the wall. I feel the impact as I hear the cracking of the bricks.

She lands and walks towards me in the dragon form she looks like a European dragon covered in red scales with green eyes she brings her head to eye level "let work together now shell" as she turns walks away. As she disappears the pain hits me as my vision darkens.

"HOLY SHIT" is that you again instinct "YES" what do you want now? "ME NOTHING YOU CAME TO ME THIS TIME" no I didn't "WHAT WAS THE LAST THING YOU DID BEFORE COMING HERE?" I was getting my ass handed to me but our teacher. "THEN YOU THOUGHT I WISH I WAS STRONGER DIDN'T YOU?" The thought did cross my mind yes why?

THAT'S HOW YOU CAME TO ME SO DO YOU WANT US TO GET STRONGER?" Yes but how? As I feel him smiling in the darkness "WE WILL BUT FOR NOT NOW GIVE ME TIME AND I WILL HELP US." With that, he faded away. As I open my eyes I was in a hospital room with my arm in a cast and the tv was on with "breaking news there is still no new information on the two missing police officers Bell Kirby and Mike Roberson stay tuned for more upcoming" as I shut the tv off I was wondering what happened to them as the door opened.

"Oh good your awake." as I look over at the voice I see Jade Parker. Jade! Oh my god, how long have you there? "Well in the hospital since our date by your bed a couple of hours." How long was I here for? "They brought you in about five hours ago they say you are lucky to survive a dragon with so little injuries."

Luck had nothing to do with it she went easy on me. "If that was easy I hate to see her mad at you I mean come on four broken ribs, and an arm with internal bleeding if you didn't have werewolf DNA you would be dead right now." As we talk the door opened "Esmond are you awake?"

As Hoshi walks in oh Hoshi you ok? "nothing serious whose this?" This is Jade Parker Jade this is Hoshi "hello" "hi" as she comes over to me and kisses me on the cheek I see a look of shock on Jade's face. As Hoshi pulled away she looks at Jade "oh I'm sorry you like don't you" as a foxy smile appeared on her face.

"So what if I do I know all about you kitsune and I know your playing with his emotions you don't really like him." After Jade said that the look Hoshi had on her face was pure rage "what was that you flea-bitten mutt" "what did you just call me!" "You heard me now go find a fire hydrant little puppy."

"You little bitch how dare you speak to me like that!" "Well, what are you going to do about it mutt?" Can we just...... as Jade shifts and jumps at Hoshi they crash through the window as I get up I head to the window I see them fighting each other.

As I run out the door I pass Jeff "hay Esmond are you alright?" Yes, come with me "why?" Jade and Hoshi are fighting each other "what you mean you got two girls fighting over you nice I'm jealous" what? "I remember when girls fought over me it was nice but I don't think I'm going to get many girls looking like this now." Are we doing this right now we have to stop them "ok, ok sorry let's go." As we ran through the doors we are in a forest "where the hell are we?" I don't know "You are in my reality now and I'm here to play."