POV Hoshi part 1
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POV Hoshi

As I walked into Esmond's hospital room I smelled something familiar but slightly off. As I open the door I see a girl next to his bed. "Oh, Hoshi you ok?" nothing serious whose this? "This is Jade Parker, Jade this is Hoshi" "hello" hi as I go over to him I kissed him on the cheek I see a look of shock on Jade's face. As I pull away I look up at Jade oh I'm sorry you like him too as a smile appeared on my face.

"So what if I do I know all about you kitsune and I know your playing with his emotions you don't really like him." After she said that to me a feeling of pure rage came over me what was that you flea-bitten mutt "what did you just call me!" You heard me now go find a fire hydrant little puppy.

"You little bitch how dare you speak to me like that!" Well, what are you going to do about it mutt? "Can we just......" as Esmond was saying something Jade shifts and jumps at me as we crash through the window. As we fall I shift and kick off her flat chest.

As we landed I yell out to her nice flat chest you have "YOU LITTLE BITCH" yes wall chest as she lets out a howl of rage she charges at me. As she gets closer I throw a ball of foxfire at her as she sidesteps out of the way. As she gets next to me she brings her clawed hand down as I blocked with my tails she grabs one and starts slamming me into the ground.

As I was getting hammer as I swing my tails I hit her in the side as I hear a cracking sound we both are thrown in different directions as my back hits a tree there was a wave of pain and a cracking sound as I fall to the ground I see she slammed into a car. As we are both breathing heavily "you still alive over there?" I'm still here mutt you ready to go again? "Just give a minute fuck this hurts" what was that?

"I said I'm going to fucking hurt you" as I see her pull away from the car I try to stand but it seems both my back legs are broken. As I hear a thud I looked up to see she was on the ground crying "I give up it hurts too much to move you win just please make it quick" what are talking about? "You're going to kill me now that what you kitsune do to a loser like me they kill them and take their souls and strengthen themselves."

Where the hell did you hear that? "the witches" I should have known. Look we kitsune don't do that what you heard was a lie. "But we all know how kitsune betrayed the witches back then." As I feel a wave of familiar power we look to the left.

"What my little kitsune said is the Truth little wolf." What I know that voice lady Boido? "Hello, Hoshi it has been a while." What are you doing here? "Is that how you say hello to your senpai?" I'm sorry "I'm joking, of course, you want to know well it seems well you two were fighting Esmond and Jeff got taken."

"What!" How "don't know that's why I'm here the gods are not happy with this. But why you, "they said it was my idea it's my job find him" but I thought you couldn't help? "Well, it wouldn't be a good show without the main star so they are going to look the other way this time."

"Anyways what is this rumor about us stealing souls." "YOU!" as we all look behind lady Boido the was four women behind an old woman "can I help you five" "don't act all innocent you filthy kitsune all need to die." "I'm sorry but who are you?" "Not that it matters to you but we a the world tree coven and I'm its leader Samara Willow."

"Oh ok, so what do you what with me" "that's easy lady Boido for the crime against all the witches that your kind betrayed we of the world coven hear by sentence you to death." As they ready for a fight "look I don't have time for you I have job to do." "Well, then I guess you'll be a failure in the eyes of the gods because you won't live to finish it."