POV lady Boido 
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POV lady Boido

As I was getting ready to attack the zombies walked towards us "what the....." as I look at Violet I see her get pulled out of the MID barrier as the zombies just fall to the ground. "What just happened Mrs.boido?" I don't know but there's a weird feeling in the air.

Mrs.Morrow, I need you to get a grip and help me I think it's best to get inside for now as I go over and pick up Hoshi I see Mrs.Morrow pull something out of her pocket "two witches ring?" What when did you get those? As she helps the werewolf walk "I'm sorry but what are witches ring Mrs.Morrow?"

"Well, jade witches ring hold the memories and spells of every coven leader." It's not something that is randomly found in a pocket. As we passed through the doors to the hospital wing the uneasy feeling vanishes. I turn to look back when I feel an unknown magic power around the doorway I don't recognize but felt familiar. "Lady Boido what are you doing over there?" There's magic here I think they got transported somewhere.

"But who would do that?" I don't know but that uneasy feeling is all over this magic too. I just hope they can survive till we can get them out. "We should tell the director" yes you can leave these two here and tell him, Jade. "Ok and I'm sorry Hoshi can we talk about Esmond later." As she sets Msr. Morrow down and runs off.

"What Esmond is missing?" Yes but Jeff is with him "what can I do to help?" You want to help me you are a very strange witch. "Me strange how so?" First, you want to kill me now you trust me and want to help?" "Master she will do anything for Esmond she even made a deal with me." If that's the case then maybe we can move past the past and work together. As I held out my clawed hand she takes it "for Esmond and Jeffrey.