Chapter 36
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====lavolpe 3 here it Just a short chapter I'm working on the spell more because a lot is going to happen soon and I don't want to mess it up. So they are going to be smaller chapters and I'm going to update less so I can get it right. Also thank you all for reading this far I hope you stay with me on this ride.=========



All well it was worth a shot so what should we do first? "Can we get some food?" Now that you mentioned it I'm hungry too. "Now we just need to find some." That might be hard nether one of us know how to hunt and I don't think there's a restaurant around here.

As we talked we heard something moving in the woods "did you heard that?" Yes as we turn to look there was a pair of yellow eyes. As we are frozen with fear it roared and ran away from us. "Why did it do that?" I don't know but let get out of here before it changes its mind.

As we head deeper into the forest Jeff yells out to me "Esmond I found a cave come look." As I make my way there I still feel eyes on me from somewhere. "I wonder if anything lives here?" As I head to the opening I sniff the air. I think it's safe the air smells old. "What how do know that?" I don't know it just popped in my head. 

"Rrrright? and I can smell water a mile away" you can? "No I was using sarcasm wait I do smell something this way" as he runs off I follow him as we find a large stream nice job jeff "but how I wasn't even looking?" I don't know but we have shelter and water now we just need food.

"So how do we hunt with that thing out there?" I think we shouldn't split up that's one thing I can think of "that's a good idea I don't want this to turn into a horror movie." You and horror movies I will never understand the need for humans to scare themselves. 

"Yes, humans are stupid, running from scary things just bit it." Jeff? "What you want me for?" Why are you talking like that "what are you talking about I just said horror movies are stupid." Yes, but speaking wrong. "Why are you talking like that Esmond" I just ask you that. 

As we head back to the cave I heard something scream as if it was being killed. "I don't like the sound of that" Neither do I but we need to go out there and find food. As we near the cave, something falls off the hill nearby. "What was that and why does it smell good?"