Chapter 37
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Let's go look because whatever it is I want to take a bit as I start drooling. Once we got closer I shifted into my fox form and got closer. "Esmond I don't know why but I'm shaking with excitement." As I look over at Jeff I feel as if he should not get a bit till I say he can.

As I shack those things out of my head I go forward and find the good-smelling thing "it's a deer Esmond" as I'm snapped back to reality I thought to myself why did I not know this. "Esmond are you there we need to get it before it runs off."

Right any ideas? "Yes, we keep it back again the rocky thing stop it running get it from two sides." Ok, let's go then as I move to the left side I see Jeff to the right we both jump out. It happened so fast jeff grabs its neck and killed it with one bit.

As I get closer "Grrrrrrr" I stopped jeff was growling at me the fur on my back stand up as I growled back. "Esmond, why are you growling at me?" What you started it "I did? I don't remember that the last thing I remember you ask me how do we stop it from running away."

Then it hit me omg! Jeff, we keep getting lost to our animal instincts. "But I feel like me" for now but it seems we shift back and forth. "So that's why your in that form then." What form "your four-legged one" as I look at myself I shift back to normal.

Ok so we need to stay focus we can't lose ourselves to the animal side "I'm scared Esmond I don't want to be a mindless animal." I'm scared as well Jeff let try to keep human thinking not human thoughts.

"You mean animal thoughts right?" Yes, why? What did say? "You said animal thinking keep safe" Jeff come back "what just happened" are you ok, "I think I blacked out there for a moment." Let's head back and eat "that sounds good."

As we make it back to the cave the feeling of being watched disappears "Esmond I think whatever has been watching us is gone." Yes but why "GRRRR!" Jeff? As I turn to look at Jeff starts growled at me then attack me.

Jeff get a hold of yourself I yell at him as I push him off me he lands in front of the entrance "finely I can kill you" what are talking about? "You know you did this to us now you are going to get what you deserve" wait your his inner self.

"Well that took you long enough I have been waiting for this now it's my turn." As he moves to the side "run" what? "I said run I want you to run like the pathetic creature you are." I will not let me talk to Jeff "hahahahaha you don't make demands here."