Chapter 38
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As he jumps at me I fall backward with him on my chest "it would be so easy but there would be no fun in that." As he jumps off my chest I get up "get out" excuse me "what are you deaf and stupid I said leave now I'll give you one day then I will kill you."

I'm not leaving without talking to Jeff "Jeff, jeff, jeff is that all you can say?" Where is he? "Grrrrr! I don't know now shut up!" What do you mean? "He's gone ok there was a voice in his head then I was out and he is not there ok."

A voice? "I'm done talking now get out" but "Grrrr that it!" Wait I'm going but if I fight you off the whole day you let this grudge go and help me find out what happened to you and jeff deal. "I'll agree to the second half but the first we will see."

POV Nyton

After Ahelia teleports those two away I was super excited to get going. As we started to move I felt something nearby "hey Nyton do you feel that?" Yes, what is the forest telling you?

"Nothing and that's what I'm starting to get worried about" ya it's not like the forest not to talk to you. As I start to stoking those two I could not get this feeling something was nearby. "CRUNCH!" Ahelia quite "CRUNCH!" What are you eating back there?

As I turn to yell at her there was a shadow creature holding her head in its hand as it threw an arm into its mouth as I licked its lips and looked at me. "Just a little snack I hope you taste better and not so earthy" I just ran as fast as I could downwind hoping to lose it.

I ran through the woods as I leaned up agents a tree "Where are you run to I can feel you on that tree hiding like the prey you are." I pushed off the tree and ran to the river I dive under and swim up the river. I break the surface of the water as a hand grabs my neck.

"Well this was very disappointing I would think the demigod of the hunt would last longer" you want? As I was trying to breathe it smiled "you took my prey now you will pay." As it opens my mouth I try to yell but it squeezes my throat "shhh we don't want to disturb those two."

As I feel its wet tongue lick my face " I think you are going to taste delicious." As it opens its mouth and bites down.


As I finished off the last of my meal I moved deeper into the woods as I see Esmond and Jeffrey getting out of a tree. As I felt the demigod's power syncing with my body I let out a roar. I moved away from them after locking eyes with them but before I went too far I use the demigod of the hunt's power to bring out their inner beast.

As I followed them for a couple of hours increase the magic on them wondering which one the power will take. I was focusing more on jeff because he needs to go for my plan to move forward but if Esmond is the one to break down and kill him it's a win-win. As I feel the power take to Jeff I open the portal to the real world to wait for the victor to emerge.