Chapter 39 POV Hoshi
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POV Hoshi 

I sat down at the table as I heard Mrs.Morrow talking with lady Boido "I can believe it's been a week and we still can open the portal." "I'm exhausted I've tried every witch spell I could find." "Shh! Not so loud Hoshi might hear." "Look I know we have a truce right now but my son with a kitsune is still unsettling." "I know but look at it from a girl's point of view she just confused her love to him only to have him vanish."

As I get up I head to the portal entrance and stare at it hope it would only open. As a blinding light cause me to look away. Two shadows stand there "Hoshi is that you?" Esmond? As the light fades I see him holding Jeff by the neck.

Then the smell hits me of blood and dirt "help" was all he said before falling. I ran to him but someone grabbed me. "Hold on miss Hoshi" I turn to see Horus but there something wrong. "I know I saw but look at Jeff."

I looked as he starts moving "hahaha I won finally I got my revenge." I don't know what came over me as I lunged at him. "What the!" I tackle him to the ground what did you do? "oh yes the mate." As I pick him up and slam him down tell me Jeff right now.

"Hoshi! That's enough" as people come over and put Esmond on a stretcher. I get pulled off of Jeffrey "what are you doing?" I don't know I just snapped after seeing Esmond like that and what Jeff said about winning as I look at lady Boido.

As she moves over to Jeff "and your not Jeff are you?" "No" as I see the fear in his eyes looking up at her. "So where is he?" "I don't know I think he is in our head." "Don't you mean my not our" as they are talking I feel magic?

When I look Horus was gone I look back at the other two "ok so start at the beginning" as he was talking to her I noticed he was saying us, we, and our a lot. "So after that the two you made the wager Esmond won and you to work together to survive." 

"Yes, then we fought with a bear creature........"
"Hello, are you ok?" as he just stands there for a moment the magic in the air is gone "hello who are you wait Hoshi is that you?" Jeff? "Ya who else would it be" "Excuse me but what about this bear creature?" "Bear? where and who are you?"

"I'm lady Boido Hoshi's master wait your not the same you even smell different" "well excuse me for not wash in three days." Jeff, you have been gone a week. "Not so fast Hoshi he smells more like three months." Jeff what was the last thing you remember.

"I remember Esmond and I got transported into a tree then there was a creature in the woods. Esmond was joking about a horror movie theme. Then we found a cave and he started to talk funny and he said I did as well." "Wait Jeff what do you mean by talking funny?"

"Well, he started to say stuff like "animal thinking better the human" but it's hard to remember it gets a little foggy after that." "If I had to guests you to got hit with a Repose of the Spirit spell." But master why was Esmond not affected? 

"Oh Hoshi I told you this before his name means protection and
I use this word lightly a powerful witch gave it to him he has a small amenity to magic and element damage." So that's why Erin's sword did not kill him.

"Who's Erin Hoshi?" Oh, I forgot to tell you he the angel that has been trying to kill us but Esmond pull it out and save his friend. "I'm so lost right now he does not have the tails to do that." "I'm sorry miss Boido but what do you mean but tails?"

"I'll make it short so you can go rest every hundred years a kitsune gets a tail and with it a new power and their powers they have get stronger." "So how many tail should he have to do that?" "Well, I'm surprised Hoshi hasn't told you anything but every kitsune can purify but to do that I'd have to say at least four to five tails."

Then how did he do it the master? "That is something you will have to solve on your own because I did what I had to do so I'm leaving soon."
But I thought you want to talk to Esmond? "No he seems to be alright but I do have to talk to Horus so after that I'll be leaving." Ok, I hope to see you again. "Stay safe Hoshi" you too as she heads down the hallway.