Chapter 2
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“Bananas in Pajama” I said into the microphone. I loved that show as a little kid, man I miss my childhood. I felt the dean tap me lightly on the shoulder. I glanced at him “when I said to say something. I meant to say something about yourself.” he said trying to help me out.

I turned back to the crowd of boys and said “I love the old show bananas in pajamas. I’m 16 years old, in the 11th grade.” I turned back to the dean and said “we good?” he raised his eyebrow at me; I took that as say a few more things. I turned back to the crowd “I’m thinking of joining the basketball team” there were a bunch of grasps and some whispers.

Great, even when I’m not in a girl’s school I’m still in a girl’s school.

I rolled my eyes at them. The dean took over the mic “Now students, I know this might be hard for some of you. But deal with it” I’m starting to like this guy. Still talking into the mic he says “any questions” some dude asked “Where will she be sleeping?” the dean replied “That’s not your business Mr. Adams” He said giving the guy a look.

“Miss West” I blink a few times, the dean giving me a look that says pay attention. When he knows me more he’ll learn I have a short attention span. I really this one time I was taking a math test and all though the test I couldn’t stop thinking about the word ‘batrachophagous’ it means one who eats a frog, I know weird right but that morning Nic called me one. I didn’t understand at first so I did research. That day I failed my tested, I blame it all on Nic.

“MISS. WEST.” the dean yelled at me this time but it was more like a hushed whisper, so the crowd did hear it as well. “Well everyone welcomes Miss West to the school but before you go” He stopped talking into the mic and looked at me “anything to add?” I smiled and took this chance to...


2 hours later

“Do you know why you are here?” He says acting like I’m 2 years old. I opened my mouth to speak but he cuts me off,

“Well, I’ll tell you why your here” he stands up from his desk and leans toward me while narrowing his eyes. “In the last 3 hours you’ve just about broken 12 rules, now that I’ve seen your records.” Mr. Jaybird then let sighs “Ms. West I know going to a new school is hard, but that is no way to treat your new fellow classmates and teachers who are only there to help you.”

There to help me Dr. Vink with a van va va is a nut-bag. I’m not joking dude is off his rocker. I rolled my eyes then leaned forward on his desk while putting my hand together. “Jay can I call you Jay?” he opens his mouth to shut me down but I cut him off “I’m going to call you Jay, so let’s make this easy on both of us.” I turn in my chair to take a quick glance at the door “Now I’m going to walk at that door.” I looked back at him with a smirk on my face.


It’s 12:00 and that’s the time lunch starts.

Since I have no clue where that is. I should just follow my nose. About an hour later I find it.

The dining hall, as some would call it. The moment I stepped my foot inside, the loud sounds of boys seemed to stop. There were eyes all around me. Just staring and nothing else. Before I could get a word out, or say a sassy remark. I saw it, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on, there were mountains of food.

I’m so lucky to be a student here.

While I was busy drooling over the food I didn’t realize my new buddy Matt sneaking up behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and start to lead me over to the Mountain of Food. I meet Matt in English, We seem to have a lot in common. Then Matt told me something, I’ve up to this point has only heard in dreams.

“It’s all you can eat.”

I wanted to cry right there and then, But now I was on a mission.

I grabbed a tray and filled then up to make my Minnie Mountain of food. I noticed Matt was looking at me weirdly ‘what’ He shook his head

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much for a girl.” he said raising his eyebrows at me “What if you get fat?” he say throwing his hands in the air dramatic.

“For your information, I happened to work out a lot,” I said with a smirk. With that said I walked away from him only to notice that all the guys are staring at my mountain of food. Now at I notice it. They didn’t seem to have much food on their trays.

The guys here must eat like rabbits.

Suddenly there was a strange sound outside.

“What the heck was that?” I asked the guys while jumping up. I started looking around to see where the sound came from. It would seem I was the only one bothered by the sound.


The sound happened again. “Relax it’s nothing, to worry about,” Riley said uninterested and went back to eating.

The sound went again, everyone kept on eating not caring about the sound. “Ashley, chill it’s just the lights,” Max says not looking at me.

I looked up at the lights, nothing looked wrong with them. I glanced around, the sound had weirdly stopped. ‘Ring Ring Ring!!!!’ the bell went off, students started to getting ready to go to their next classes. I, on the other hand, wanted to find out what that sound was, it’s the first day of school I doubt anyone will care that I’m not there.

I’m pretty good at french anyway. No worries. “Hey, guy, ’s I’m going to the restroom, later’s,” I said with a wave at the guys. I know I’ve only known them for a day, but if they’re not going to tell me what that sound was then I’m going to find out.

I into the hallway, now where would a strange sound come from. Duh, the basement, I wonder where the basement is, downstairs but where is downstairs?. Might as well start looking, I took a left down the hall wondering around till I took a few more turns. After Not finding the basement I figured I should go to my locker to check it out. I reached into my pocket and grabbed the little paper, that had my locker info on it.

Locker code: 10-02-25, number: 820 Westside of school.

lol, West is my last name.

I took the school map out to see where I was when I looked at it. I realized I could have found the basement with the map. I’m an idiot. Not only I’m I not at the west side of the school, the basement should be about three doors down.

Cool, I started for the basement. When I got to the door it was pretty old, which was weird since everything is this school looked pretty new for a castle.

The door happened to be locked just my luck yay me!, It sucks I wish I could have picked the lock. I looked at the keyhole weird I’ve never seen a keyhole like this before.

where you put the key, it didn’t look like a key could fit in there. A kind of symbol I couldn’t make out the symbol, though, just then the ten-minute bell rang. I quickly took out my phone and snapped a picture of it.

I ran all the way to lockers, I need to get my gym clothes. I had the gym in a few minutes I had to hurry.