Chapter 8
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“Dear students, all classes will not be in session today.” I read on the door of my first period class, I had gotten a text but assumed one of the guys had been messing with me. I stared at the note for a hard minute before sighing in frustrating, I had done all my homework for nothing, what was I supposed to do now.

“Hey, if you’re done staring at page 1 could you swipe the note?”

“Swipe it?”

The guy rolled his eyes at me, and said “you’ve been here for like what two weeks, you should have seen one of these notes before” he moved beside me and lifted his left hand and put it in front of the note than swiped the note, like he was waving at it. The note completely changed to something else.


The guy glanced at me before reading the new words on the note and said “we’re no ‘Hilton Scarlet’ but we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves” he smiled at me, and read the next note out loud.

“Classes maybe cancelled for the day, but that doesn’t mean you can go totally silly. There should be a box near everyone of your classes for you to still turn in your homework. Also we will be having a della, if you plan on joining make sure to have your group or a partner and be ready at area 5 at 1; That is all have a nice day.”

“Go totally silly?”

“Miss Gemma, probably wrote this. I’m going to turn in the rest of my work, see ya around new kid” and with that he turned and walked away.

Before he left I should have asked him what a della was or where area 5 is, but it’s whatever I can just text or find one of the guys. I wonder why you need a group and or partner.


I turned in all of my homework, and found Matt and Riley in the cafeteria.

“I just think we should be safe, we can’t just go rushing in like before, and no one knows what kind of zone they’ll put us in.” Riley said to Matt while eating some chips and taking a large sip of water.

“I know your right, but something in me tells me we’ve got this. Dude I can feel it in my gut. We can at least get 2nd.” Matt says, I place my food on the table breaking Riley and Matt’s stare down thing, and say “yeah guys today is the day.” I nodded and grinned like I knew what i was talking about it.

“You have no idea what we’re talking about do you?” Riley asked.

“Not in the slightest but I have a feeling your going to tell me” I said with a huge smile.

“It’s about della” Peter said as he took a seat at the table. “It’s kind of like that paintball think you and Luke went too.”

“Luke? Dude are you okay? I went there with you.” Peter shook his head at me, “I’m not really a fan of physical events..” I gave him a weird look is he screwing with me

“Peter has a twin brother named Luke, he was probably wondering if you were cool or not. My guess since he never told you who he was, you probably weren’t cool” Sam said with a laugh as he passed the table.

Why is this douche even in the conversation.

“You have a twin bro-” I started to say but was cut off by Riley. “Della is nothing like the paintball thing, it’s way more difficult.”

“I’m in” I said, this sounded fun

“You have no idea what your saying”

“it’s not going to be easy” Matt says, turning to fully face me in his seat.

“None of the best things are, now tell me” I said getting a little excited, by the way they were talking this had to fun.

“It’ll be a lot of work, are you sure you can handle this?” Riley said “it’s only your first year here, dude there’s no shame in doing the easy route and just writing a paper.” I gave him a weird look.

Before saying “Riley, do I look like a chicken to you? I know we’ve only known each other for what? Like a month now but I don’t back down from a challenge.”

I paused before looking at them both

“So, tell me what is della?”

“Woah” I said as I looked in front of me, the boys I was following ended up leading me to an underground arena, that was the size of a football field, it had a clear wall around it, and instead of grass on the floor, it was just black. I quickly noticed as I looked around me that everyone was wearing their normal clothes and not the uniform, like I was.

As I was busy noticing my surroundings, I couldn’t help but I think they told me what della stands for, however they failed to tell me what it actually is, was I about to watch my friends fight or something.

“Miss please stand in a line, so we can get you and everyone seated as soon as possible.” I blinked a few time, and look towards the voice to see a brown stick to the left of me, the stick had arms, two legs and was currently wearing a necklace with a circular sliver box on it. I assume that’s where the voice is coming from. I glanced at the stick, it was probably one of those cardboard cutouts people see at concerts, that just repeats the same thing over and over.

I side stepped the stick and made my way over to a line.

“Thank you.” I heard and turned to look at the stick it’s arm was up and it looked like it was waving at me.

Even the cutouts here are impressive.

The line moved at a fast pace, I could feel myself getting excited and also a little worried for my friends, I still didn’t know what I was walking into, just that it was extremely difficult.

“Wrist please.” Another voice said, I looked in front of me to realize that I had finally gotten to the front of the line, and a girl who looked about my age, behind a clear wall. I slowly walked over to her.

I stuck my wrist out to her, and watched as her grabbed a scanner.

“I thought I was the only girl that went to school here.” I said with a smile trying to make conversation.

She as she was about to scan my wrist, she looked up at me and said “As if, Roswood. Is an all boys Academy. ” Her tone in disbelief, as she scanned my wrist, and went to her computer.

“Check the outfit.” Suddenly I was glad to be wearing the uniform, she was looking at the computer weirdly and had just typed something. She rolled her eyes while looking at the computer, and look to me, she look at my light green sweater, with the Rosewood Crest and proceed to look at my rose colored skirt that went to my knees.

“Are you cosplaying?” She asked, she still didnt believe me! “I think yours is the best one yet.”

I blinked at her, what’s that’s supposed to mean?

“What’s the problem here?” I looked at away from her to a huge man dressed in all black, he was currently wearing sunglasses inside, for some reason. I need to start paying better attention to my surroundings, I didn’t even hear him coming over.

“This girl claims to be a Rosewood student, also her wrist isn’t ringing up.” She said, and turned her computer around so the man and I could see a totally blank screen.

“Try scanning her again.” He said, as he looked at me, and then gave me a grimace when he noticed what I was wearing.

She held her hand out for my wrist and and scanned and nothing showed up on the computer screen.

“Maybe you could try typing it in manually.” I suggest, I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening, or why my wrist was so important.

They both look up from the computer and to me, the man shrugged, and the girl whose nametag read Lily let out a sigh, and turned the computer back to her and said “what’s your student identify number?”

“8230760.” I said.

“Okay, full name?”

“Ashley West.”

“Gotcha!” Lily said with a smile, that quickly vanished, she looked at me with narrowed eyes and back at the computer.

“What’s it say?” The man asked.

“It says she’s a student at Rosewood, however she hasn’t been authorized to attend the Della.” Lily said while biting her cheek, and glaring at me.

“How do I get authorization?” I asked, I didnt want to miss out on this.

The man opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by a beeping noise coming from his walkie talkie, he gave us the 2 minute signal and grabbed his talkie, and saying “Q, here.”

Five bucks says him and Mrs. Q are married, I loved having little bets with myself.

I couldn’t really hear what the other person was saying, so I glanced at Lily to see her looking at someone, with an adoring look on her face. I blinked at her and looked to see who she was looking at, it’s Peter, he noticed her looking and had the same look, he blew her a kiss, which was super adorable. She blushed and shyly waved at him.

“They said to just give her a guest pass.” Q said, getting both of our attention.

“Okay.” Lily said, and going back to the computer.

Q glanced at us both with a blank expression and walked away.

I looked back at Lily to see was printing something, and took a stamp.

“Wrist.” She said, and as I held out my wrist she stamped it, the stamp is a picture of a piece of wood. I felt a small smile on my lips.

“Other wrist.” She said, holding her hand out, and getting a different stamp out. The other stamp was a rose. My wrist combined said Rosewood. I let out a laugh as she handed me a paper to sign.

“Feel free to sit where you like, and have a nice day.” Lily said, and waved me off.

I was about to ask her where area 5 was, but saw another stick person holding up a sign and pointing the way, the only difference between this stick and the other was, that this one had little stick fingers.