Chapter 9
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It took me about 10 minutes to get a good seat, I want to be able to see everything but not be to far away from the action. I thought about looking for Peter, maybe we could sit together however with all the people here I thought against it. I’d never be able to find him again.

I glanced at my phone to check the time, there’s about a minute before the della would start. I watch as more and more students begin to fill the seats. I’m feeling kind of anxious. I placed my phone back into my skirt pocket. I glanced up when I heard an unfamiliar ringing sound, I looked towards a side door to see a group of girls, in school uniforms wearing black turtlenecks and skirts that were in the colors royal red, blue and yellow. Some of the girls look bored and uninterested, while others seemed extremely excited, they were practically jumping in their seats.

I blinked at the group in confusion.

I was still glancing at them, when the lights shut off.

“Hello! And Welcome!” A voice said in the darkness. I jumped in my seat when the spotlight, it’s a little blinding. I blinked a little trying to get my eyes to used to the sudden light source.

I look towards the field, and see an African man wearing a shiny blue suit, with a huge smile on his face. He winks at the crowd before saying.

“Tonight, I’m your host Lark. I hope your all ready an adventure, but before that let’s meet our players!” Lark the announcer says, as he raises one of his arms and points to part of the field that currently set in darkness.

“Let’s say a grand hello to our first pair Hawthrone and Cosmo!” Lark says excitedly as they walk out of the shadows and into the light both boys had their the first letter of their name on the black one piece they were both wearing.

The boy named Hawthrone had a blank expression on his face as he looked onto the crowd, which was split in the middle of cheering and booing.

“Hawthrone, do you have anything to say to your opponent?” Lark asked with creepy grin on his face. Opponent? Wow, they really just jump right into here. Hawthrone says absolutely nothing, and keep the same blank expression, the look on his face is a bit unsettling to say the least.

Lark’s pursed his lips a little and moved on to Cosmo, his creepy grin back and his eyes a little wider as he opens his mouth to ask Cosmo the same question. However, Cosmo is different from Hawthrone, he smiles at the crowd as they cheer for him, as little to few or none boos can be heard.

“I’ve been looking forward to this.” Cosmo says as his smile turns into a grin. He sounds a little over confident to me.

“Now that you’ve met our first players. Let’s get started!” Lark says stepping away from boys and walking forward a little and reaching into his pocket.

“Everyone, please take out your phone and make sure your bluetooth is available. If you’ve forgotten your phone please look here to see the results.” He pulls out of his pocket want looks like to be a black remote.

I quickly glance around me to everyone has taken out their phones, I pull mine from my pocket to do the same. I turn it on and go straight for the school app. I pulled the top screen down to make sure my bluetooth was available, and a small quiz popped up.

1. Jungle

2. Mountains

3. Beach

4. Desert

5. Ghost town

6. Abandon area

I didn’t think much of it and just selected desert. A second quiz popped up after the one I had just taken.

1. Summer

2. Winter

3. Fall

4. Spring

I picked Summer and put my phone back into my pocket when another quiz didn’t appear. I looked back at the football field with a glass wall around it to see the results of the quiz had appeared.

“You voted and here you have it.” Lark said, as the winning votes were ‘Desert’ and ‘Summer’ Lark looked at the results and said “How nice, but what if we turned it up a little?” Lark smiles wildly at the crowd as they start to chant

“Turn that wheel.”

What wheel?

I see Lark play with the remote in his hand, and wave it at the crowd as they chant more and more. A video of Lark appears on the glass walls up close and personal so the audience can see what he’s at a better range what’s he’s about to do.

Lark presses a red button on the remote and the audience stops chanting. The screen changes from a close up of Lark to a wheel with what looks to be random number on it. The wheel starts to come at a stop at the number 12.

The crowd starts cheering once more, but stops when Lark raises his hand up and looks at both boys again

“Ready?” He asked them seriously, the creepy smile he’s been wearing now more apparent than ever.

Cosmo and Hawthrone both glance at one another before saying “Yes.”

The glass field lights all come on, showing the entire area. It still looks somewhat like a football field. I know nothing has happened as of yet, but I can already feel my heart pounding nervously.

I suddenly hear a cracking sound coming from a glass, as it looks like its about to shatter from the inside I feel my heart drop and my eyes widen at the sight. I open my mouth to say something, but don’t when I see a black lines forming around the cracks.

The entire glass wall turns to black and I can’t see inside of it anymore. My eyebrows scrunch up in confusion. The wall is black for about ten minutes, which to be honest felt much longer. The arena has suddenly changed to Desert setting and looked extremely hot. Hawthrone and Cosmo where nowhere to be seen.

“Let the game begin.” Lark voice said from somewhere.

“You feel that it’s starting.” a guy seating in front of me said to his friend. The crowd remains calm, few voices can be heard.

Which I thought was crazy because I felt restless

“Oh yeah, this is going to be so good.” the friend replied nodding his head a little, I looked at the back of their heads in confusion, and I felt the tiniest breeze brush my hand.


I looked towards the field to see a desert tornado forming, and running wildly. “I wonder who’ll it find first?” someone different spoke, I didn’t care from where we watched the tornado travel across the field, the screen zoomed in on someone’s black hair, I couldn’t make out the face with all the sand flying everywhere.

“Is that Cosmo?” someone in the crowd asked.

“No, Cosmo’s blonde.” the guy in front of me answered mildly annoyed. Hawthrone reached for something in his bag, I couldn’t quite make out what it was but it sure is shiny. Hawthrone started swinging the...

Um, what is that? A sword.

He’s swung the sword in a circle like motion as to blow the tornado away. Which seemed to be working, he stopped swinging and tucked the sword back in his bag. I gotta hand it to him, he looked like he knew what he was doing. He dusted the sand off him and continued walking, I hadn’t the slightest clue where he’s going.

We watch him walk for about ten minutes before he reaches a town that looked something out of an old western film. However, just before stepping foot into the town he kneels and expects the dirt the screen zooms in on his face just in time to see him narrow his eyes then zooms out so we get the full view of him in the entrance of the town.

This time when he reaches into his bag he pulls out five swords, three long ones, and two small ones. He places one of the small ones in his left shoe and places the other in the waistband of his pants. He proceeds to walk more in town, he goes straight to the town hall building and bends down a little and starts digging a hole, that’s where he places one of the swords he covers in enough so it’s not too deep where he can’t get to get but coved enough so Cosmo won’t see it. Hawthrone stands up and dusts off his knees as much as he can before he heads towards the saloon.

The screen cuts from him and shows Cosmo at the saloon rummaging through the bar behind the counter inspecting, what looks like fake beer from 1862. I rolled my eyes at him.

“Jackpot.” He says as he tries to open it and fails, he pouts a little and sets it down and goes to look for something to help him open it. He puts his hand on the counter and jumps over it, he lands perfectly and begins to walk over to his bag, and pulls out a small corkscrew.

He’s such an idiot

I shake my head at him, and he smiles at himself and starts to walk back to the counter. He grabs the beer and opens it with the corkscrew, he lifts the beer to his lips and just as he about to have a sip someone throws a dagger at him. Cosmo ducks out of the way, and under the counter. “You missed!” Cosmo shouted, still under the bar counter.

“Then I guess, It’s a good thing I wasn’t aiming for you.” the screen expanded and showed someone who isn’t Hawthrone.

Oh man plot twist, or is it? I’m still so confused about the rules here.

Matt sat in a high window, with a belt with daggers all over it. He smirked at Cosmo hiding behind the counter, he then jumped from the window as well as pulled two more daggers from his belt one in each hand. “Should I take your hiding as giving up?” Matt asked as he slowly progressed towards the bar closer to Cosmo, Matt leaped over the bar and Cosmo wasn’t there, or so he thought Matt’s first mistake was kneeling closer to the place where Cosmo disappeared at, as he neared closer and closer he could feel breathing on him, which caused him to back slightingly away.

“Suprise bitch!” Cosmo said as his camo wore off, he kicked Matt in the stomach away from him. Matt landed with a thud, and Cosmo climbed on top of him and started punching in the face. The screen is pointed at the side of them for some reason, I was curious as to why however that curiosity didn’t last. A pistol pointed to Cosmo’s head...

“A smart person would stop, but I think we both know you aren’t that smart.” The screen zoomed out showed Max with a tight smile on his lips, Cosmo stopped hitting Matt and slowly raised his hands overhead, furthermore getting off Matt, the pistol was still pointed to him Max waved the gun to the left and Cosmo went to the side as Max quickly helped Matt to his feet.

“Thanks, man,” Matt said, Max nodded but kept his gaze on Cosmo.

Cosmo rolled his eyes at them, “Let me guess your guy’s team name is M&M.” he said with a mocking laugh.

“We’re not a team, I just don’t like you,” Max said, with a shrug. A few people in the crowd laughed at his response, I just grinned at him even though he couldn’t see me. He and Matt bumped fist, and Max went to open the door and some dude was thrown through it. Max ducked just in time. They all looked towards the dude, as he pixelated away. Cosmo took this as a chance to get away while Matt and Max look back towards the door. There were about five more guys out fighting each other.

Matt opened his mouth, “Wanna team up and-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence, Max had already pulled out a shotgun and just started blasting to which Matt nodded at himself and ran to go find Cosmo he went over to the left far corner of the room and braced himself before walking up the stairs. The screen cut from him to show us some dude with nunchucks and red hair and freckles on one half of his face, he swung the nunchucks over his head and he looked kind of badass for a second before Max shot him in the back.

The screen panned over to the dude who body-slammed Max awhile ago, I scrunched my eyebrows at him, I could see him better, as to last time when he just knocked Max out and carried him away, His green eyes looked determined and his raven black hair had sand so embedded in it that it looked almost blonde he’s wearing gold knuckles, alongside Hawthrone, they were standing back to back with about six guys surrounding them.

“I’ve got the three on the right if you’ve got the three on the left.” He spoke to Hawthrone replied with a nod, together with him they advanced to attack. Hawthrone runs straight for the guy in the middle, the guys on the left and right are both headed for him as well, he ends up kicking the guy on the left and swipes the guy on the right with his sword, he then spins around stabs the guy he was first after. He pulls out the dagger from his waistband and throws it at the guy on his left, it lands straight in his heart and he’s pixelated away.

The graphics in this game are seriously amazing, I wonder what behind the scenes looks like...

Hawthorn goes to pick up his weapons and turns just in time to Riley swinging his sword at him, for a second Hawthorn looked surprised.

“Did you see that?” someone from the crowd asks

“See what?” someone asks back in confusion.

“I think Riley got the jump on Hawthorn.”

“Always ready Thorn, I doubt it,” they replied in disbelief.