Chapter 12
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The camera stays on Freddy as he walks into a destroyed building, shoeless he didn’t even attempt to retrieve his shoes, His white socks getting dirtier with every step he takes.

“You see that? Because he sure as hell didn’t.” Freddy says with a laugh that quickly turned into a cough. The camera shifts to Riley and Saxton, both oddly staring down at Freddy’s shoeless feet.

“Where are your shoes,” Riley asks as he looks into the walkway that Freddy came though and makes sure he wasn’t followed or anything.

Freddy shrugs and says “Where are anybody’s shoes?” Saxton glances at his own shoes and shakes his head at Freddy and walks over to Riley.

“Who do you think is still in the game?” He asked,

“I don’t think a lot of us are still in the game, I mean why else would Bradford just be hanging around like that, with his guard down. I mean I’m good, but Bradford isn’t an idiot.” Freddy said walking over to some rubble and sitting down on it, and rolling his shoulders a bit.

“He was probably running away from someone,” Saxton replies to Freddy and looks at Riley waiting for him to add to the conversation. Riley pushes himself from the wall walkway.

“Or he was running from the tornado that’s headed this way,” Riley says when he walks over to Freddy he grabs him by his back collar to forceable make Freddy stand up. “We’ve gotta find a better place be right now,” Riley says to them as he looks around and spots something the audience and I can’t see.

“Follow me,” Riley says and leads them off-camera.

“Why the hell do they always vote tornadoes?” Freddy asks no one in particular.

“To be honest, I’ll take a tornado over quicksand any day,” Riley says off-screen and Saxton while he’s walking off camera nods his head in agreement.

The camera dims a bit and quickly switches to someone else.

Max graces us with his presence and his face is covered with dirt and blood.

Oh shit

He doesn’t bother wiping it off, he standing in, a different building I think, Max is unmoving as if he’s waiting on something, he turns his head slightly and walks forward and opens a door closes to him, the room he goes into is filthy and mostly destroyed there’s a gaping hole on the fairest side in the room, which Max walks over too, he lifts his hand and sticks his index finger in his mouth and then sticks the finger that was in his mouth through the gaping hole for a few seconds, he stops what he’s doing and wipes his hand on his pants leg and walks back over to the open door, he cracks his back a little and couches near the door with a blank expression.

The camera switches to someone else, who’ve I’ve never seen before a guy with blonde hair wearing a bright green suit, and black boots appeared, he’s the eye’s matched his suit and he’s wearing a huge smirk on his face.

“I fucking hate buyers,” Collins says as he leans back in his seat, with disgust in his tone.

“What’s a buyer?” I couldn’t help myself when I asked, I watch as Collins head moves up a bit and turns to me, with a hit of surprise in his face.

“Aren’t you a first-year?” He asks me, turning his whole body to look at me, the guy West whose sitting next to him proceeded to turn and look at me as well.

I bit my cheek a little before saying “I’m in the 11th grade.” Fiddling with my hands a little as I looked at them.

“No, I meant you’ve only been at this school for like what a few weeks or something?” Collins says and continues “Usually you have to be a student at this school for at least two years before you can even see your first Della.” He finished, looking at me with a weird expression.

“Ashley, have you been voting?” Adam asks me from behind joining in on the conversation now leaning forward, looking at me with a surprised look. Which I gladly returned because I had no idea he was sitting this close to me although I still nodded at him, then took my phone out of my pocket to show him Della app on my screen, his mouth drops in shook and he looks passed me to look at Collin and West.

“Maybe because she’s the first girl to go to this school that they’re giving her special treatment.” The guy on the right side of me suggests with a shrug as he continues to keep watching the arena screen.

“Yeah, I don’t think that’s it, because she’s not the first girl to attend this school. Earlier when the school was first built they were accepting both female and male students.” West says, his body turned in his seat so he could look at me properly, his arm resting on his chair.

Seriously? What’s the hell happened?” The guys on the right of me said, taking his eyes off the match.

“No, idea. However I don’t think this is the place you guys should be having this discussion, we’ve got eyes at 11 o’clock.” The guy on the left side on me said, as he gestured to his left side, there were two guards staring directly at us.

West and Collins are both quick turns around looking straight ahead at the arena screen. Adam leans back into his seat, the guys on the right side and left of me both go back to watching as well.

This is all so weird, if I’m not supposed to be here, then what was that text message about?

I felt my phone vibrate in my hand, I glanced down to see I had received a something that resembled a text message from the Della app.

Buyer: A buyer is someone who pays for fancy upgrades to give them an advantage over the other players.


I clicked the reply button under the message and quickly typed who is this?

Hello, I’m Rave your friendly A.I to help you with all your Della needs and questions.

I felt incredibly creeped out that Rave knew I had asked what a buyer was, I quickly exited out of the app and turned my phone completely off, before placing it back into my pocket.

A chill ran through my body, and I decided to focus all of my attention on the screen in front of me, I’ll worry about Rave later.