Chapter 2: Source of the Beast
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Jackson emerged from the other side of the portal disorientated and overwhelmed by fear. His nose was suddenly assaulted by a thick rotting smell of decay and death of which he quickly found the source of, there were small mountains of corpses all around created from the bodies of animals, humans and creatures he had never seen before.

He shuddered as he was dragged over piles of bones slowly as the beast drew him closer and closer towards it, more tentacles began to appear as they moved around grabbing rotting corpses and brought them in the same direction he was being brought.

"Help! Help us!" He could hear the screaming of fellow victims as they cried for help that was never coming, this only went on for a minute before their voices were silenced and the surroundings went quiet once more.

Jackson grimaced, he knew what had happened, "Fuck..." He muttered as he began to truly observe his surroundings frantically, he was looking for something, anything, that could be used to pry himself free from the tentacle.

It was lucky that because of its small size it could only slowly pull him towards its source over the piles of prey that the tentacles were taking apart for what he could only assume was food. He saw tentacles as thick as barrels pick up the corpses of massive beasts that were rotting as easily as an adult picking up a baby and shuddered as he thought about how he'd already be dead if he'd been caught by one of them.

"Bone, bone, more fucking bones didn't anyone here die with a weapon or something?" He complained to himself as he used his hands to search through the remains he was being pulled over. His hands came into contact with corpses, bones and random pieces of clothing yet there was nothing that could be used as a weapon among them.




Three solid beats like a heart, he could faintly hear them repeating this pattern over and over again. 'Shit, I need to slow myself down somehow.' He panicked as he grew closer to the source of whatever it was living here, he didn't want to find out.

'Fuck it.' He threw all hesitation out the window as he used his arms to lunge for the corpse of a massive decaying corpse. His actions dramatically slowed down the speed at which the tentacle was moving him as it had to pull the additional weight except, Jackson couldn't hold on for that long - the force around his lower body was becoming stronger as it kept tugging on him in an attempt to move him faster but it began to feel as if he was going to rip in half.

"There's gotta be something here." He endured through the pain and began to frantically search through the piles while clinging onto the corpse. "Ignore it. Ignore it." He chanted to himself as he found the upper torso of another person, her eyes were still open in fright and staring right at him.

'Come on just give me something... I don't want to die today.' He said to himself, the pain began to grow as it wrapped even tighter around him in an attempt to 'free' him. 

"Bones... more bones... wait." He suddenly caught himself as he caught a glimpse of metal he'd been searching for, he began to dig as fast as he could only to find a small kitchen knife still gripped by a severed arm. 

He tried to pry the fingers open with one hand but he couldn't get a solid grip on it, "Okay... okay... I can do this." Jackson took a deep breathe before letting go of the corpse and grabbing the arm with both hands and pulling it up through the pile. With the help of the tentacle tugging at him it was quickly freed but not before covering his hands in the blood of whatever else had died with it.


The fingers cracked and popped as he pulled them from their original position and pried the small knife from their grasp. Luckily it looked to be relatively knew, it was still sharp and wasn't rusted - perfect for what he needed to do with it, or try to do.

He hesitated for a second as he looked between the tentacle wrapped around his hips and to the sharp point of the knife and imagined what would happen if it went all the way through, "Screw it..." He muttered, discarding his fears, it was his only way to survive it would be worth whatever risk came with it.

He didn't shout or scream, he simply held the knife firmly and plunged it straight through the flesh of the tentacle. There was some resistance before it cut straight through the thin flesh of the tentacle and caused it to shudder in pain, luckily it seemed to get stuck somewhere inside of it and didn't go all the way through and cut himself along with it.

He pulled the knife out quickly and stabbed down several more times with all of his might in a frantic attempt at survival, his breath became rugged as he started to pant but he didn't stop stabbing until it stopped squirming and its grip on him suddenly loosened and allowed him to push it off of himself.

He knew he didn't have time to rest as he quickly got to his feet and started to run in the opposite direction only to be greeted by a fear inducing screech from behind him as he ran.


Whatever it was.

He'd definitely pissed it off now.

'Don't look back, don't look back.' He said in his head as the thumping sound he'd heard earlier began to grow louder and louder as whatever it was that was chasing him was gaining on him faster than he could move, it didn't help that he was struggling to run over bones that moved beneath his feet and didn't give him a solid grip on the ground.

A tentacle suddenly appeared in front of him blocking his path and trying to grab him, he slid under it on the bones and probably bruised his entire back doing so but he endured the pain and got back up. The thing seemed confused as to where he'd run off to because it took several seconds after that for it to attack him with three tentacles three times bigger than any he'd seen before in his time here.

'Oh fuck...' 

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