Chapter 4: Awakening
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Tears began to drip down his cheeks as he chuckled lightly, Jackson tilted his head up to look at the beast that simply stood there like it was mocking his weakness.

He had the feeling that all of this had just been a game for it, something to amuse itself, whether it had intentionally let him run for some more excitement or not was unknown but the events following that had certainly been orchestrated by it. It was obvious that it was possible for it to catch him at any time, it just hadn't.

It watched as he fell deeper and deeper into despair, the shrill shrieks it had been letting off was most likely its way of laughing and not that it felt pained or injured. He had become the things toy, it was now only a matter of time before it threw him away because he no longer wanted to play its game.

He tilted his head to look at knife hilt in his hand, some of the blade still remained but it was practically useless.

"You think you've won huh?" He shouted at the tentacles swarming around him, they were closing in on him slowly. It was teasing him, wanting to see what he would do - what could he do? 

'I'm sorry mum...'

He pulled the knife up to his chest, his hand was trembling as he aimed what remained of the blade towards his heart, 'Goodbye...' His eyes remained glued to the beast, it roared in anger as it watched its toy try to kill itself right in front of its eyes. It felt robbed of the chance as a tentacle swung towards the knife in an attempt to stop it but it was too late.



The suns were  blotted out by a ginormous figure that covered the sky, its body spanned miles as it floated eerily just in the planets atmosphere. 

It was obvious from the twin suns that this wasn't Earth to begin with but it resembled it, the planet was torn apart as beasts roamed freely. Ruins of buildings were scattered across, there were mountains that had been split in half by an unknown force and corpses of an unknown species everywhere.

Jackson didn't know where he was as he watched this. He was pretty sure he was dead to be perfectly honest, his only memory was of him trying to kill himself by stabbing his heart with his broken knife. 

He had no words as he gaped at the beast bigger than the planet itself, how was he so certain it was a beast? He could see it entirely if he tried, like a mental image in his head it had two wings then it didn't even need to flap to remain in its position, it looked as if it was capable of digesting the entire planet in just a few short bites.

Suddenly, it opened its eyes and stared back at him. Its gaze caused him to freeze as a chill ran down his spine but he didn't look away, there was something telling him that no matter what he did he couldn't look away. So his eyes met its and for a few short moments that felt like minutes the world simply stopped.

The beasts on the surface of the planet no longer walked, the creatures in the air no longer flew - it was like time had been frozen and they were the only two beings remaining in the world.

Slowly its head turned directly to face him as it began to reach for him, he tried to move but finally realised he was stuck in place and had nowhere to run; it was coming straight for him and there was nothing that he could do other than wait for it to do whatever it wanted to do to him.

'I've already died once, what's another time.' He thought mockingly as it grew closer, it was only when it was right next to him that he realised how truly massive it was. He wasn't even half of the size of its snout as it stared him down with its eyes.

His body wouldn't even be fit to fill the spaces between each sharp tooth.

"Human... Interesting..."

It wasn't speaking any language that Jackson could recognise but he understood each of its words as clearly as if it was, the words were foreign yet familiar which caused him more confusion than anything else as he just floated there dumbfounded.

'What are you...' Jackson tried to speak but realised that he didn't have a mouth, in fact, he didn't have a body at all - everything he was 'feeling' he wasn't actually feeling, he wasn't here.

It's eyes were filled with curiosity as it stared at him making him uncomfortable as he tried to move his eyes only to realise that he couldn't, it wasn't that it was too huge that no matter where he looked it was still there but that he simply couldn't move his eyes. His vision was glued to the creature.

It slowly stretched out a claw and touched it to where his head would have been except, he could feel the cold metallic like touch of it as it reached his forehead and held it there. 

"To think, a weakling such as you could acquire the blood of a descendant... How intriguing." Its mouth curled upwards into a terrifying grin, 'Descendant? Blood?' Jackson had no idea what it was talking about, he wanted to ask yet he could only watch and not speak.

"I must fulfil my duty nonetheless..." He heard it mutter as it stared at him, he could see a tinge of apprehension in its eyes as it looked at him but finally it let loose a sigh with the power of a tornado. Before Jackson could react it had opened its mouth and was going to swallow him whole.

'Wait! Stop!' He wanted to shout but he couldn't. "Avoid the descendant until you are strong enough youngling, your fate is your own..."

Its final words echoed in his mind as his entire world went black before he lost consciousness entirely.


"Ugh... what the hell was that." Jackson muttered only for him to realise he could speak again, his eyes opened in shock only to be assaulted by the radiance of sunlight causing him to recoil in slight pain.

'This is?' 

He opened his eyes slowly to the scene of towering trees and greenery all around, "A forest..?" He mumbled, none of this made sense to him; one second he was trying to kill himself and the next he was talking to something impossible among the stars, now he'd woken up in a forest? 

Jackson stood up as slowly as he could, the fact that his body was still aching was proof of what he'd experienced, everything apart from a wound in his chest was the same. 

[Awakening Successful]

Jackson suddenly held his head in pain as the words appeared in his mind, his head felt as if it was being split apart as more words began to appear and form in his mind...

[Class: Hunter]

His adventure had only just begun...

End of the prologue arc! Hope you enjoyed :) 

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