Chapter 15: White Wolf (2)
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The instant their eyes met the skill activated itself and the White Wolf froze just an instant before its wide-open jaws met with Jacksons' throat. Jackson didn't hesitate as he plunged his knife through the left eye of the Wolf the knife had sliced right through before becoming lodged in the eye-socket, unfortunately he guessed that the blade was too short to have reached its brain.

Jackson didn't hesitate as he didn't stop moving after plunging the knife into its eye, he ran straight past it with his eyes glued to the distance where the Hunters' were slowly yet surely disappearing from eyesight.


He didn't need to turn around to know that the second was over as the White Wolf howled in pain and surprise, he could only imagine what was going through its mind now as its mind was suddenly assaulted by pain and Jackson was nowhere to be seen.

The White Wolf collapsed in agony giving it no choice but to allow Jackson to get away.

"Wooo!" A weak cry came from the side of him as the other, smaller, White Wolf attempted to stop him escaping.

But, it was just barely able to keep even with his pace as it tried its best to bite his ankles to stop him escaping but unfortunately for it Jackson wasn't about to stop.

"Just need to time this right..." He thought to himself as he estimated the distance between him and the start of the grassy plains, doing his best to avoid not just the trees but also the battle coming to a close between the bears and the wolves, the final two bears succumbed to their injuries just as he approached the border between the plains and the forest.

"2... 1..." He counted down in his head, as soon as his right foot stepped over the threshold a grin spread across his face as he activated his skill without a second thought.

[Wind of the Wanderer] 

Without the obstacle that were trees or animals the true raw power of a E- Agility Rating was displayed to the fullest as he became merely a faint afterimage to the young wolf as it came to a stop at the threshold between the plains and the forest, it stared at the human quickly disappearing beyond its sight at a speed it wasn't able to keep track of and wondered, 'Who's the real wolf here?!' 

A look of hesitation appeared in its eyes before it reluctantly returned back to the forest. "Awwooooo!" It heard several excited howls from in front as it quickly picked up the pace, the White Wolf was surrounded by the pack as another wolf voiced its challenge. There were already several wounded wolves to the side that were slowly bleeding out onto the grass.

The knife was still lodged in the White Wolfs' eye but it didn't hesitate as it stared down the challenger with contempt, it might have been injured but none of the pack were a match for it even with the loss of one of its eyes. "Grrr..." The wolf challenging sneered as it went straight for the throat without hesitation.


"Awoo!" A yelp of pain came from the challenging wolf as it was thrown against a tree, it didn't even stand a chance as it slowly limped off to join the group of challengers who'd already lost. The White Wolf began to walk around the encirclement as it stared down each of the wolves in turn, none of them dared meet its gaze as they all lowered their heads in deference.

Finally, it came to the small White Wolf and a hint of happiness filled itself remaining eye as it looked over the small wolf. The White Wolf lowered its head so it was level with the small White Wolf and placed the hilt of the knife in front of it. The small wolf hesitated, nuzzling the nose of the White Wolf before it used its teeth to grip the hilt of the knife in its eye.

"Grrr..." A muffled pained growl came from the White Wolf as blood began to pour from its eye socket with the removal of the knife, the small wolf looked up at it with concern as it dropped the knife to the side. The White Wolf simply shook its head as it allowed the blood from its wound to soak its fur, a new streak of red from its eye to its chest was created before the wolf began to heal at a visibly increased rate.

The blood came to a stop after a few minutes but despite this increased rate of healing it was impossible for its body to repair something that had been completely destroyed, the White Wolf raised its head to stare in the direction that the human had gone and growled in anticipation for their next meeting as it committed the mans smell to memory.

"Awwoooooooo!" It let loose an ear piercing howl as an order to the pack as it retreated back into the forest, the wolves began to pick apart the corpses of the bears and Hunters' that the bears had killed without hesitation, after a while all that was left were the corpses of the wolves that had fallen...


Jackson was surprised to see that the White Wolf hadn't come to chase him or that it hadn't sent its pack after him but he wasn't about to complain about it. 

It only took him two minutes of having [Wind of the Wanderer] activated for him to finally spot the Hunters' again, they were travelling faster than he'd have expected with their injuries which was probably due to the bear that was trailing them from behind. Jackson couldn't help but frown as he got closer to it, "Someone got lucky.." He muttered as he continued to follow at a distance without either of the two parties being aware of his existence.

The Hunters' were keeping a fair bit ahead of the bear as they escaped so he could relax and just follow at a distance, wherever they were escaping to would probably be able to deal with a lone bear, all that was left for him to do was follow them until they reached wherever the humans of this place called home and find out where the hell he was.

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