03. Assistance
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I'm speechless, i did not know what to do

The two androids stood before me, their red eyes staring at me. Even though their faces showed no emotion at all, their gazes were sharp as if they would penetrate me. Even though they have beautiful faces and soft voices, I know they are dangerous. My feelings say that and both of their eyes make me remember something, I don't know what it is but clearly it is something dangerous.

I calmed myself down, “keep calm Alex maybe you can get information from them,” I thought.

“Alright, tell me about yourself,” I said

“Sir, I am unit 01, with code AX71, an Android design to help 'Watchman' as an assistance in any mission,” say the shorth hair

“Okay ....... what about you?”

“Sir, I am unit 02, with code AX72, an Android design to help 'Watchman' as an assistance in any mission,” say the long hair

“ ........ Right” I said

they answered stiffly, 'huh they were really are robots', I thought

“Right, next question?” I said

“What do you two know about me?”

“You are Alex a 'Watchman' of this area, you are our master.” Say the shorth hair

“ .......... is that it?”

“Yes sir.”

“you two don't have any other memories about me?”

“No. sir” they both answered simultaneously

“Is your memory ... damaged?”

“No sir we don't have any damage”

“Is it possible the memory has been deleted?”

“Even though it has been deleted there will be information that indicates that the memory has been deleted. But no information suggested that a memory has been deleted.”

“You are not lying right?”

“No sir, we are programmed to obey you and help you”

It looks like I won't get any information from them. When I was thinking what I would do next, unit 01, said

“sir what are your orders?”

“eh ... ah, how about starting with a name?”

I don't know why, but calling them unit 01 or unit 02 feels uncomfortable

“You,” pointing to Unit 01, the shorth hair Android “from now on your name is Tia,”

“and you” while pointing to Unit 02, the long hair Android “your name is Emma” I said

“understood, unit 01 will be designated as 'Tia'.” said Tia

“understood, unit 02 will be designated as 'Emma'.” said Emma

“I plan to go downstairs to check the other floors, meanwhile, how about starting with you two changing clothes that are more comfortable?”

Right now, they are wearing tight white rubber clothing with a golden yellow vertical strip on the side. Because their skin is white, they look almost like they are not wearing any clothes.

“understood” they both answered simultaneously

“Also don't be too formal by calling me sir, just call Alex. The thing is, I'm not that old I'm still ....... twenty ...... one?”

'Huh? why am I not sure about my own age? I'm still twenty-one, right?' this thought gave me a headache.

when I was deep in thought, they both began to undress. When I realized what they were doing I stopped them.

“OK STOP, what are you doing?”

“change clothes” they answered together without any emotion

“WHY here?”

“why not?” said Tia

“I ... huhhhh,” I sigh, “can't you two do it somewhere else? In a place where I can't see?”

“understood” they both answered simultaneously

I pressed my hands against my face. “geez this is too much, isn't this too much. so many things happened in the past hour. I woke up without any memory, was in a strange place, without clear information suddenly being given an unreasonable task with the possibility that I might be killed if I wouldn't do it.” I thought

“huhh....” I sigh

“why this thing happen to me?” I murmur

“and the strangest thing of all is that I feel all this feels very normal, like I was born to do all this. if based on the video that I watched earlier I did work here but strangely there is not a single thing that shows if I do work or live in this place. This place feels very familiar and alien at the same time.”

“then there are those two androids, I admit they are indeed beautiful, but because of certain reasons I can't trust them. it's true that according to the guidebooks and videos they are loyal and obedient only to me, they even say it themselves. but still I can't trust them completely. maybe I really don't trust the engine, or maybe because it's the first time I've seen Android .... up ..... close ....”

“...... an Android ......” I murmur

Suddenly a thought popped into my head like it had just been hit with a baseball bat.

“I don't know if someone has succeeded in making an Android that functions perfectly like a human. I mean how could someone hide a discovery this big. I'm sure if someone succeeds in doing it, I'm sure they will announce it immediately”

my head starts to hurt

“After all, all the information collected was very strange. I mean based on information i got, we are in a bunker in the middle of the city ruins with the equipment that feels like it comes from science-fiction. I mean, how long I was unconscious until I missed the apocalypse.”

I began to breathe irregularly

“haHAhahhhaHAHahAHhaH ..... ThIs All MAkeS nO SeNSe ...... haHAHhHAhaHhahAH,” I burst out laughing

Then I slapped my face with my hands

“This all makes no sense!”

I tried to remember anything that happened before waking up in this place. Cold sweat began to emerge from my body

“Come on, Alex, try to remember something”

My start heart beats fast

“what year was this? ..... what did I do yesterday? ...... who am I?”

I feel dizzy and began to lose consciousness,

“Alex!!” I heard someone calling my name

Before I passed out I saw someone running towards me. Her skin is white with red eyes, a scene that feels very familiar.


I heard her scream

“...tia” i said gently, before I fell to the ground and then lose my consciousness completely.