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Hello, My name is Rabin Subedi. I am 19 years old. I was born in Nepal. My life is pretty boring I don't have a girlfriend all I do is watch anime, play video games and eat. I spend my free time playing random games on the internet. 

As for my family. My father is an author while my mom is a housewife. And I have an older brother who is better than me at everything he is the perfect kid. He is better than me at studies he always tops the class. He is better at sports.

The only thing in which I am better than him is video games. Despite all this, I think he loves me and I also love him.

He always tries to help me at studies and encourage me to play sports but if I am being completely honest I have absolutely no interest in these things. If I tried I could probably be better than my brother at both sports and studies but I just don't want to.

I always thought that this world was boring and if only I was born in a fantasy world or some magical world then that would be a lot interesting and fun. You could say my biggest wish was to be born in a fantasy world.

One night I searching for random games to play on my computer. Then a random quiz popped up on my screen the title of the quiz was 'Reborn in the world of your choice'

This grabbed my attention so I decided to spend my time playing this game or this quiz.

One of the questions was "Which fantasy world would you like to be born in?" A few hours ago I had just watched naruto so I chose Naruto.

Second question "which character would you like to be born as". Then I chose naruto again just because I thought Naruto was dumb and I could do a lot of things better than him if I was in his place.

Third question "if you could control one element from these four options which would you control." And the options were Gravity, lightning, ice, iron. I chose Gravity because I thought it would be cool. 

Fourth question "if you were to die in this world how would you want your family to deal with it." And again there were few options like option one completely forget about you. I didn't even look at other options and chose option one.

Because if they completely forgot about me then they wouldn't be sad or hurt because of my disappearance and I also had my older brother take care of my parents.

Then after that, I felt like I was being sucked into the computer. Then I reached a white room then an old dude came in front of me and said "Congratulations young man I am the supreme God of the universe. And you are the first person to complete my survey."

I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. Then the old man continued "I was pretty bored so I decided to make a survey and grant the wish of only the first person to fill the survey. So since you did that I will send you to naruto world as naruto." 

Then I said, "Wait a minute can I retake the survey if I knew this was real I would have chosen my answer more carefully."

The old man replied "No".

Then I said at least give me some gifts old man I am the first person to take your survey after all. Then the old man said that he would give me lightning affinity. I really wanted to curse at him. Even if I didn't have the affinity I could still use and train lightning it would just be a little harder.

Now I started to panic if what the old man said is true then I need to prepare for a lot of things. First, I need to change my mindset. I don't think I am ready to witness death or commit murder. 

But after a while, I calmed down a little and asked the old man again "I will keep all my memories right? And how old will naruto be when I reach naruto world. " 

The old man replied, "Don't worry you will have all your memories and you will be sent to naruto's body when he is just born."

Then I tried to mentally prepare my self for what's coming. Then the old man said, "Are you ready young one."

I didn't reply and just nodded my head. Then I was sent to the Naruto world.