Meeting Hiruzen
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After the Old man said that Rabin felt that he was being sucked into space again. Everything went dark Rabin couldn't see or hear anything. After a few moments, Rabin could finally hear some noises. When he opened his eyes he could see that he was in the body of a newborn naruto.

He couldn't change anything everything went according to the original Naruto canon. Minato and Kushina died Half of Nine tails got sealed inside Naruto. After that Naruto got sent to an orphanage.

A year passed right now Naruto was in an orphanage. For a year all Naruto did was try and control his gravity powers. He tried to increase Gravity on himself so he could be stronger. He got this idea from Dragon ball. 

He was not successful for three months but after three months he could increase or decrease the Gravity of some items.

He also tried this experiment on different things like a cup, spoon a flower pot, and many other things and breaking most of them in process.

But this ruined his already bad reputation. He already had a bad reputation and was known as the monster. Now he started to break things which made the situation even worse. The caretaker in the orphanage didn't try to kill him because the Hokage had personally told them to take good care of them. 

Naruto was now a lot stronger than a normal one-year-old kid. 

Because he had increased the gravity on his body for nine months. He was also trying to sense his own chakra for a month but he had not succeeded.

The thing which he didn't try was talking with Nine-Tails. The reason was pretty simple because it was the nine tails. No matter who it was if they came from the earth. When they see the nine tails for the first time they will shit themselves. 

A month passed. Naruto still couldn't sense his chakra. He was currently sitting on the floor crossing his leg in a meditative position. He was trying hard to sense something. Then after some time, he could finally see a tiny thread of his chakra. 

He followed the chakra thread and finally found his chakra pool. 

His chakra pool was a little bigger than he expected. Then that day forward he started training his body, Gravity control, and his chakra control. 

Eleven months passed again. Today Naruto was two years old.

In these eleven months, he did a lot of things. Such as training his body a lot he also runs away from the orphanage into the forest to train. He had been doing a lot of basic exercises like push up pull up running all while increasing the gravity on his body. At the age of two, he had the strength of 10 years old.

He could also control his chakra a little better now. He could now climb the walls in his room and trees by applying chakra on his feet. He also confirmed that using Gravity wouldn't use his chakra. But he insisted had a separate pool of energy for his Gravity.

His Gravity control had also increased by a lot now he could increase or decrease the gravity of the objects by 5 times.

He was using 3 times Gravity on his body right now. Because he couldn't move properly using 4 times gravity.

Today Third Hokage came to meet naruto. The caretaker of the orphanage had filed a complaint saying that Naruto was Cursed and they couldn't take care of him anymore. This was not the first time they complained ether they had already complained 10 times in the span of 2 years.

So today Hokage came to visit Naruto and figure out what to do with him. When he came to the orphanage Naruto was not there. So he asked the caretaker where naruto was and they told him that naruto always runs away from the orphanage and goes to the forest. 

Then Sarutobi went to the forest in search of naruto. It was already evening. So naruto was returning to the orphanage from his training. Then Sarutobi saw naruto and came towards him while smoking his pipe and said "What are you doing in the forest boy." 

Naruto looked at him and was excited he could finally see the third Hokage. During his birth, he couldn't properly see or hear much because his senses were not properly developed. But now he finally saw a character that he recognized from the original series.

But he didn't let his excitement show in his face and asked "Who are you old man?" Then Sarutobi replied "My name is Hiruzen Sarutobi. What's your name?" Then Naruto replied "I am Uzumaki Naruto" 

Then Sarutobi asked again "So What are you doing in the forest alone." This time Naruto replied to his question and said "I don't like to stay in the orphanage or in the town everyone calls me a monster and they look at me with eyes full of hatred and say that I should die. Old man do you also think I am a monster."

When Sarutobi heard this he went through a lot of emotional changes felt extremely guilty, sad, and angry because he was the one who told the villagers that naruto was a jinchuriki. He thought that everyone in the village would see Naruto as a hero, not as a monster.

Then he knelt down and hugged naruto and said "You are not a monster boy but a hero." Then Sarutobi asked again "If you don't want to live in the orphanage then tell me where would you like to stay."

Then naruto said, "I would like to stay in a house alone."

Then Sarutobi chuckled and said, "Can you live alone in a house all by yourself?" Then naruto said, "Yes I will hunt animals from the forest for food."

Sarutobi said again "You don't need to do that I will give you money how about you just buy food from the shops." Then Naruto said again "But the shops don't sell me anything if I go near them they just throw rocks at me." Everything naruto said was true. He had tried to go to a few shops to buy some food with the money he had stolen from the orphanage but the shop owner would throw rocks at him but he never retaliated.

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