After 5 years
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After 5 years:- 

Somewhere in Land of Earth, A giant nine tails fox was charging up a tailed beast bomb and was about to fire at a man. And yes that man was me. Let me explain how I got here. In fact, let me explain what happened in the last five years in short. 

The first thing that happened after the meeting between the representative of Konoha and Kumogakure was that both Konoha and Kumo started to prepare for war. They focused more on buying weapons, stocking up on medicine they started to train more shinobi. They also started to give their shinobi a few war drills. 

Just after a month or so, other villages caught on to their activities and did a little research about what was going on between the two villages. The matter about the war was not kept secret in both Konoha and Kumogakure so, the other villages also found out about it easily. 

Only three months after their meeting the whole world knew that there would be war in five years and this news also traveled its way to a certain masked man known as Madara or Tobi and he also started making his own plans and preparation for the war. 

When the fourth Kazekage of Sunagakure Rasa heard about this he was a bit conflicted because Sunagakure had a conflict with both Konoha and Iwagakure and both the villages were probably stronger than Sunagakure. But later he was approached by one of the three Shanin, Orochimaru. 

Orochimaru offered to team up with Sunagakure to fight against Konoha. Rasa didn't hesitate to agree with him because he knew Orochimaru was a missing Nin of Konoha and he hated Konoha a lot.

Tsuchikage was happy that war was about to start because he really wanted to fight Konoha again and prove that Iwagakure was the strongest village. He planned on using Akatsuki's assassins to help him with the war but unknown to him Akatsuki had few other plans for the fourth Shinobi world war.

Finally, we have Kirigakure, Kirigakure didn't care much about the war because they had a lot of their own internal problems to deal with. But the most likely situation was that they would help Akatsuki with whatever they were doing after all the Mizukage was being manipulated by Tobi.

Right now, it looked like Konoha would be attacked by three villages Sunagakure, Iwagakure, and Kumogakure. Suna and Iwa would also fight against each other while Kumo would only fight Konoha and no one knew what Kiri would do. Or at least that was what the majority of the people thought would happen.

If the things had not changed and everything went according to cannon then the Uchiha massacre would have taken place a few months ago. But that didn't happen because the Uchiha didn't plan to revolt and were focused on war. Tobi also had no reason to attack Uchiha because he already had made some other plans.

Shisui was never killed, Itachi and Shisui both had not awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan yet and Itachi also never joined the Akatsuki and Orochimaru also never joined Akatsuki. Itachi and Shisui also never joined root but they were personally trained by Fugaku. 

Sasuke was also training with his brother and father and was now nearly at the chunin level at the age of eight. Ino, Shikamaru, Choji, Kiba, and basically every kid in the were now stronger because their parents forced them to train. 

Currently, the strongest kid below the age of 10 in the whole village was Hinata. She had trained very hard since the day she heard I went missing. She would continuously train for hours and hours. It got to the point where Hiashi had to stop her from training in fear that due to overtraining she might suffer some physical injuries or some mental injuries.

She had now mastered all the taijutsu and other techniques from the clan and was also training different ninjutsu and genjutsu from Fugaku, Itachi, and Shisui. Normally both Hiashi and Fugaku would not allow this. But this time both of them allowed this. Hiashi allowed this because Hinata was on the path to becoming one of the strongest ninjas to ever live and he didn't want to obstruct her path from achieving greatness.

And the reason why Fugaku allowed that was because Itachi and Shisui both kept nagging him and because the war was coming and a strong shinobi would help them a lot. Five years ago, Shisui was stronger compared to Itachi but now both of them were equally strong now both of them were now low Kage level Shinobi they were now just a little weaker than Fugaku. 

Hinata was trying to be strong as Itachi and Shisui but was not at their level yet. Sasuke was trying to be strong as Hinata but he would always get his ass kicked by Hinata. Hinata was now strong as high tier Jonin level. 

Everyone in the Konoha was now sure that they would win the war because of those three super-geniuses. After all addition of two, Kage level fighter and one high-tire Jonin level fighter was a huge powerup for the village. Now only a week was remaining before the two villages the Kumo and Konoha would start.

And as for what I have been doing in the past five years. Well, a lot of fucking training and a lot of traveling. Both me and Kakashi went to all five major villages or at least the outskirts of the villages. We also went to a lot of other various places like Land of Whirpool, Hills, Tea, waterfalls, Land of Iron, and many more. 

And the most important thing I learned during the five years was easily getting over the fear of killing. And how I did it was basically killing animals and people. I used to kill animals for food and people because they would attack us and we had to fight back. We could have let them go but that might have leaked our location and letting them go would not let me get over my fear. 

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