Chapter 4 _ Danger
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Time flew by and two weeks passed since Eugene and the rest arrived in the Grand Abyss. They had used this time to gather information from the residents in the city, the people didn't mind sharing information with them as they possessed the mark of their lord and they knew what it meant, Alak who had been monitoring the situation didn't mind either because he was sure that even if they got information, they were useless to them as they couldn't escape. 

Eugene sat in his room and his heart was beating extremely fast because of what he found out

"I really have underestimated the whole situation, this seems actually hopeless, unless I'm incredibly lucky I can't even think of escaping, it's impossible" muttered Eugene to himself silently. Just as he was still gathering his thoughts, he heard a knock on the door

"Esteemed guest, the high commander is here and wishes to see you all"

"Alright, I'm coming" answered Eugene as he got up and opened the door to see the elderly man who has been in charge of them during this period.

They both got down to the main hall and Eugene saw the rest and Alak, the elderly man bowed and left the main hall 

"Good, you're all here...I hope you all have been extremely comfortable during this period" asked Alak as he glanced at everyone

They all nodded and smiled, Eugene smiled too but deep inside he felt an impending doom, he couldn't tell what it was but he felt it wasn't good. Alak was of course oblivious to what Eugene and the rest were thinking, not that he would care anyways so he continued speaking

"This time, I've come to take you to see his Lordship personally, he would've met you earlier but he has been busy" 


The place went silent for a bit as they couldn't believe what they heard. Of course, if this was before they came here then they wouldn't be entirely nervous but since they all explored the area these two weeks and got to know a lot of things, they knew just who they were going to meet as he wasn't just a mere king or emperor of a nation but a god and a terrifying one to boot.

Eugene's heart began pounding faster and faster as he realised that just maybe this was it and his premonition was coming true but he remained as he was on the surface and pretended to be nervous and happy at the same time.

"E..Excuse me sir but is it really alright for us to meet the Lord" asked one from the group as she stuttered and seemed extremely nervous. Eugene obviously knows who she is, Katrina the social butterfly, although she isn't human and was from another world she was still pretty but Eugene didn't bother himself with such frivolities 

Alak smiled and said "Of course, consider this the highest honor because not many people can see the Lord so you must understand just exactly how important you all are" 

Katrina remained silent and then nodded, the rest of the group were also nervous but they also couldn't wait to lay their eyes on an actual god. Eugene wasn't too happy about this but what could he do, he could only smile wryly and accept his fate. 

Alak was satisfied with the atmosphere and then he immediately called for the elderly man to prepare a suitable attire for them to wear so they could be presentable before the Lord. After all this was done, he gathered them together and they came outside of the building where they met a gigantic black beast with four heads and looked like a hound waiting for them in the air. It couldn't land on the ground because of its size so it had to remain in the air. They all looked at this beast and fear came over them, even Eugene was petrified. Alak noticed their expressions and calmly told them it was his pet and they shouldn't worry

"Pet? You call that a pet?!" Was what they all subconsciously thought but they kept quiet as cold sweat appeared on their faces.

"This is Misha, she may look terrifying but she's actually harmless unless she's provoked so don't worry" said Alak to ease their minds

They all nodded and smiled nervously then actually took them up using his special wind technique as they landed on the back of the beast, the beast flapped its wings and began moving towards the inner region of the Netherworld.


Kazim was in the palace, sitting on his throne as he silently observed everything as he had been doing since Eugene and the rest stepped foot in the Grand Abyss. He was happy and extremely satisfied with Alak's methods, he wasn't really surprised as Alak has always been competent and never disappointed him 

"Somis, oh Somis you will be greatly surprised and I have such a huge gift for you, don't think you can have the universe for yourself alone. These beautiful puppies should be almost enough for me to breakthrough" said Kazim as his smiled widened and he began to laugh almost uncontrollably 

"They will be here in two days, things are progressing rather smoothly" Kazim couldn't stop smiling as he closed his eyes and waited for his precious 'guests' to arrive 


Two days later, a huge beast with four heads arrived at its destination right in front of a huge castle that had red vines all over, the group got down from the back of the beast with most of them looking extremely scared and tired. The journey was smooth but long and on their way even though they weren't disturbed, they saw a variety of large beasts both on air and land with most of them making the beast they were riding seem extremely small, the crimson forest especially seemed quite ominous as it was extremely large and seemed to have no end. 

"We have arrived at the Lord's castle so I'll lead the way" said Alak in a serious tone 

They were all quiet and extremely nervous but couldn't stop taking their eyes away from the humongous castle. A huge door was situated right at the front with a dragon head protruding out of it, just that alone sent shivers down their spines

"what the hell is this door and why is it so large, shit! everything is absolutely abnormal in this place, what's with the vines and why are they moving like snakes around the building?" Eugene had many thoughts and questions in his head and he was scared shitless but gritted his teeth to try and calm himself 

Soon, they arrived just in front of the door and Alak stopped and spoke to the door as if it was a living being

"High commander and the Lord's guests wishes entry into the Lord's castle"

Soon after, two extremely large hands protruded from the door and jolted it open for them to enter leaving the 'guests' speechless. As the door opened, a massive oppressive force landed on everyone, Alak included but he didn't seem to be affected, the rest however weren't fairing too well as their faces turned pale and some of them even found it hard to breathe and were on their knees but soon after it vanished like nothing ever happened making them come back to their senses but they still had a lingering fear.

They slowly stood up and as one of them wanted to speak and ask a question, Alak immediately commanded him to keep quiet as he led them to the throne room.

The group walked for a while in absolute silence just calmly observing everything around them, giant life like statues wielding various weapons were lined in various areas of the large hall and once in a while they could see huge red orbs all around the hall, there was hardly anyone in the hall as it was completely silent to the point it seemed eerie.

After walking for about half an hour they soon arrived in front of yet another huge door, but this door was different as it was completely golden in colour with two massive crimson statues wielding swords on each side, Alak went forward and bowed before speaking

"My Lord, your humble servant requests an audience"

Once again, the door opened but this time there wasn't any oppressive force, it was rather calm and quiet but they were all soaked in cold sweats because right before them was an extremely muscular large figure with its eyes closed sitting on a massive throne in a well decorated hall. As soon as they entered Alak got on one knee and took a bow before the large figure, the rest also did the same.

"My Lord, your 'guests' are here" said Alak respectfully

Kazim slowly opened his four completely white eyes and stared at them, Eugene and the rest began to feel a burning sensation in them and fear quickly took over. One of them couldn't stand the pressure and collapsed while the rest where on the verge of a breakdown, but it was at this point Kazim recalled his pressure and spoke in a calm hoarse voice

"You all may rise, Alak bring the one who collapsed to me"

Alak immediately brought the teenage looking boy who collapsed to Kazim and went back to the group, Kazim held him in his hand like a piece of meat and immediately the mark on his palm and Kazim's rune resonated and bore a complete red shine, the teenage boy immediately opened his eyes but it was too late, his whole body and essence was being absorbed into Kazim's rune.

There was a huge shriek amidst all that silence as the boy was shouting and pleading in pain but it was to no avail and the faces of those who were watching turned completely pale, they were confused and were wondering what exactly was happening, but reality could be cruel sometimes.

Eugene's heart was beating profusely and he began to shiver, he got on his knees and put his head down because he knew all hope was lost. He knew this was the end and there was nothing he could do, there was no way he could escape from a god so he silently waited for his death...again.