Chapter 6 _ Out Of Luck
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In a certain forest which housed several wild beasts and poisonous plants, a dead man laid on the floor as he was being chewed on by a beast, blood splattered everywhere as the beast seemed to be enjoying its meal.

The beast took the man to a cave and left him on the floor as a reserve for dinner then it suddenly closed its eyes and slept. 

Just as the beast was sleeping, there was a spatial distortion where the dead man was and a foggy-esque substance entered the man, immediately the seemingly dead man began to breathe slightly and opened his eyes. 

"Eh? where am I this time?"

[Discovered fatal body damage]

[Body repair initiated]

"Ah, that's right...this system, phew thought it was a dream"

Of course this was Eugene, as he occupied the body of a dead man with almost half his body chewed on.

"I knew it, my luck is just shitty...the body I happen to occupy is a dead one that was made food for a beast it seems"  sighed Eugene, he felt the pain but it didn't affect him because he has been through much worse. He just laid there and waited for the repair to complete.

[Body repair complete]

[Assimilation successful]

[Initiating memory fusion]

[Memory fusion in progress 5%...]

"Memory fusion?"

A sharp piercing pain invaded Eugene's head but he remained calm and indifferent as if nothing was happening. 

"Oh well, seems like this memory fusion will take a while"

Eugene slowly stood up half naked and saw the beast responsible for the previous body's demise. It was sleeping soundly and peacefully probably because it just had a good meal.

He calmed himself down and checked the pockets of his trousers that were half torn and soaked with blood but found nothing

"What to do? I can't risk moving too fast or I'll alert this animal and I'm sure I can't outrun it plus this man has nothing on him"

Eugene closed his eyes and tried to sense the system, he saw the progress was at 40% and quickly gave up the idea of waiting till it finishes before he did anything. He opened his eyes and glanced around, he saw human skulls and skeletons, even skulls belonging to animals.

He slowly tiptoed to not alert the beast and picked up and animal's skull that had a sharp teeth pointing out, and just as he picked it up he saw a black dagger not far from the skull, he was happy and picked it up as well holding both the skull and the dagger with his left and right hand respectively.

"This is good, I'll have to blind this animal first" Eugene thought

He slowly walked forward, he was patient as he felt like it would be worth it. He eventually arrived just in front of the animal, he didn't hesitate as he raised both of his arms to blind the beast but just as he raised his arms, the beast twitched and slowly opened its eyes

"Shit, it's now or never"

He immediately struck both the eyes of the beast with the skull's tooth and dagger he wielded, the beast was slow to react and blood gushed out from its eyes as Eugene took his dagger and skull tooth out of them.

It roared angrily and lunged straight for Eugene, he immediately dove sideways as the beast missed him by a hair's breadth. 

The beast was in a mad state as it started using its paws to swipe the air hoping it would find Eugene but it suddenly stopped as it sniffed and turned towards Eugene

"Huh? isn't it blind? I'm pretty sure I stabbed deep" thought Eugene 

But the beast didn't care about what Eugene was thinking and struck him down, it was too fast so Eugene was immediately propelled backwards as he crashed on the walls and fell down.

Blood began to flow from his chest where he was struck and his left shoulder bone was broken. 

He forced himself up but the beast was already running towards him, he immediately threw the skull away in a different direction and as the skull landed, the beast stopped in its track and changed course, rushing towards the skull

"Good, that'll buy me a little time"

He immediately walked towards another animal skull ignoring all the pain his body accumulated, he picked it up and put his index and middle fingers in the eye sockets and gripped it tightly.

The beast sensed that it was deceived, it sniffed again and began to rush towards Eugene

Eugene saw this and immediately kicked a random human skull on the ground towards the direction on his left, the beast changed course again and ran towards the skull.

Eugene was glad that the animal was a bit stupid, he rushed towards the beast and since he wasn't far from it he immediately jumped on the back of the beast and punched the head of the beast with the skull he wielded on his right, the beast groaned but Eugene wasn't gonna let it off.

He raised his left hand which wielded the dagger, ignoring the searing pain of his broken shoulder bone and pierced the side of its neck, he took it out and pierced again repeatedly, blood gushed out as Eugene was violently shaken off and slammed on the floor by the beast.

This time, his spine was broken and he couldn't get up. 

The beast wobbled as it was riddled with blood and cuts, it made one last attempt as it sniffed and found Eugene's location, it wobbled over to him and was planning to drag Eugene down with it.

Eugene didn't have time to think as he saw the beast approaching, he immediately let go of the skull on his right hand, raised his dagger and put it on his right arm which was still okay, just when the beast was above him and wanted to take a bite, he immediately stabbed the face of the beast violently and furiously.

The beast roared and also used its huge paws to carve marks on Eugene's body repeatedly, chunks of flesh were uprooted from Eugene's body but he didn't care.

Blood splattered everywhere as they were both riddled with wounds, but the beast gradually grew weaker as it eventually stopped moving and fell directly on Eugene, smashing his ribs as he coughed up blood.

"Fuck sake, why can't I just have a little peace and pain free life?, just because I've gotten used to pain doesn't mean I like it damn it" Eugene complained in his mind but couldn't speak and couldn't breathe as his injuries were too severe

[Discovered fatal body damage]

[Body repair initiated]

Eugene felt his body being recovered, he then gradually used his right hand to try and push the animal away from him but he couldn't so he instead put both his arms on the floor and tried to forcefully drag himself away from the corpse.

Snapping sounds were heard as his bones broke but they began healing, he continued slowly and finally managed to separate himself from the dead beast as he laid on the floor and waited for the healing to be complete.

[Body repair complete]

[Memory fusion complete]

As Eugene heard the notifications, he breathed a sigh of relief and gathered his new memories. 

"Hmm, so this man's name was Besoly, an orphan and was a guard in a remote part of town huh"

Eugene began analysing the man's memories and found out that this Besoly was twenty years of age, about six feet tall, had silver hair and purple eyes and was an orphan, he grew up in the slums but he worked hard and became a guard and hunter for a little village.

He made friends in the village with his closest being Leandro, Firsa, Sabine and Brody. 

Sabine was his girlfriend but cheated on him with Leandro because he got called up to a institution for his talents, so he had a bright future.

Leandro however wanted to get rid of Besoly because he didn't want to risk Sabine going back to him so he started plotting against him and managed to convince Sabine to help him

They confidently confessed everything to Besoly in the forest and even revealed he was already poisoned, he was overcome with grief and anger but he didn't have much strength as the paralytic poison began affecting him and he fell on the floor.

Leandro then walked up to him, and used his sword to pierce Besoly's abdomen enough for him to bleed and attract wild beasts, they then stayed a little distance from him and finally to their surprise, a rogul appeared and began assaulting Besoly.

Firsa and Brody arrived late because they were asleep but as they saw the beast drag Besoly they considered him a dead man and escaped together with Leandro and Sabine because they couldn't defeat a Rogul.

Roguls are ferocious wild beasts that look almost like lions except they're much bigger and have two long horns on their heads with a spiked tail.

Hunters always avoided them because of how powerful they are as it was almost certain death when facing a rogul.

Eugene was lucky he had help from his system or else he was certain to die

"Sigh what a pitiful guy, ah well shit happens...oh I won't take revenge for you or do that tedious stupid shit, your weakness and naivety got you killed that's all so rest in peace" 

Eugene's mindset had always been like that, he never liked the idea of getting involved in something that wasn't his problem, he was an ambivert but slowly edged towards the introverted personality.

His parents never really cared much for him, in fact the sole reason for his birth was to bring two powerful families together, he was just a tool.

He was born in Canada but went away from his family after he finished from university and moved to the US where he obtained his masters and Phd in psychology at the age of nineteen, of course he was naturally a genius.

He became a shrink but soon got tired of it so with his savings, he began to travel around the world and soon picked up novel reading and guitar as a hobby.

He had a rather calm life, if he wasn't reading a novel, he was watching a movie, playing his guitar or having sex with some random woman, he had a few friends but didn't hang out much with them.

His personality became even colder after his hellish experience in the Netherworld.

"Of course, if they try any nonsense with me when I return then that's a different matter altogether" said Eugene coldly to himself

Eugene soon gathered his thoughts and tried standing up but he discovered his body was a little weak

"Ah so it's like this huh, this system can repair my body but not recover blood loss...I need to find food then"

He looked at the rogul he had just killed and sighed inwardly

"Seems like you're my dinner then"

He began dissecting the animal with his dagger as he separated the skin from the meat, he then cut a huge chunk of meat with him and brought it outside the cave to search for water and wood sticks.

Eugene moved carefully to avoid being spotted by other animals, finally he saw a lake not far from the cave, he washed the meat, broke a few tree branches, put some dry leaves on the floor and began rubbing the stick to make a fire after which he roasted the meat and ate.

"Surprisingly, the meat is actually good...could do better with salt though" smiled Eugene in satisfaction 

Once he was done eating, he decided to rest and gather his thoughts and experiences

"Alright, I guess I should learn more about this system, I should have stats or something like that right?"

Immediately he thought of his stats, a panel became visible to him


(Eugene Maksfield)/(Besoly)

Race : Human

Profession : Hunter

Class : None

Rank : Mortal

Abilities : [Observer], [Mentalist], [Unbound], [Pain Tolerance]

Energy : 390 (High)

Skills : Unarmed combat LV5, Sword slash LV4, Theft LV7, Stealth LV6


"Not surprised to see pain tolerance there, but what's with the rest? Any information?"

As Eugene thought of that, the panel shifted and brought the four abilities to his view

[Observer] Includes (tracking & espionage), (ability to see through deception & disguise), and (inspection) 

[Mentalist] Includes (memory manipulation), (mental sealing ) and (mental paralysis)

[Unbound] Allows unlimited growth

[Pain Tolerance] Ability to withstand pain, even at the cellular level

"Oh? I see, so I can view their information with a simple thought, somehow this observation and mentalist reminds me of my old life, don't know where espionage and tracking came from though"

Eugene was right, just as he deduced, his abilities didn't spring up from nowhere, since he studied psychology and was a shrink, he was a master at reading people and distinguishing truths from lies, of course some other new things were included

For example all the skills listed didn't belong to him but rather to Besoly and some were granted to him by the system like [Unbound] and a few sub abilities.

"As for the skills, I can somewhat understand considering the hardships Besoly went through, it's no wonder I could actually fight against that rogul" muttered Eugene

But what Eugene failed to realise was that what helped him the most was his energy level as it had a substantial increase after assimilating with his new body.

"This unbound ability is alright but it's pretty useless in a fight so I'll just forget about it for now"

After he learnt more about his skills and abilities he was satisfied as he slowly got up and headed towards the lake, washed himself up and put his half torn trousers back on but just as he was about to return to the cave, another beast rushed towards him.

"Can't I have some fucking peace goddamnit" screamed Eugene as he prepared himself to confront the approaching beast 


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