Chapter 7 _ Opportunity
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As Eugene saw the beast approaching, he got rid of all the thoughts he had and became focused but this time he felt extremely confident in facing the beast

"I don't know why but I feel like it doesn't pose a threat to me, oh that's right I do have the observer ability to inspect"

As Eugene thought of that, a message appeared in his view

Ability [Observer] has been activated

[Sub ability《Inspection》active]


Feral Beast (Unique)

Race : Slodon

Gender : Female

Rank : Mortal

Ability : [Low Energy Absorption]

Energy : 310 (High)

Status : Bloodthirsty, Hungry, Agitated

Skill : Wind Movement LV6, Claw strike LV8, Bestial Lunge LV9


"Oh not bad, alright I'll use you as my guinea pig"

Eugene still maintained distance from the slodon beast as it gradually reduced its speed of approach, it began to growl as it slowly drew nearer to Eugene 

Eugene was still keeping his distance but was fearless, immediately he activated one of his abilities to test it out

Ability [Mentalist] has been activated

[Sub ability《Mental Paralysis》active] 

[Sub ability《Mental Sealing》active]

Immediately he did that, a surge of energy was drained from Eugene's body almost leaving him pale faced, but the beast was in a far worse condition as it suddenly became motionless and looked a little lifeless with its eyes pale white

Eugene was curious and slowly approached the beast but still held his dagger cautiously, as soon as he reached the beast and lightly tapped it on its head, another notification popped up in his view

[Initiate memory manipulation?]


He thought for a while then nodded and said "Yes"

[Sub ability《Memory manipulation》active]

[Sub ability《Memory manipulation》in progress]

[Administer Memory]

"Oh, so I can completely manipulate the memory of even a beast but how should I administer this memory" thought Eugene 

As if it knew what he was thinking, another message popped up in his view

[Memory can be administered by thought]

[Administer Memory]

Eugene then immediately thought of a memory carefully then he thought of himself as a parent esque figure to the beast just to see if it would work, immediately he did that a message popped up


[Administering Memory]

[Administration in progress 5%...60%...80%...100%]

[Memory administered]

Immediately that was done, another surge of energy was drained from his body and the beast shook slightly and was full of life again, Eugene was startled and was about to strike down with his dagger when he realised the slodon was being docile like a pet

He quickly used his [Observer] ability and realised that its status changed to Docile, Friendly and Hungry. 

"It actually worked haha wonderful, but this looks more like taming though" said Eugene excitedly while stroking the head of the slodon as it was rubbing its head on Eugene's chest. But just as Eugene was relishing his abilities, another message popped up 

Special ability [Unbound] has been activated

[Please choose an ability or skill from feral beast]

"Eh? unbound? choose? Isn't this ability a growth type passive?" said a surprised Eugene but he quickly calmed himself down, he remembered that this slodon only had one ability which was [Low Energy Absorption] so he just said very curiously

"Alright, I choose low energy absorption"


Ability [Low Energy Absorption] copied

Eugene immediately checked his stats and he indeed saw that his abilities increased from four to five

"Hahaha well isn't this one hell of a broken ability? I initially wanted to forget about it but it seems it's actually a game changer" Eugene was ecstatic and checked the description of the ability 

[Low Energy Absorption] Allows for increase in energy by consuming energy substances and can also absorb energy from nature, Can only be used twice in a day

"Ooh very nice, but what's the condition for unbound to work? is it only when I use the mentalist ability?" wondered Eugene 

"Oh well I'll get the answer to that later, I should head back to that cave and it seems I won't leave this forest soon then" said Eugene with a huge smirk on his face

He glanced at the slodon he 'tamed' and sighed 

"That's right, you're hungry right? okay let's go get you some food"

He put away his dagger and started walking, the slodon followed him as well like a little puppy towards the cave that wasn't far from their current location. 

They soon arrived at the cave with no hiccups on the way, Eugene walked towards the rogul corpse on the floor as he brought out his dagger and cut another chunk of meat and handed it over to the slodon beast to eat. 

The beast was delighted as it began to mercilessly consume the meat it was given. Eugene slowly sat down and observed his new pet as it was drunk on its meal, after a while he began to feel sleepy and said to the beast

"Hey slo-" he stopped and realised that he didn't give it a name so he began to think of one 

"Hmm, since you're female I'll name you Lucy" said Eugene rather excitedly and as soon as he said that a message popped up


[Feral beast changed to Lucy]

As if Lucy understood him, she became excited as she wagged her tail

"Oh? haha this system is funny, you're one to stick to details huh and it seems Lucy likes her new name" remarked Eugene cheerfully, he then said to Lucy

"Alright little Lu enjoy your meal and watch the cave, I want to sleep"

As he said that, the beast squatted on the floor as Eugene closed his eyes and slept


Elsewhere, two people were discussing as they were on the bed cuddling

"Now Besoly isn't here to be a hindrance anymore and in the future so you're all mine Sabine"

"Yes I'm yours, but even if he was here he couldn't match up to you so don't worry"

"Do you miss him?"

"What? No! I mean we might have gone a bit too far but who cares, he's an orphan and he doesn't have a bright future anyways, he isn't like you"

"Haha that's right, I'll be attending the Maldonado Institution next month and I'll also be Guardian ranked very soon and will be powerful enough to protect and take care of the both of us"

Naturally these two people were Leandro and Sabine and as soon as Sabine heard him say the words Guardian ranked soon, she was delighted and was convinced that she made the right choice. 

In planet Ramilka where Eugene was sent to, the basis and source of power is energy but some people never breakthrough from their shackles to advance into the next realm in their entire life to Guardian because it's extremely difficult and most times has to do with talent and luck.

The Maldonado Institution is a famous institution in the city where Besoly's village is located and always looks to recruit talents who have the potential to break into the next tier and Leandro was luckily discovered by a man who invited him to the institution to enroll because his energy level was almost at the peak. 

He was excited because the Maldonado Institution is an institution every young person aspires to go and also because the owner of the institution is a Grand Master ranked mage. Grand Masters are very respected in the city because of how powerful they are and no one dares mess with them.

"Yes, you will protect me so please let's forget about that Besoly, it's just you and me now" replied Sabine in a low seductive tone as she brought her bright red lips close to Leandro's ears

Leandro was happy and greatly aroused as he shivered and his body felt hot, he immediately turned his head and looked at Sabine in the eyes before he started kissing her passionately, soft moanings could be heard as he started kissing her neck before he whispered in her ears softly

"Yes, you're mine and I will protect you"

Sabine heard it and was thoroughly aroused, she became wet as she pushed him to the bed and got on top of him whilst undressing, lights went off and moanings increased, well as for the rest you should probably guess what happened. 


Eugene was still asleep and obviously had absolutely no idea about Leandro and Sabine's discussion and intimacy, even if he did not like he would care because he would feel it's none of his business. 

Lucy still squatted silently on the floor in the cave and kept watch, although she is mortal ranked, her energy level is high and she's also a Slodon so other beasts that came around sometimes were scared away.

Slodons descended from a very powerful ancient wolf beast and are very proud and rare, if a slodon is found, they're either killed or captured and have their blood extracted because it's extremely precious.  

Roguls are also powerful, but unlike slodons they do not possess a powerful ancient bestial bloodline making their potential limited but this didn't mean roguls weren't powerful, in fact in one of the deepest regions of the forest, a Grand Master ranked rogul's territory is situated there. 

Eugene slept through the night peacefully and woke up in the early hours of the morning, when he woke up the first thing he saw was Lucy sleeping peacefully, he looked around and found out that the rogul corpse barely had any meat left, in fact it was almost completely bones

"This fucker, just what kind of stomach do you have?" sighed Eugene helplessly but he was still happy anyways, he has always liked cute animals and Lucy reminded him of a husky, well a bigger version of a husky except for the very long sharp pointed ears. 

"Alright then, I'll be busy today and go hunting, from Besoly's memories it seems like I'm in the second region of this Tolin forest, I'll try to go deeper and hunt for food and more powerful prey" said Eugene as he stroked his chin

As he was about to take a walk, Lucy opened her cute slodon eyes and looked at Eugene, she immediately ran to him and started licking him repeatedly while wagging her tail

"Ugh the licks, okay okay little Lu we're gonna be busy today I hope you're up for it" said Eugene as he kept on stroking Lucy's fluffy white fur, she didn't care and kept on caressing his chest. If anyone saw these two they'll cough up blood because slodons are very proud and stubborn.

He stopped stroking her fur then he stood up and stretched a bit, checked for his dagger and said "Alright little Lu, let's move"


Hi guys, hope you're enjoying the novel. Just a quick help in case you may be confused, here's the current tier ranks so far

Mortal > Guardian > Master > Grand Master

Hope it helps, don't forget to comment and critique if you want to :)