Chapter 9 _ Return (2)
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After the supposed 'ghost' left the two burly men, he arrived in front of a simple and small wooden house with just a little fence around it, he didn't get to see many people as most of them were gathered in the village square to watch a ceremonial dance.

He proceeded to open the door but realised it was sealed shut with something like a little padlock so he forcefully kicked it open and went in.

"Whew gotta take a bath and rest, I'm gonna be busy starting tomorrow, luckily I didn't see that many people"

Of course this was Eugene who was mistaken for a ghost earlier, he'd been running all the way only stopping to rest and eat before continuing, which is why he arrived here much later at night. But just as he was about to take off his worn out clothes 


The already pitiful door was once again forced open and two men came into view, one was burly and the other one looked a little slim and in his sixties with slight wrinkles on his face.

Eugene looked at these two with a cold expression on his face but didn't say anything, the older man immediately spoke up

"Boy, is it really you?" asked the man with teary eyes

"Yes old man it's me but can you n-" Eugene was still speaking before the man immediately went over to him and hugged him extremely tightly 

"My boy! it really is you, you dare call me old man, it's always been pops to you silly boy" said the man still hugging Eugene tightly with tears and snot dripping from his face onto Eugene's shoulders

"Ugh not the snot"  "Uhm old man I need to wash up so can we pick this up tomorrow" said Eugene indifferently. When the man heard him, he immediately adjusted himself and let go of Eugene 

"Ahem, my boy forgive this pops of yours, you must be tired and hungry right? Why don't you come over to my place? you can wash up there, eat and sleep" the man smiled as he looked at Eugene almost having the urge to hug him again

Eugene thought it was indeed a good idea, he might as well get free food and a much better place to sleep so he agreed after thinking about it.

The man was extremely happy, he then instructed the burly man who came with him to head back to his post as he took Eugene with him to his place. 

The man's place wasn't too spectacular but it was at least better than Eugene's house. Eugene quickly went to have a bath while the man went to prepare some food and fresh clothes for him.

After Eugene was done, he changed into the new set of clothes which were a bit smaller in size but he didn't mind after which he went over to have some food

The man sat down and looked at Eugene as he was eating  "I'm truly happy that you're alive boy, we were all devastated when we heard you died...just what happened?"

Eugene ignored the man and kept on wolfing down his food, seemingly enjoying his meal that wasn't a saltless roasted meat, the man noticed this and kept quiet to allow him finish his meal.

As soon as Eugene was done he let out a large burp and relaxed for a while before he talked with the old man for a bit after which he left to sleep. 

 The next day, Eugene was up early and did his normal routine stretches before he went to wash up, he wanted to go back to his own place but the man quickly stopped him and gestured for him to have breakfast.

Eugene didn't refuse as the man's cooking was actually good, after eating Eugene enquired about the Maldonado Institution from the man 

"Boy, why are you suddenly asking me about that institution? Don't tell me you're actually interested"

"As a matter of fact that is correct, I'm indeed interested and curious"

"pfft" The old man looked at him and laughed like a crazed man making Eugene frown "is it that ridiculous I'm interested in the Institution?" thought Eugene as he looked at him. The man eventually stopped laughing as he looked at Eugene

"Forget about that, Leandro might have gotten into the Institution but he was extremely lucky and his potential wasn't-"

Eugene immediately interjected "Don't worry about me, I have my own reasons I just need information from you that's all"

The man sighed helplessly and told Eugene all he knew about the Institution, surprisingly the old man knew a lot about it, even some things that weren't known to the general public.

Eugene wondered how this man knew about such but didn't press on, it wasn't his business after all.

After Eugene got the information he needed from the man, he was satisfied and remained to talk a bit with the man before he stood up to leave but as he wanted to leave the man stopped him again

"I don't know why you're suddenly curious about Maldonado Institution but you will need some money won't you?"

Eugene paused as he looked at the old man, he knew that the relationship between him or rather between Besoly and this man was like a father-son relationship. Eugene didn't refuse and nodded

The man quickly smiled and gestured for Eugene to wait as he went to his room, a few minutes later the man came out with a rectangular wooden box and handed it over to Eugene 

Eugene opened it and was immediately dumbfounded to realise that there were bundles of notes and a small black rectangular object with inscriptions on it.

He looked at the man suspiciously and the man just smiled and said "Don't worry about it, that's part of my savings not all and since the Maldonado institution will be open for new entries in four days time, you'll need money and perhaps a referral"

Eugene wasn't surprised when he heard referral as he already guessed that this man couldn't know so much details about the institution if he wasn't there.

He looked at the notes again which were different from normal currency,  it wasn't made of paper but of a special material almost like nylon but denser

Each note had an engraving of which all of them were blue in color . This was the currency generally accepted in all vicinities, the Institution not being exempt. 

"Old man, I can count at least a hundred blue cols, isn't this a bit much?" 

Eugene had to ask because he knew the value of this currency, generally speaking, if he had to compare 1 blue col would be about 2 US dollars.

Although he didn't lack in the aspect of money on earth, he still appreciated value and he knew that for a small village head, coughing out more than two hundred dollars wasn't easy. 

The man didn't care as he spoke "The institution is expensive, just buying the form alone is twenty blue cols and taking the test is fifty. Of course, this can be skipped if you're scouted and have good potential, plus I told you it's part of my savings so I still have some left just take it"

Eugene agreed in his heart, he really didn't know how he would earn that much in four days so he nodded and closed the wooden box. He then thanked the old man and promised to repay but the man didn't care for such. 

After that, Eugene left the man's house and headed for his place to organize himself and plan out his next course of action.

As Eugene arrived not far away from his house, he saw four figures at the entrance. 

At first he couldn't recognize them from afar, but as he got closer he immediately knew that it was Besoly's so called friends.

He didn't care and just as he noticed them, they also noticed him and when he eventually got closer to them, just about a meter apart, there was an awkward silence. 

Leandro and Sabine were the ones who were mostly shocked, when they received the news earlier on they refused to believe it so they came to confirm, but to their shock Besoly was right in front of them.

Firsa and Brody felt awkward because even though they were happy and relieved that he was alive, it didn't change the fact that they had abandoned Besoly and ran away for their lives. 

Eugene's gaze swept across all of them before he said with a smile on his face "I appreciate you all coming over to check on me, as you can see I'm alright but I'm a bit tired so I would like to rest"

"How di-" Brody was about to ask a silly question before Firsa quickly interrupted him "It's good you're alright Besoly, we're truly happy that you're fine, we'll come by later or maybe the next day to check on you" 

Firsa was all smiles as she spoke to Besoly, Leandro and Sabine were still quiet and couldn't even dare look at Besoly in the eyes much.

They couldn't wait to leave, so immediately Firsa took the initiative to speak for all of them, they were relieved and began to leave. 

Eugene looked at them leaving and was indifferent, they weren't his priority and he didn't care how they felt or what they thought. He went into his place and closed the door gently

Eugene sat down on the corner of his single bed and began to plan out his next course of action, he knew how weak he was but his saving grace was that he had help from the system but still he needed to figure things out on his own in this new world 



Hello guys sorry for the delay, I've been sick and just recovered so I'll be releasing more chapters this week. I hope you enjoy it :)