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How I got here? Well, it's simple. I complain too much. Let's start from when I was a lot younger. My name is Katsu, and I used to play an MMORPG virtual reality game. The excellent 'game' was called Terra Parallel Universe. Developers took the real world and flipped it. For example, Death Valley was a Dark forest. Where there is a significant forest, it became a desert. It was a major flop. People wanted to build a city where they live in real life. The problem is no one would go there. Grand Canyon was full of water. It was an excellent place to go fishing. Some people complained about it.

People started to give up on complaining because of all the positive parts of the game. What is the maximum level for each stat? No maximum! What is the maximum inventory Spot? No maximum! What is the maximum of classes able to hold at one time? No maximum! What is the maximum level for each class? No maximum! Are there any restrictions? None whatsoever.

Feel free to go all out. PvP is allowed. You lose nothing; The PVPers get nothing. If someone traps you, you can log out and log in. You always have a choice of what city to log in. You can't log in to the same location. If someone tries to grab your boobs, their hand just goes right through. It's like trying to grope an imaginary boob.

How did this game make money? Real-life clothing manufacturers would advertise their clothing line in the coming. Let's say 'Clear Waterspout' came out with a new swimsuit. For a small fee, they could promote the swimsuit on the game as skins. Then people would play Gacha in hopes of getting a full swimsuit. They would pick like every ten spins you get bottoms of the swimsuit. Every 100 spins, you get tops; You can sell them in-game for game money. They didn't care—$ 2 per spin or $10 for 11 turns.

They didn't care how much spins you did. You can also save those bottoms to sell for real money years later. You can sell it for one gold in-game after the money transferred to you. Every month, they had 30 plus companies advertising new gear. The articles contained not only tops and bottoms but also underwear, socks, shoes, even jewelry. The other option is to go to the store and buy a real swimsuit. You then request to transfer it into a virtual reality item. The clothing manufacturers make 50% of the cost of selling a VR item. The programmers make the other 50%. Some people didn't want to deal with the Gacha and went that route.

How did it come to an end? I had to go to college. My parents paid for college. Eight years of my life, I had to give up gaming and concentrated on education. After I graduated, I have gotten a job that pays well. I figured on days off; I can play the game. I took out my VR set to play. I started it up. I'm sorry. Unable to log in to Terra Parallel Universe. The company got sold to 'Fujiroam.' It will never go online. Please look into other games that' Fujiroam' has to offer.

"Who the fuck is 'Fujiroam'? Why the fuck even buy the game?" (Katsu)
I looked them up on the web. The company doesn't cater to VR games. Now I'm more confused. Let's check their games. First game Golden king Dragon, I downloaded it on my pc.

"My Lord, Your father has passed away. You must take over the kingdom. Ok! I was a prince that just became a king. I got it. Then a girl shows up. Ok! She says," my lord, I have always admired you. I'll like to be yours forever." Ok! Then the view changes to a bedroom. Let's click on her top. Show me those Boobs! "My lord, I love it aggressive." Aggressive, my ass! What the fuck did she just pop out a baby? Are you fucking kidding me? I didn't even see any boobs, and I have a kid with this Bitch! People pay money for this piece of the shit game! You got to spend my money on wasting my time downloading this game. I'm going to complain about this. This game isn't a fucking RPG. It's a fuck*n d**k blocker! The part of MMO is you can talk with other losers. Oooh, I got 16 wives. Who fuck*n cares loser?" (Katsu)

I look online to see if there is any real MMORPG. Here is one. It's called 'Alchemy forever online.' Let's try it. I like crafting stuff. It's also VR. Cool! I downloaded it and sent it to my VR equipment.

"Pick a character. Let's go with an elf. What the fuck! If I pick Elf, I could only be a girl? Whatever, I'll be a girl? Hopefully, I can touch my boobs. Change hairstyle and color. Poor selection, I only get three choices of styles. The color has only five choices. I'm not impressed so far. This game must be made by a retard programmer. Next is the name of an avatar. There aren't any other choices! Are you kidding? I can't change my height, breast size, eye color, size of my lips, and my age! I'm stuck being lolita with a flat chest. I hope it's all worth it? Here we go!" (Katsu)

Katsu decided to start hunting. The elf girl comes with beginning equipment. It's a bow, set of arrows, and leather gear. After a few hours, she decided to craft items. He started talking with other players. He found out that in every crafted equipment, there are only three different ones. Let's take a bow. You start with a noob bow. It's good until level 10. Then you work on better stats for beginners Bow. Beginner's Bow is good from level 10 to level 20. Then you work on better stats for the intermediate Bow. Intermediate Bow is right from level 20 to level 30. Then you work on better stats for a professional bow. The professional Bow is good from level 30 to the maximum level, which is level 40. You can't sell anything or buy anything from other players. You can buy with real money.

"No unique gear! Your stats will cut in half because of the death penalty for 24 hours. You can remove this by paying each time $20. Are you fuck*n retarded to pay to play this Shitty game? No skins for gear! Of course not, it might take creativity. We programmers can't afford that! I'm going to post on the website so much negative." (Katsu)

I listed two games that I was complaining about; I complained everywhere about them. It was about a year later. Every game had some form of limit. Inventory limit unless you pay up the ass to unlock. Posting in the market, it was a limit of 5 posts a month. Of course, you can post more if you buy posting tickets. To level up, you had to do the story. The story is 15 minutes, and then one fight. I like stories and light novels, but These stories were so bad. A drunk past out could write a better story. Why do monsters attack you? Who fuck*n cares? Thousands of games, I complained online. Then this happened to me!