2) Goddess’ message
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I got out of my dream because of constant beeping. I don't remember going to bed. I, for sure, didn't buy an annoying beeping alarm. I got up and slowly opened my eyes. As far as is can see, I can only see grassland.

"Where the hell am I? Did I just talk like a girl?" (Katsu)

As he looked at his arms and his chest, he noticed on the corner of his vision a small icon written mail. Katsu tilted his/her head.

"What the fuck? I must've logged in to that Elf avatar shitty game. Ok! Mail! (The mail opened, and he read it out loud) Dear Katsu, I'm Goddess' Elenora'. I'm the Goddess of entertainment and commerce. I stopped by your world to check out the games. I was surprised by your complaints. I had to report you to the other Gods of my world. They approved to request your transfer. The God in charge of your world said," I don't care! Leave me alone!"

With that, we decided to transfer you to my world. What we want is honesty. We had a few reincarnated individuals come to our 'world' and complained about not getting unique skills. They didn't complain to our faces. We could read their minds.

One even complained that we don't have slavery. I was curious about that. I went to your world to see what is so fantastic about slavery. I was surfing the internet when I spotted games. Oh, I had to take a look at those VR games. I then spotted you. You can complain as much as you want. Tell me the truth. Is my world good or bad? We want to know. You can reply to this mail to talk to us anytime.

Reply, Dearest Goddess. To answer those questions about those losers from different worlds, I will need to explain a type of book. It's a fantasy book about transfer or reincarnated into a game world like yours. These books meant to be silly. Some take it to heart. It becomes a dream or hope that could never come true.

A particular skill that no one has or unique ability that 1 out of 100'000 people have is wanted just to have sex with a princess. The other option is just to have sex. These losers don't have the guts even to approach a girl to have sex. The girl has to go to them so they can have sex personally.

Some people would want multiple classes active at one time to choose swordsman and prostitute at the same time. This act is done in the books a lot. They can then kill monsters and raise both classes at the same time. You see, they are scared to ask a woman to teach them how to pleasure a woman. They want the system to compensate for this. If they don't dare ask a woman, how are they going to have the courage to ask a woman to have sex with him?

Slavery is the same thing. You buy a slave girl. Take her to your hotel. Then you have sex with her. She isn't going to say, the master is that bump your d**k? She'll say oh master your so good to me! I want to be your slave forever. Like she would say otherwise. She isn't stupid. Her new master will beat the shit out of her if she is honest. What nut job wants to be a slave forever? She brainwashed, Or You are the target. What a bunch of losers?

What a boring life? What is so much fun in telling a slave to have sex with you? That's as bad as having sex with dolls. It's just stupid and annoying. I'll let you know what I want out of your game world. I don't want those cultivation shit. To get to the next level, I need to drink the sperm of a holly dragon—that shit made for you to need to buy holly dragon sperm with real money. Otherwise, you'll never go anywhere in the game. I hate it.

I don't want to carry around 20 swords. Some games you can't be a blacksmith and a swordsman at the same time. A sword is part of oneself. Do you trust anyone with a part of your body? I wouldn't trust heart operation just because the sign outside says, a heart surgeon. I don't believe blacksmith just because the sign says, blacksmith. I would rather be the blacksmith for my gear. I don't want the cross-contamination of classes. The fun in life is new experiences. I do, thank you. You might hear me complain day today. If I'm not writing it down, it's not a real complaint. It's just me having fun. I'll need to change my name; I'll go with Katie to short Kat. Talk to you later.

Kat looked at herself and noticed that she is in what looked like beginners starting equipment. In its way, It wasn't bad. Her top comes in two pieces. The first piece was a strapless corset. On the left side of the corset, there are leather laces to fasten. There is little flexibility in the chest area to be able to breathe. The space between the breast and bellybutton of the corset tightened to the maximum and isn't a comfortable set.

The second, shoulder protector is a long sleeve female jacket. The back goes as far as the bottom of the shoulder blades. The front goes to the top of the breast and overlaps with the corset. Then there is the mini-skirt, it's about 5 cm above the knees.

The boots are knee-high boots. It's not a hooker boots because it doesn't have high heels. On the rear side of the hip is a long dagger connected to the belt on the skirt. As she runs, she knows it's there because it's slapping her buttock. On her shoulder is a quiver with 20 arrows. On the ground is a small bow. She picks it up.