Chapter 0.5
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I never censor any curse words. So, if you feel uncomfortable, just drop this story or ignore it. You can curse the author too if you wanted to.






A groan escaped from her mouth as she felt her entire body ached, laying on the cold marble floor. She wanted to move her body but, considering her broken ribs, she chose not to move. 

It’s over… at least for now…’

She sighed, trying to raise her hand that was still holding a sword, and as she opened her eyelids, one of her corner lips went up after seeing such a wretched sight; bloodstains and black liquid covered her sword. 

She looked at it so wryly before shifting her gaze toward her clothes that it looked worse than beggar clothes.

Therefore, she couldn’t help but let out a brief chuckle. 

And shortly after, two different voices could be heard inside her mind which made her startle.

[Do you want to come back?]

“Young lady Selena?”

One voice, that somehow familiar to her, rang in her mind. While the other came from a butler who looked just as bad as Selena. Plus, his face looked so sad and guilty.

But Selena chose not to care about either of the voices and shut her eyes again, but her mouth did the opposite.

“Brother Conrad, call everyone — now…”

“Woof… I understand.”

She then smiled in relief. Shifting her gaze, she saw the butler and the other workers that were in the room, but her gaze focused on the view around them because such a terrible sight caught her eyes; the walls, the furniture were broken and covered in blood and black liquid.

She snorted before verbalizing her comment about the situation.

“Fucking bastard.”

As usual, after letting out some harsh words, she felt relieved. After which she shifted her gaze to witness the magical sunset through the enormous window next to her.

She then put on her usual mocking smile, trying to enjoy the current situation.

It’s been 2 years since she started living as Selena, and lots of things happened. But it’s not just over yet. Let just say that she has already assembled a part of the puzzle, but the hardest one would come later. Cannot back down, avoid or give up. 

As the silence remained, she heard the same voice rang in her head—again.

[Do you want to come back to your original world?]

“What the fuck?!”

She couldn’t help but curse.


Two years ago…
Celine’s original world, Earth.
3rd of March 2018


Skyscrapers adorned wherever her gaze turn, but a golden orb of light between the two skyscrapers caught her eyes.

She watched with an unwavering gaze, as the sun slowly sank lower and lower in the sky until it dipped down into the horizon, painting the sky in magnificent hues of fiery red crimson.

“What a tiring day.”

Instead of commenting about the magical sunset she saw, sighing was her choice. She stretched her sore neck and hands, leaving the gym exhausted and sweating, and several times her left hand lifted as she looked at the time on her watch.

“So, I was in the gym longer than usual? — jeez…”

She sighed again, shaking her head at the same time.


Even though she’s not a Taekwondo athlete anymore, she never missed a day without working out at the gym. Boxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo are her hobbies. To be precise, she is very good at those martial arts.


A brief vibration startled her a bit before she reached into her pocket and took her phone out. She unlocked her phone and saw the message from her brother saying he would come home late.

Then—she sighed again.

She didn’t mind about it. On the contrary, she was more bored. Well, since she lived with her only brother after the death of her parents 16 years ago, she got used to being alone which made her have an independent personality.

Strong, independent, courageous, short-tempered, energetic, and—troublemaker… those words were suitable to describe her. Although she was no longer a troublemaker, sparring boxing, or taekwondo with friends is a way to release emotions for her.

Well, she was 23 years old now and was known as a barbarian and a troublemaker is just a thing of the past for her.


At the moment she arrived at her house, a brown retriever dog welcomed her warmly. Its tail wagged, hopping around Celine as it was happy to see her.


Celine hugged Buster compassionately before a growling sound made her expression immediately change.

However, instead of preparing dinner, she threw her tired body onto the bed and Buster whined next to her asking for food. But she didn’t care. She just felt exhausted.

The growling sound could be heard again. She rubbed her tummy before opening her eyelids and blankly stared at the white ceiling in her bedroom—for quite a long time.

Afterwards, she slowly closed them again, feeling somewhat dizzy at the same time. She then felt weird. It was so strange to her until she couldn’t do anything.

Subsequently, she tried to move her body, eager to open her eyes and even mouth to speak, but still couldn’t.

Tick-Tock… Tick-Tock… Tick-Tock…

Oddly, she was still conscious. Therefore, she could only hear the ticking sound of the clock that was in her room. But why couldn’t she feel her own body?


What is this…

Why can’t I feel and move my body?

Oh, damn… what the heck?


Everything was dark, but she still could think because she was still conscious. The loud ticking sound eventually started fading—until everything became tranquil.

Celine didn’t mind that because she thought she fell asleep or in a weird dream. To be more precise,  she just gave up and let the strange feeling took over her.

She enjoyed the tranquil moment and a strange feeling took over her, before a warm hand shook her body gently, which made her slightly frown.

Until finally, she could slowly feel her senses and body return, and after feeling the weather somewhat chilly in the summer, she started to think.

‘I don't even have an air conditioner. But why  does my room suddenly feel chilly?’

While she was contemplating, warm hands shaking her body gently—again, and then, a strange voice and language that somehow—she understood, hit her ears that made her slightly startled.

“Miss, are you awake? His Grace asked you to have breakfast together with him this morning.”


With curiosity, she slowly opened her eyelids and blinked a couple of times while processing everything she just saw. Then, she lifted her upper body in surprise and—







To be continued...


A slow-paced mystery story.

Save every question you have, or ask in the comment section. For new readers, you could find spoilers in the comment.

I never wrote anything without a background story. Everything has reasons and connections in this story.

You just need to be a curious reader:blobpopcorn:


Enjoy the not-so-majestic of the prologue, because this story has a light writing style. And English isn't my first language, so correct me if you found any grammars-error :blobsad: