S1 – Chapter 13: Double Luck.
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I was supposed to update this chapter on Saturday, but, my shitty brain—forgot. And thank you for waiting...

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Chapter 13: Double Luck.




The cute creature, which had a length of about 50 cm, dark-blue fur, and golden eyes, had been wandering in the uninhabited village for about a week. It fled its home and looked for places to hide—and finally, it found a place where all the houses had been abandoned for hundreds of years.

There wasn’t a single human being in the village as there is a forbidden and dangerous sign at the village entrance. On the other hand, the village is close to the Greedy Forest.

After several days of staying in the village and eating fruits that it could find around the village, three people were entering the forest. Due to the sensitivity the cute creature had, it could smell what kind of person were those three persons.

Two of them are blessed with mana, but the black-haired man seemed unable to use it because the mana in his body had not awakened. Then, the light-brown-haired young man was blessed with mana, but he’s not a powerful image.

The last, the young lady with beautiful reddish-brown hair, had the nicest smell among humans that the creature had met. It never met a human with the nicest smell so far. Moreover, the only lady in the group had a god power in her bracelet.

Contrary to speaking, that young lady somehow couldn’t accept the divine power from the bracelet. In conclusion, the bracelet was of no use to her. But why did she use it? The cute creature wondered.

However, she had a special sense and smell than the other two. It was its first experience meeting a human who was so different since he became this creature.

Out of curiosity, the cute creature stealthily followed them behind.

After several hours, the cute creature couldn’t help but shock by the strength of the black-haired man and the young lady with the nicest smell. They could easily kill level 2 low-grade mutated monsters as if it’s nothing.

Until accidentally, the cute creature lost its balance because it was standing on a weak twig and then fall right in front of the person who had the nicest smell.

“It’s a dog?!”


The cute creature tried to woof, and it was wagging its tail after the young lady with the nicest smell said if it’s a dog. However, Kenley thought differently.

“Doesn’t it look like a cat?” 


The cute creature just meowed and tilted its head, which made the three of them confuse, and silence fell.

However, Selena was thinking differently. She was definitely happy, feeling like she got both dog and cat at the same time. No, the same creature.

Celine really loves animals, no matter if it’s a dog or cat. Before she had Buster, the retriever dog, she often picked up street dogs and random cats, but her brother threw them away as he said it would increase the living cost.

While at this time, who would scold her if she brought this cute creature with her? 

Selena’s tiredness after killing some monsters was slowly disappeared after seeing this cute creature who looked at her as if it needed a home.

“It just woofed and meowed, don’t you guys think if it’s weird?” 

Liam was the one who asked. Logically, he couldn’t accept this weird creature to be considered normal.

However, both Selena and Kenley didn’t think that way. Especially our Selena, who really loves a cute creature. Moreover, she didn’t have a pet in her new life yet.

“Nope. Isn’t it good? It feels like you got both a cute cat and dog at the same creature. It’s a combo luck!”

“Right. It’s adorable too.”

Selena answered excitedly before Kenley chimed in with a nod as he agreed with her statement.

She then tried to pet the cat, no—dog? Um, anyway, let’s just called it cat-dog then. 

The cat-dog didn’t dodge and accept Selena’s compassionate petting without hesitation, and it also rubbed its face on her hand as it liked to be caressed.

“Oh, my… do you want to come with me?” Selena asked as she lifted the cat-dog creature with love, and then petted its head.

Kenley looked at them with a faint smile as he didn’t think any suspicious towards this creature.

However, Liam looked at the two of them as if they got a doll after winning a game in the festival, and that doll looked very suspicious, but those wild children thought if it’s cute and lovely.

‘I guess I am the only normal here.’ 

Liam pondered, shaking his head quietly.

“Do you want to take care of it?”

Kenley asked as he walked towards Selena, who held the cat-dog in her arms.

“Of course. It looks so lovely.”

Kenley slightly nodded his head, but then his steps stopped after he got close to the cat-dog.

‘Why did I feel mana from it? It’s very slight even a high-level mage couldn’t notice.’

He started to frown his eyebrows as he observed the cat-dog from up close.

Kenley could never use mana. However, his sensitivity towards mana or aura is much better than the highest-level mage or an aura-wielding knight.

Consequently, he noticed that Selena could use aura after punching the highest quality wooden door of the Black Mao guild’s secret HQ when he met her for the first time.

Kenley opened his mouth, and about to speak, but Selena was faster.

“Should we continue? It took 3 hours for us to explore the first region, didn’t we?”

“It’s up to you. I’m good with anything.”

Well, he decided not to think about the cat-dog as he didn’t feel any devil aura from it. 

“Don’t you said that you want to look at your knight’s corpses?”

“Well, I don’t think there won’t be any meat left as they died in a monster’s den.”

Selena nodded her head while petting the cat-dog’s soft fur in her arms. While Liam, who was left alone as no one asked his opinion, really wanted to quit as Kenley’s aide, but he couldn’t just leave his friend alone like that.

‘I guess, my existence doesn’t really important for them.’
Liam had his gaze down as he quietly shook his head before he flinched after hearing Selena’s voice.

“I’m curious about the Siki mountain. Maybe it would take a half-day to reach the third region.”

“It seems that way, but I don’t have that much time.”

‘I need to go back to the empire.’

Kenley had to back to the place he could never say home. Although he had a place where people were waiting for him and happy when he came back, the Hastings Dukedom, it isn’t his actual home.

When Kenley was about to say something, Selena, who was so happy after finding a cute cat-dog, was faster again.

“What name should I give him?”

“You need to know whether it's male or female first,” Kenley said.

“Ah… I didn’t think of it.”

‘Where am I?’
Liam was at a loss for words after seeing them casually talking about the name they would give for that suspicious creature. He flabbergasted after seeing all this but decided not to worry anymore.

“I will find out when I wash it later. I will take care of it. So, Kenley, I want you to give it a name.”

Kenley put on a gentle smile after hearing Selena’s happy voice. He then put his hand on his chin and started to think about a suitable name for her—no—their cat-dog.

‘Don’t they seem like parents looking for a suitable name for their kid?’

Liam’s mind was in a chaotic state. He never saw his best friend, Kenley, acted this way. In his eyes, Kenley’s demeanor towards Selena was so different from usual.

Kenley was quite often seeing a lady in the palace or even princesses from neighbouring kingdoms due to his job as the shadow prince who was quite well known among the royal family in every kingdom. But Kenley never acted like today towards them.

Liam, who had decided not to care about them, failed less than a minute.

After the cat-dog got a name, they decided to leave the forest.


A few moments after they left…


Rustle.... rustle...

The rustle sounds could be heard from the bush before a man walked out of that bush.

“Hm? I feel like I smelled someone from the Erland clan? Did that bastard fail to kill the Kacper?”


He cleaned himself from the leaves that stuck on his clothes before speaking.

“I guess I need to check it out by myself…”




To be continued...