S1 – Chapter 15: First Journey (2)
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Chapter 15: First Journey (2)




It was that feeling again. I was conscious, but I could not sense anything. Everything was so tranquil and vague.

Yes, it was the same feeling I felt before I woke up as Selena.

Hmmm, I wonder how long I feel this weird feeling…

After enjoying the strange yet comfortable feeling, the dark vision I saw slowly changed, and the sight of a small room and an ordinary interior came to view.

I looked around, breathing normally as I could finally sense my body. But something was weird. I looked at my hands, slowly opening my mouth in disbelief because --- I was see-trough!

What the fuck?

I was about to curse. But that aside, I flinched as a cheering sound hit my ears. Moreover, the view of this small room was familiar to me.

Wait… don’t tell me… shit, what kind of fucking dream is this?!!!


“Happy Birthday Celine!”

“Happy birthday!!! Hurry! make a wish and blow the candle!”

“I wish that I will win the national tournament next week!”

“I will buy you a retriever dog if you win the tournament, Celine.”

“Alright, I will name it Buster and bring back the gold medals for you brother!”


What in the world?

The view of the small party on my 15th birthday was clearly visible. There were three of us; myself, my brother, and his girlfriend sitting surrounding a small table with a medium chocolate cake on it.

I was there, but I couldn’t move as I felt like the third person in that dream.

But wait… was that really a dream? But why did I see my past as Celine?

I couldn’t say a single word, witnessing the view which made me long my life as Celine because I did not know how to express my feeling at that moment. I miss them, I miss this place…

Will I come back to my original world? I wonder.

Subconsciously, the scene of my little house where I was celebrating my birthday slowly changed; both the temperature and the smell. I couldn’t help but wonder because it was exactly the same as I used to know.

Holy shit…

The familiar smell just like icy hot spray pampered my nose. Noises from crowded people could be heard and seen wherever my gaze turn. But again—the scene of 15 years old me startled me again, and it was right next to my ghost-like body.

It was my conversation with my senior in Taekwondo, Gilang.


“I will bring back a gold medal as well, Celine.”

“Senior Gilang, we are in a different competition, but yeah… I hope you win after kicking some asses out there.”

“Hahaha, Celine…” he grabbed Celine’s shoulder. “I would graduate soon, so, take care of that old man. I’m counting on you…”

“That old man can take care of himself, right? Why would I have to? and Senior Gilang… don’t tell me that you would forget me when you became a great athlete?”

“Why would I forget my best junior? Anyway, where’s couch Teguh?”

“He is on his way here, so bring back the gold medal before he arrived.”


No! Senior Gilang! Don’t compete! No!

It’s useless. I tried to approach him, but I couldn’t touch him.

No! Celine! stop him!

I screamed to call her even though I knew it’s useless. Because I didn’t want to witness my worst day for the second time. 

What’s the purpose I had this dream? And even as a ghost?

Well, about that day, I literally lost two of my important persons.
Coach Teguh died in a car accident, and my senior lost his dream.


“Celine! Celine! I got a call that Coach Teguh had an accident on his way to here!”



It was at that moment— I couldn’t think anything. Everything just turned dark in my vision. Then, I turned to my Senior. Instead of cheers of victory, noises of shock and concern reached my ears. The arena was crowded with the medics.

My heart was beating rapidly, couldn’t tell what feeling I felt. My mind was in a mess, and I was about to compete at that moment.


“Celine…” Senior Gilang called while shedding tears as I approached him. “I will stop being an athlete,” he said, giving his black belt to me.

“Shut the fuck up! You will be an athlete with me and compete with the world! Why are being you like this, Senior?!” I shouted, seeing my Senior, who forced himself to smile while shedding tears. 

“Go, and bring a gold medal for me…”


Senior Gilang suffered a broken bone which made him unable to play Taekwondo anymore.


Afterward, every step I took felt so heavy, my heart felt strange and slowly became hurt. It was so painful that felt like I was out of breath.

When I fought with my opponent, I couldn’t think of anything, just letting my emotions ran out of control. It was better, I felt better, and it also made me almost disqualify because I almost killed my opponent.

But fortunately, I still won. I brought the gold medals home, but I had never felt like I won since then.

The cheering sounds when I was standing on the podium—felt so empty.

What was I supposed to feel? I didn’t know. Even as a ghost, seeing this memory again made me feel the way I felt when I was 15 years old as Celine.


When will this dream stop? Why did I see all this? Fuck!

Who would I call if I was in trouble when I was Celine?

My brother!




Milo tilted his head and rubbed his face on Selena’s cheek as he heard Selena suddenly muttered 'brother'.

“Brother…” called Selena again and her voice sounded sad. She then subconsciously hugged Milo that was beside her.

It was quiet in her room, but, a gentle voice could be heard at that moment.

“It’s okay, I’m here…”


Gili island is an island of the Crowig Clan, and it's a clan that is also known as the clan of the barbarian clan.

Based on Liam's explanation, this island is abandoned by the Rayen Kingdom, but this island is still part of the kingdom.

The island was just like ordinary islands, but the people of the Crowig clan look… just like what you would think about barbarians. 

They have bronze skin and golden eyes, which almost looked like Selena’s amber eyes, but darker. Their hair is mostly black and dark brown, having muscular muscle, and fierce-looking face.

The people didn't look that bad; ladies looked pretty and bold, and the gentleman didn’t look as scary as you might think, and—they’re tall. The people of the Crowig clan were slightly taller.

The town was more likely the traditional one. Unlike in the capital, where most technologies are from magic tools, the town on this island still uses more manual tools.

The Crowig’s beer is one of the Rayen Kingdom’s tastiest beer. That's why there are many bars around the island which made lots of passing ships often stop by.

Even during the day, drunk people could be found everywhere.

“What are we going to do on this island?” Asked Liam, fidgety like always after seeing how leisurely Kenley and Selena were taking a stroll as if they were on vacation.

“Isn’t our ship anchored for a while? While waiting, why don’t we enjoy the view of the island?”

“That’s right. On the other hand, I’m still hungry because Milo and I have sizable portions.”


Kenley answered before Selena chimed in, and Milo, who was in Selena’s arm, also woofed.

Liam just chose to shut his mouth and followed the two wild children taking a stroll in a land of barbarians.

After Selena and Milo ate their huge second brunch in a small restaurant, they continued their stroll around the town.

“Their beers seem delicious…” commented Selena, looking around the town with Milo in her arms.

“…You still can’t drink, Celine…” Kenley commented, shaking his head.

Selena chuckled. “I know. I have to wait two years more to be able to drink…”


Milo meowed and nodded his cute head before Selena turned her gaze down and started to frown.

“It seems you’re getting fatter, Milo,” said Selena as her hands started to feel numb.

When Kenley was about to answer, someone’s shout invited them to turn to the source of the sound.

“FUCK THAT SHIT! Why are you taking my people?! Do you know this is an abandoned island? Who cares about laws or something?!”

It was a teenage man with a fierce expression, holding a sword in his hand as he shouted towards some knights with Golden Hibiscus crest, The Rayen Kingdom’s knight.

“This is the Crown Prince’s injunction,” said the knight sternly.

“Who cares about that bullshit when he never even cared about us?!”

That man looked furious; his veins were showing on his face, gritting his teeth while swinging his sword before he started to shout again.

“If you don’t want to step out of this island, I will chop your head in a second! GO AWAY, YOU BASTARDS!”

His uplifting voice made the other barbarian-looking people started to gather behind him.

“But this is an official order from the palace! You must obey the order or there would be a consequence for this island!” Shouted the knight as he started to angry but scared at the same time.

It’s because the Crowig clan is a clan of many strong people. On the other hand, that bastard, no, the Crown Prince Herbert, only sent ten knights.

Stupid, right?

That brave man, who had a muscular body with many scars drawn on his bronze skin, stomped forward and took the official letter of the Crown Prince Herbert.

He smirked. “100 people every month? For the palace construction and also knights?” he ripped the paper into pieces and then fluttered in the air.

Pointing his sword at the knight’s neck, who started to tremble, and made the rest of the knights pull out their sword.

It was an intense atmosphere. While Selena, Kenley, and Liam just witnessed the event leisurely, no, only Kenley, who enjoyed the squabbling.

Liam quietly glanced at Kenley, whose corner lips lifted and showed a faint of a sly smile.

“Eureka…” said Kenley with a low voice, but Selena could hear it.

“Is this the human trafficking case you’re looking for, Kenley?” Asked Selena.

“No,” Kenley shook his head. “The human trafficking carried out by the Rayen Kingdom are mostly from Amory clan in Nusa islands, there’s no one from the Crowig when I investigated.”

“I see…” Selena nodded, slowly stepped forward to approach the commotion, and Milo started to tremble. He is scared of strong people. “It’s okay, I’m here with you,” said Selena, caressing his soft fur.

Milo’s ears perked up and his fear slowly disappeared after hearing Selena’s gentle and stern voice as they approaching the commotion.

Liam slowly opened his mouth and became nervous after seeing his other child, no, Selena, leisurely approached the intense commotion. “Your Highness?” Called Liam quietly.

Kenley nodded, motioning him if it’s alright which Liam’s heart was beating rapidly.

Because this incident had been planned by Kenley.

Beforehand, Kenley got information from his informant if there would be some knights from the Rayen Kingdom that would visit the Gili island. For that reason, Kenley chose a ship that would stop by this island—to find out what the royal knights will do.

And surprisingly, those knights are Crown Prince’s knights. On the other hand, if Kenley’s hunch was right regarding Celine being the daughter of the Duke of Kacper, what would Celine do?

The Kacper has a very close connection with Prince Herbert, and also, there is a rumor if Selena Kacper would be the Crown Princess of the Rayen Kingdom.

That’s why Kenley came here to meet this incident with Celine, who he suspected to be Selena from the Kacper.

However, deep in his heart, Kenley didn’t want to believe his hunch.


“Leave,” said the brave man, whose face looked so furious.

The other knights started to point their swords towards the brave man.

“I told you… there would be consequences if you disobey the Crown Prince’s injunction, barbarians,” threatened the knight, began to be unafraid due to the support of the other skilled knights behind him.

“Hahahahahaha! I also told you... to stop saying bullshit!”

And it was at that moment...

“Yes, stop saying bullshit, Mr. knight.”

Selena’s scornful voice could be heard by everyone around that commotion as she stepped in.

The brave man that actually looked quite handsome—started to frown when there’s a young lady, who was carrying a weird yet cute creature in her hands, interrupted the intense commotion.

Selena intervened in the commotion as she somewhat understood the brave man’s feelings. It’s because she would do the same if there’s someone touch her people. 

‘A barbarian who cares about his people. That reminds me of the old me,’ she pondered before focusing his gaze on the brave man, whose expression looked confused.

“It’s boring to argue with your mouth. You guys are strong people... why should you waste your time and energy listening to his bullshits?”

She lowered the sword pointed to the knight’s neck before turning her gaze to the brave man.

“Want me to help you chop off their heads?” Asked Selena, showing her usual mocking smile in the end.

The brave man’s smile widened, raising his chin, and his eyes curled up before he replied.

“Sure, the Crowig clan always welcomes a new barbarian.”

“Wow. I’m honored.” Selena smirked.




To be continued...

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