S1 – Chapter 16: Giving a backhander
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Chapter 16: Giving a backhander.




Gili island is not a big island as the island itself is only inhabited by a population of only 500 people. There are still even some empty spots which is a great place to build another building or improve the environment. 

However, just like the information that Liam has gotten, the Rayen Kingdom doesn’t really care about this island.

Something popped into Selena’s head after recalling Liam’s explanation.

“So, mister knight,” said Selena, smirking and turning to the knight whose expression seemed complicated, “do you want to return to the capital as a ghost or completely alive?”

The brave man remained silent as he observed Selena’s appearance and the cute yet strange animal in her hands. Many questions he had, but none of which he could ask. He then turned to the knight who stuttered answered Selena’s question.

“W-what do you mean? This… this is an order from the Crown Prince Herbert! You need to obey the order!”

Selena chuckled. “Hmm… you are getting heavier, Milo.” Instead of talking to the knights, she turned to Milo, who was in her hands. 

Her gaze then looked around at the people behind the brave man. Afterward, her eyes caught sight of a polite teenage lady. Which in her eyes, that girl was definitely older than her, but she was interested in her because that girl reminded her of someone. 

As the silence remained, Selena took a step as every gaze still pointed to her, but she didn’t care. She put on an intrigued smile as she approached the girl who has dark brown hair, golden eyes, and freckles around her nose and upper cheeks.

“Can you hold my Milo for a second? He is quite heavy, but it seems you have pretty firm hands?” asked Selena in a sweet tone, tilting her head too as she tried to look like a sweet young lady.                     

“Uh…? Ah… yes,” the girl stuttered, confused while receiving the heavy fox into her arms. 


Milo meowed, which made the girl who was holding him surprised because, in her eyes, that creature looks like a fox but chubby and cute yet weird. 

However, Selena didn’t pay attention to Milo or that girl anymore. She stretched her numb hands, heading to the knights and the brave man. 

“So, what is your choice?” asked Selena, stopping the brave man from saying a word.

Her action still confused the brave man. But the brave man just felt the need to know Selena’s intention, and she also didn’t look dangerous. 

In their eyes, Selena looked more like a thug than a barbarian. The way she smirked, walked and everything just looked elegant yet mocking. A classy thug, you could say. 

“Don’t we need to stop her? She is with us on this trip, and we still don’t know her real identity!” said Liam nervously, glancing at Kenley, who had an intrigued smile on his face.

“Let me observe her longer,” Kenley answered nonchalantly, without even looking at Liam, who seemed nervous.

‘I can never understand his thoughts,’ Liam pondered, biting his lower lip.

They stood at a distance from the commotion, observing the situation and waiting for the right time to chime in because Selena was Kenley’s people on this trip.

“What do you mean by our choice? How dare you be so rude to the royal knights!” that one knight shouted in anger. Using his position to threaten might be a brilliant decision.

However, the villagers seemed confused because Selena kept smirking that looked so scornful. They wondered what a weak and young teenager was planning. Contrastingly, they hoped that there was a way to fight the knights. 

The Crowig clan had lost so many people after the last clan chief left the clan. The Crowig clan people scattered. Some of them followed the clan chief, and some of them left the island and became adventurers and returned rarely. 

This clan is strong, and this island has rare spices that make the beer from this island taste good. 

But why were this island and clan abandoned by the kingdom?


“So you choose to die, huh?” asked Selena, breaking the silence, which made the villagers quite surprised.

They were not afraid of fighting, as they were sure that they could win easily. However, they didn’t want to get in any trouble with a kingdom that didn’t care about them. Because the Rayen Kingdom is terrifying in their eyes. 

The brave man named Randy. His brother was the previous chief clan, but Randy refused to be the current chief until he met with his older brother, who left the islands with no single words, 6 years ago.

Randy needed to protect this clan and island. He knew very well if the Rayen Kingdom is not as good as the other kingdom sees it. Because the Crowig clan is one of the oldest clans in the Rayen Kingdom. 

For that reason, Randy still had not decided what he would do in this situation. He didn’t want to have any conflict with the kingdom, especially with the current crown prince.

Moreover, he didn’t want to lose more of his people. 

“Hey, I don’t know who you are, but this is our matter,” said Randy, taking a step forward to face Selena. 

He then looked at Selena’s amber eyes that looked similar to crowig’s golden eyes. Those eyes were enchanting, calm, and strong, which made him couldn’t help but trust her. 

However, the situation could get worse because — who was this girl he just welcomed, trying to threaten ten royal knights under the Crown Prince’s command?

Randy needed to keep his people and the island safe, but he didn’t think of any other plan except fighting. 

His hands were still trembling after knowing the news from those knights. Randy Dwi Crowig was mad, scared, and somehow feeling longing toward his only older brother. 

However, it was at that moment…

“This is my island. The Crown Prince cannot touch the people from my island, and the Rayen kingdom has laws regarding the citizen property, right?”

Selena’s casual, clear, and convincing voice made all the surrounding people went quiet. Especially Randy, who was beside her. 

‘What the hell?’  Randy’s jaw slowly dropped, staring in shock at Selena, who just declared if this island was hers so casually. 

It is possible to own an island. However, the buyer must have an agreement with the islander and, of course, have a lot of money to buy an island. 

Moreover, the kingdom cannot touch anything that belongs to the citizen of the kingdom without the island owner’s permission. 

‘Why would I fight when I can just buy this island? I need to keep my identity safe before Carter returns,’ thought Selena, smirking without paying attention towards everyone, whose expression seemed shocked in disbelief. 

But the knight didn’t seem to believe Selena’s word. 

“Hah, what nonsense. Do you have any certificates? Do you think I would believe you?” asked the knight in disbelief. 

Selena let out a chuckle. “It’s still processing,” she said, turning to Randy, the brave man. She raised her eyebrows twice as their eyes met. 

“Huh, what?” Randy couldn’t help but react in confusion. Many questions crossed his mind, but he just couldn’t utter them. 

After looking at his awkward reaction and the other villagers who whispered to each other, Selena sighed and shook her head.

“I have decided to buy this island. How much was it again? Billions krona? I will buy it no matter how much it is,” said Selena sternly towards Randy and the villagers. 

“Little kid, do you think buying an island is like buying candy for you? You need to deal with the kingdom regarding buying an island!” stressed the knight which made Selena turn to the knight in annoyance.

Selena then snorted. “Need to deal with kingdom regarding the purchase of the island the kingdom left itself with? Funny…” 

“Who are you? Talking about buying an island as if you had lots of money?!” asked the knights again and made every gaze pointed to Selena.

Because the villagers, Randy, and Kenley, and Liam were waiting for her question. 

Selena shrugged. “I am the filthy rich from the Rayen Kingdom. I love my kingdom, and I am so fucking rich.” She looked around before continuing. “Any further explanation? Or do you want me to bribe you so you can come back ALIVE and tell his highness the crown prince that this island has been sold?”

“Pfft!” Kenley, who was standing in the distance, couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. He expected her to introduce her actual identity, but again, Selena introduced herself epically like the last time. 

“This is getting interesting,” Kenley muttered, folding his arms.

Meanwhile, all the knights seemed shocked. They didn’t want to be killed on this island, but they also could not return empty-handed. 

“So, let me ask you once again, is 50 million krona enough to bribe you guys?”



“Who are you?”


Selene let out a fake cough after those words reached her ears. She just felt odd whenever she heard that question.

Indeed, people in this world are not wrong if they ask her identity because the current Selena is Celine from another world.

After the knights accepted the bribe, Selena and her people were invited to talk privately with the future clan chief, Randy Crowig. 

There were Kenley and Liam who sat next to each other, Selena and Milo, who was on her lap, Randy and his friend, whose face looked so scary in Selena’s eyes, and also the polite girl who was holding Milo beforehand. 

Everyone in that small and traditional room was waiting for Selena’s answer, including Milo. 

“Well, that aside. Can we talk about purchasing this island? Because I am serious about it,” said Selena nonchalantly yet elegantly as she sat just like the pose of the ruler. 

Randy and his people just stared at Selena and her people. Although the leader of Selena’s trip was actually Kenley, somehow, Selena gave pressure as if she was the one who led the group in Randy and his people’s point of view.

He kept his mouth shut, thinking of how rich was the person in front of him. Well, it couldn’t be helped as Selena had bribed the knight by giving them 50 million krona as if it was nothing.

“Regarding that, we can’t do much as we are not in a good state currently. Our islands lack technologies and pretty poor. We only can rely on our beers,” explained Randy, looking away, and bit his lower lip afterwards. 

He really knew very well that the Crowig clan was being abandoned by the kingdom. But for what reason? He still didn’t know. 

He could see if the Crowig clan population was decreasing. People left, one by one. They keep complaining to the government, but it’s of no use.

So, they never did that again ever since. 

Who would stay on an island that being abandoned by its kingdom any longer? 

Randy couldn’t blame his brother after he left without words. He was ten years old, and it had been six years since his brother, the clan chief, left the Gili island. 

However, today’s incident was unexpected, as they would never think that if the kingdom asked people from his clan to leave this island and work for the royal family. 

It was unexpected too that there would be a person who helped them. 

But was the person who helped them a good person? 

Randy couldn’t help but wonder. Moreover, she still didn’t introduce herself yet.

“Hmm, sounds good to practice my leadership skill here, muehehehehe,” muttered Selena with creepy laughter in the end.

People around her just stared at her in confusion. 

‘Leadership skill? Hm? What is she talking about?’

As Usual, Liam was the one who was curious and getting nervous. Well, everyone in that room was wondering but still waiting for her further explanation. 

“Hm anyway, what can I call you?” Selena asked, without paying attention to the weird expression that people have shown on their faces beforehand. 

“My name is Randy. I am the younger brother of the previous chief clan.”

“Nice name and my name is Celine. And I want to talk more about the purchasing island privately.”




To be continued...


Hmm, I know it's been a while and I don't know what should I write in this author note...
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Anyway, during my hiatus, I started digital drawing and I actually draw a new cover for this story.

So here I will share with you a picture of the cover and also Milo!

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Selena and Milo

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