S1 – Chapter 17: Will they meet?
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Chapter 17: Will they meet?




A pair of archaic teacups and a few simple cookies served on the table in the room which looked humid, traditional but clean. But our ignorant Selena didn’t really pay attention to the surroundings as she sat crossing her legs while patting Milo’s round head who was on her side. 

There were only 2 persons and 1 animal in that room.

And Randy... had his jaw dropped after hearing Selena’s introduction.

“Well, it might surprise you and me too. But I really am Selena Kacper from the Kacper Dukedom... as you can see from the check,” said Selena before sipping her tea elegantly. 

It quite surprised her after knowing if the Kacper Dukedom was more famous than she thought. 

Because this island was so much worse than what Liam had previously described.

There isn’t even a school on this island. Clothing, buildings, and food are still very traditional and ordinary. The Gili island was like ten years behind the other region in the kingdom. 

“Indeed, this is shocking because I never thought if a daughter from the Kacper visited this island,” said Randy, rolling his eyes as he still couldn’t fully believe Selena’s introduction. 

It was hard to believe if a daughter from such a family like the Kacper to buy this abandoned island. 

Moreover, Randy’s doubt was getting bigger after realizing that the Kacper had a bad background.

The Kacper from the Rayen Kingdom; a household that was so silent and calm but brandished knives on each side.

While Randy was deep in his thought, he startled after hearing Selena clicked her tongue in annoyance. 

“Tsk… I know you doubt my family. But this island will be owned by me alone, not my family,” stressed Selena, slowly giving out her aura to dominate Randy.

Randy then gulped his dry saliva, frowning his eyebrows while staring at Selena, who suddenly exerted a pressure that made his breath tighter. 

“I will keep that now, but let me tell you this. This island is inhabited by the Crowig clan. We are known as barbarians,” said Randy, trying to increase his tone as if he tried not to be dominated by Selena’s aura.

Selena put on her usual mocking smile, leaning over her back before turning to Milo, and then her gaze swept back to Randy before she spoke.

“You guys look like a barbarian. But I know if that’s all are acting…” 

Then, silence fell as both Randy and Selena had a similar smile on their faces. But not for long, someone’s laughter broke the silence.

It was Randy.

“Hah…hahahahaha…” he burst out laughing and then smirked that looked quite sly before lifting his face and saw Selena’s smug expression.

“I heard that the youngest lady from the Kacper is a genius and timid. So, the timid one is just a rumor?”

“Well, you think I cannot act like what you guys did too?”

“Heh,” Randy snorted and looked away before slowly turning to her again. “let me ask you once again, young lady… what do you want to do with this island after you completely be the owner of this island?”

‘So, this is your true form, huh? What a prick,’ thought Selena.

She found out that if Crowig clan were only pretending to act like barbarians. Why would a barbarian clan really say themselves as a barbarian so casually? 

They acted like barbarians, but their eyes were so clear and genuine. Selena could see from their golden eyes that said the otherwise. 

“I just want to own the best beer in the kingdom,” answered Selena casually, which made Randy unconsciously tilt his head in confusion.

‘Not because of our clan physical strength or our historical items, but beer?’ Randy couldn’t help but wonder. 

A young lady from one of the powerful families in the kingdom bought the island just to own the beer. Moreover, Randy believed Selena was younger than him.

“Well anyway, I will process everything after I come back from Nusa island to sort something-”

“Nusa Island?” Randy asked, cutting off Selena’s explanation. 

“Huh? Yes?”

Randy’s face turned serious as he leaned back before speaking. 

“Nusa island was destroyed this morning. There’s nothing remained but ruins and corpses,” said Randy toneless. 

At that moment was around 3 pm, and Selena was only staring blankly at Randy, who seemed to be serious.

“And how did you get that information so quickly?”

Randy smirked before he answered. “Our acting isn’t just for a show.”


The breeze was gentle yet sharp. Kenley stood on the deck of the ship on his way back to the Rayen Kingdom.

He had heard the news about Nusa Island after Selena finished her discussion regarding purchasing the island. But then he became disappointed.

For the first time in a while, both of his plans had failed. 

Liam stood 2 steps behind him, observing Kenley’s back and, as usual—nervous and awkward. He just never seen Kenley’s annoyed expression before.

He bit his lips while taking another step back before quietly peeking at Selena and Milo, who were sitting leisurely with food beside her while enjoying the view as if they were on vacation.

Liam felt like he was on the border of spring and winter. 

‘How can everything turn like this?’ Liam pondered, shaking his head, before then—he startled as Kenley turned back and met his eyes.

“I will take a rest, and don’t come to my room before we arrived at the harbor,” said Kenley coldly before swept his eyes to Selena and Milo, who were relaxing, for a moment and then left to go to his room.

Liam just nodded as an answer before leaving Selena and Milo alone on the deck.


Milo meowed as Liam left them alone. But then, he felt a familiar soft hand caressed his head while letting out a gentle humming.

He turned to Selena, who couldn’t stop smiling after leaving the Gili island. He had listened to the private discussion before, and it was quite surprising for him. 

On the other hand, Milo just knew the other side of his owner, Selena.

“We will come to that island after I attended the ball in the palace, Milo…” mumbled Selena before humming while eating cookies and orange juice and caressed Milo’s soft fur.

Milo neither thought much of it nor doubted Selena. He wagged his tail while enjoying the sweet taste of the chocolate cookies he ate at that moment. Which meant that Milo believed Selena that everything would be fine. 

It was 8 days before the ball at the palace of the Rayen Kingdom, celebrating the Crown Prince Herbert’s birthday.

And Selena was wondering if the dress that was designed was finished.

“The new Selena will rock the ball~” 

She muttered before biting into the chocolate cookie in her hand without noticing Milo, who stared at her in confusion. 



“Anonymous? Why do you want to hide your identity, young lady Selena?” Asked Count Frankland, lifting his gaze to look at Selena, who was elegantly sipping her tea.

“I don’t want people to know if that island belongs to the Kacper. We have enough land already, and I don’t want our family to be called a greedy household.”

‘Just like the rumor, she is so intelligent at the very young age,’ pondered Count Frankland, a man in his 30, with lapis blue hair and orange pupils.

“Ahem, I will process the certificate. Please wait a moment, young lady Selena,” said the Count gently. 

Selena just nodded as an answer before sweeping her gaze towards Milo, who sat on her side and nodded his head as their eyes met. 

“We will go on vacation after the ball in the palace!” exclaimed Selena in a low tone.

Randy, the representative of the clan chief, had agreed to hide Selena’s identity from the public and the Crowig clan itself. 

Back then, Selena and Randy had a very interesting conversation. For that reason, only Selena, who had the happiest expression on her face on their way back to the Rayen Kingdom.

Selena didn’t even give any attention to Kenley, who was gloomy all the time since they left the island, because she couldn’t stop thinking that the Crowig clan is a very interesting clan than she thought. 

However, around 5 days before the ball and after she arrived at the mansion in the evening, Selena just couldn’t stop but frown her eyebrows.

She was planning to spend her time in her bathroom to punch a punching bag after processing island ownership. However, at that moment, Selena needed to waste her time with her family at family dinner. 

Moreover, they had a guest. 

“It’s been a while, young lady Selena,” greeted Princess Laurine from the Julien Kingdom, niece of Selena’s biological mother.

So basically, She is Selena’s cousin. 

Princess Laurine has light blonde hair and green eyes. She is 2 years older than Selena and would stay in the Duke Mansion until the ball in the palace over.

Selena, who tried herself not to show her annoyed face, let out a sigh and a smile that anyone could tell if it was a fake smile. 

“Yes, indeed, Princess Laurine. Time flies so fast that you look even more mature and beautiful now.”

It was maybe because she tired she couldn’t activate Celine’s-splendid-acting at this moment. 

Her tummy couldn’t stop growling before, but after hearing the news that her cousin, the Princess from the Julien Kingdom, visited the Kacper mansion with no notification beforehand, Selena just couldn’t help but lose her appetite.

Milo wasn’t there with her as Selena told him to go to her room first with Nessie.

That was why her fatigue and disgust towards everything increased faster than usual. 

“I heard you have changed, that’s a wonderful change. You didn’t seem to be timid anymore,” said Laurine, cutting her steak on her plate leisurely. 

Selena, who tried her best to show her elegant demeanor, swallowed the delicious of best quality steak that somehow tasted bland before she answered. 

“Yes, Princess. I am the Kacper,” she said in a stern tone and steady gaze. But not long after, she unconsciously put on her mocking smile as the silence fell. 

As the silence remained, Selena tried to enjoy her food without paying attention to Princess Laurine, who was staring at her with an intrigued smile.

It was at that moment — someone broke the silence, which made Selena drop the cutlery that was in her hand.

“Since it’s been a while we are going to go to the ball together, I already brought a dress for you, Selena. Thus, our dress would look similar to each other.”


Selena just couldn’t help but cursed in her head.



Woof! Woof!

Selena let out a sigh at the whined Milo, who really wanted to go to the ball with her. Well, the more time they had spent together, the more she realized Milo is a clever cat-dog. 1Selena still didn’t realize that Milo looked like a chubby fox.

He always understands what Selena said to him. However, Selena couldn’t bring a pet to a ball at the palace. 

For that reason, Selena really felt bad to leave Milo in her room—alone.

“Nessie will be here with you, and I will come back as soon as the ball is over,” said Selena, patting Milo’s head.

It actually scared Milo to be alone in this mansion, but he couldn’t tell to Selena. 

Thence, Milo kept whining and acting as cute as possible so Selena would bring him with her.

“Sigh, Nessie,” Selena lifted the heavy Milo and walked approaching Nessie, who seemed confused. “Please take care of Milo while I’m out,” continued her as she handed Milo over to Nessie.

She patted Milo for the last time before she departed. “Be a good boy,” she said gently, then left.

Selena used the dress that Princess Laurine gave to her; it was a silver dress and an open shoulder type of dress. Her dress was simpler than Princess Laurine’s dress, but both of the dresses have the same embroidery. 

Thence, Selena didn’t mind using the dress because she still looked pretty no matter what she uses. 


The Rayen Kingdom’s symbol is the golden hibiscus. However, is there the hibiscus flower in that kingdom?


No one knows what kind of flower it is as they only know it from the symbol of the Rayen Kingdom. 

More precisely, that flower doesn’t exist in the Rayen Kingdom, and the history of the symbol is not told too much in the history book. 

Then, how the Rayen Kingdom’s symbol could be a golden hibiscus flower?

“I wonder. Never thought about the symbol of the Rayen Kingdom so far,” muttered Jaden, the Imperial Prince as he sat inside the carriage while looking at the view through the window. 

There were lots of fancy carriages, but everyone could tell if his carriage was the most glamour on the road at that moment. 

“Why don’t you want to join the ball with me, brother?” Jaden asked, shifting his gaze towards someone who sat in front of him. 

It was Kenley.

“I will wait in Black Mao’s headquarter,” Kenley answered tonelessly. “Just make sure you could arrange your time with the Crown Prince Herbert.”

“Sigh, I know that, brother.”

Jaden shifted his gaze back towards the window as the carriage had reached the first gate of the Rayen Kingdom Palace.

“This is going to be interesting,” he said, smiling. 

And at the same time in the palace…

Selena just got off from the carriage. She didn’t pay attention to Princess Laurine or her sister, Lilian, as she couldn’t stop mesmerizing the exterior of the palace.

“This is going to be fun,” she unconsciously muttered, putting on her mocking smile as she excited about this ball.

Because Selena had read all the profiles and information about the nobles in the Rayen Kingdom.




To be continued...