S1 – Chapter 18: The terrifying truth
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Chapter 18: The terrifying truth. 





It’s been about a month since Milo stayed at the Kacper Mansion after Selena brought him there. He was never gone around the mansion without Selena. 

The training field, garden, and dining room were the only places that Milo had visited so far as he only followed Selena wherever she goes, except to the bathroom. 

Milo has a high sensitivity. He could sense what kind of person he met from some distance. Although he hadn’t met Selena’s family yet, Milo often met with the employees in the mansion. 

And the reason Milo was scared to be in the mansion without Selena — was because all the employees except Nessie were under the control of the dark power. Therefore, Milo was certain if there are over two powerful dark beings in that mansion because controlling other beings could only be done by higher-level darkness beings.

Moreover, there were over 100 employees in the mansion.

Milo still hadn’t known who were the dark beings controlling the employees. Plus, once in a time, Milo had ever smelled blood and rotting flesh. It was more precisely a corpse, but he wasn’t really sure.


“It’s alright, Milo. Young Lady Selena will come back before midnight,” said Nessie, caressing Milo’s head.

‘But I wasn’t thinking about Selena right now!’ Thought Milo and then snorted before he shook his body, asking Nessie to let him go.

“Do you want to be in bed?”


‘No, I want to go outside for a bit,’ said Milo in his thought. Although he actually could speak, he could not make people shock to seeing an animal could speak.

“Alright, I will go to the kitchen and bring you a warm chocolate milk before you sleep,” said Nessie, putting Milo on Selena’s bed before she left the room.

Milo let out a sigh and peeked at the door to make sure Nessie had left the room. There would be around 10 minutes before Nessie returned, so he needed to be quick.

Because Milo again—smelled rotting flesh and blood.

‘What it really is,’ Milo wondered, quietly leaving the room from the balcony.

The wind blew gently and felt quite chill. Four small tiny, and chubby legs swiftly stepped over the steep wall, searching for the source of the corpse smell.

‘Huh?’ Milo stopped his movement when he was already on the second floor. He suddenly got the goosebumps.

As Milo got closer to the room, which was two blocks from the balcony he stood, a faint darkness aura began to be felt.

Milo trembled as he never felt such a strong darkness aura before.

‘This is even stronger than the father’s power!’

Milo gulped before he continued to get closer into that room because the smell of the corpse was getting stronger.

He had his ears down, and the same went to his tail. Every step he took was so light as if cotton walk on the cloud. But the closer he walked towards that room, his heart was beating wildly.

Until finally, he arrived on the balcony of that room.

The smell of the corpse was so bad, which made Milo rub his small nose several times. But it was nothing compared to the view in front of him.

Milo felt his heart was throbbing in his ears, loud and irregular, but he barely heard of it, for his mind was clouded with fear. He stood on the ledge of the balcony, witnessing the sight behind the transparent glass for what looked hours.

Milo had hidden his presence since he left Selena’s room. Just in case—so no one notice if there’s a living being walking through the balcony to balcony.

Thence, the two scary creatures beyond the glass window couldn’t feel Milo’s presence except for they caught him by their eyes.

There were two dark beings and one butler who stood near the feast; corpses. Those 2 scary beings have red eyes as red as blood. Their body looks like a human but skinnier and taller than normal humans.

Their skin is dark and thick. With their long ears that look like elf’s but longer, their hearing must be sharp. And one of them has two horns on his head.

‘How could such being in this house?’ Milo wondered in fear as he could no longer control himself; his body was shaking in an odd trembling rhythm.

‘“Kehehehehe… the taste of the Amory clan people never disappointed,” said a demon with horns before he bit the flesh of a leg in his hand.

Not only one corpse, but over five.

“I know right. I wonder about the taste of people from Crowig Clan,” said the other demon.

“Our liege should have to take care of it for us. So don’t need to worry, KAHAHAHAHAHA.”

“We should finish this fast before he came, Munch munch.”

They kept continuing to eat some flesh that has been rotting so barbaric and horribly.

Milo curled up his body, trembling in fear as he looked at that sight. He recognized the butler who stood next to them, assisting the two terrifying demons eating their feast. 

‘I need to tell Selena!’ he shouted in his mind.

It was at that moment, as he kept staring in fear and shock towards the two demons, someone opened the door, which made Milo startle.

They weren’t a demon, but two human beings. One of them had the same hair color as Selena and the other one who stood behind him as a guard had light blonde hair.

‘Is he Selena’s father?’ Milo couldn’t help but wonder. Because the man, who just came with his guard, had the same hair and eyes color as Selena.

Milo was getting even more confused because the man that he suspected to be Selena’s father wasn’t alive.

He’s undead.

But how could he move his body and looked like he was alive?

“Dark power,” Milo unconsciously muttered with trembling lips.

‘He is possessed by the dark being!’

Milo stressed, taking a step back.

However, someone seemed to notice him.

“Hm? I felt a very slight of mana around here?”

It was the man with reddish-brown hair, the Duke.

“Huh, mana? there’s no mage here, my liege,” answered the demon with horns.

‘He could feel my mana?’ Milo panic, moving erratically as he was confused and afraid.

The Duke approached the balcony, searching the source of the mana.

Meanwhile, Milo started to tremble in fear—because so far, no one could feel his mana. Therefore, Milo ran faster to the 4th floor without paying attention to his back.

“I was sure that I felt mana before,” said the Duke as he opened the glass window that was connected to the balcony.

“Was it really mana you feel, my liege?”

The Duke turned to the two demons with a bitter smile on his face. “Am I the type to say nonsense?” His crisp voice left the two demons speechless. “I wonder who was it because Selena’s lover isn’t in this continent currently.”



The hall was so bright; many candles and magic lamps lighten the vast hall. The aristocratic ladies showed off their most beautiful and glamour dress, as well as their handsome companion.

Not only that, sumptuous food served so uploading taste buds. In a way, the royal chefs put all their effort and sweat into serving the best food in the kingdom.

Because the guests invited by the Crown Prince didn’t just come from the Rayen Kingdom, but the royal family and some upper-class nobles from all the kingdoms of the Northern Continent.

And… how about our Selena?

She did learn a lot about the nobles who have connections with the Kacper and the possibility of the original Selena. And after she arrived in the hall, many nobles greeted and respected her as she came with the princess from the Julien Kingdom.

However, Selena didn’t spend her time with them too long. Because she was lured by luxury foods that attracted her eyes more than the handsome nobles who approached her just because she is the Kacper.

Selena tried her best to act polite and elegant towards every noble who came to greet her. There weren’t many nobles that really want to bother and chat longer with her. Except for one person.

It was the first princess of the Rayen Kingdom.

Princess Natalie.

“It’s been a while I haven’t seen you, Young Lady Selena,” greeted a pretty lady in her 17, with silver hair and ocean blue eyes.

Selena tried to gulp the chocolate cake in her mouth as quietly as possible before turning to the source of the soft voice.

“It is Your Highness, Princess Natalie,” Selena did a curtsy before slowly lifting her gaze as her gentle smile had formed her pretty face.

She then saw an odd smile that masked on Princess Natalie’s face. Selena could guess what was on Natalie’s mind.

Because Princess Natalie was quite close to the original Selena.

She was curious about the relationship between Princess Natalie and the original Selena, but Celine, the current Selena, chose to start everything with the new Selena.

“You haven’t been in any tea parties or aristocratic gatherings lately. I thought there was something wrong, but you actually started swordsmanship training?”

Princess Natalie’s voice was so soft and elegant. It somehow soothed Selena’s mind.

It was odd, and Selena wondered about that. Moreover, her ocean blue eyes were the same as Carter’s and they looked so clear and beautiful.

For that reason, Selena couldn’t help but wonder,

Was Princess Natalie acting for real or not?

“It is like what you have heard, Your Highness. I have thought about this since a long ago that I need to change. I am the Kacper after all,” answered Selena in a firm tone and gaze.

Princess Natalie held back her gasp, staring at Selena who looked completely different from before.

‘Where is the timid and coward Selena I know?’ Natalie wondered.

And it was at the moment, when she opened her mouth about to speak, the announcement regarding the Crown Prince Herbert entered the Hall, stopping her from saying a word.

All the nobles in the hall went quiet, bow and curtsy towards the silver-haired Prince, who walked elegantly to the highest seat.

Herbert Ghatrif Rayen, a 19 years old Prince who will be the future King of the Rayen Kingdom; his silver hair shone even overcome the magic lights and candles n the Hall. His ocean blue eyes looked even clearer than Carter's.

In conclusion, he is an attractive prince who is the pride of the Rayen Kingdom.

He put on a gentle smile as he approached his seat, looking at all the guests in the Hall.

Until finally, his rhythmical steps stopped. He turned to the guests, giving them his enchanting gaze before he started to speak.

“I really appreciated your presence to be in this prominent birthday party of mine…,” He looked around while focusing his gaze on some important guest before continuing. “And… I don’t want to interrupt your time to dance or enjoy the feast. Please do continue the party,”

All guests in the hall could hear his orotund voice. Of course, he used an amplified magic device that was maybe in his pocket.

Crown Prince Herbert is a handsome prince without a doubt. He has a firm body as he is a high-leveled knight. They said the current crown prince could use aura, but he couldn’t completely control it.

Unlike Carter, the second prince who is a mage, Prince Herbert looked colder than Carter. 

Carter is the type of prince who has a glib tongue to control things if he is a ruler. But his older brother, the first prince and also the Crown Prince, looked more firm and genuine.

However, Selena thought differently as she just met the Crown prince’s blue eyes before.

‘What the heck? Something is odd with that prince,’  she thought.

Selena wasn’t too hooked by a handsome man in this world because she had seen many handsome men since she transmigrated to this world.

Kenley, Liam, Carter, and the latest handsome man she met was Randy.

For that reason, she didn’t really care about handsome men anymore.

Because at that moment…

Her stomach couldn’t stop growling. The food served in the hall looked more attractive than handsome noblemen.

But, she needed to greet the crown prince first because she was one of the important guests.

“May the five golden petals always bless you with grace. Greeting, Your Highness, Crown Prince Herbert,” Selena curtsy as she already turned on Celine’s-splendid-acting. “And Happy Birthday. I hope you are pleased with my presents.”

The Crown Prince held back his chuckle, starring at Selena with an intrigued gaze.

“I heard a lot of things from the Duke himself. It seems you have changed lately, in a good way, of course, Young Lady Selena.”

“Of course, Your Highness, I am the Kacper after all,” said Selena in her stern tone.

[The Kacper.]

Hearing how clear, firm, and certain Selena introduced herself, made Prince Herbert couldn’t help but get the goosebumps.

He felt like those words have lots of meaning behind it. You cannot guess or examine the meaning behind it.

Because this is The Kacper we’re talking about. 

We never knew what the tiger is planning, thinking, or doing.

For that reason, the Kacper has a special place in the Rayen Kingdom.

“It sounds good… I hope you continue to serve our Kingdom, Selena Kacper,” said Prince Herbert, feeling uncomfortable after seeing Selena’s demeanor that seemed different from the last time they met.

And then the situation looked awkward, especially from Prince Herbert's point of view. Well, Selena just doing her best to show off her new side. Since she still lacked knowledge about this world and there weren’t many people—she could trust.

That's why Selena would just brandish and spread the knives she had.

‘If I keep being a dolt, I would die before I even get to eat enough food in this world,’ She pondered, walking towards one of the balconies which was quite far from the crowd — while her hands carrying 2 plates full of food.

She even hummed with joy as she walked away from the main hall without paying attention to the nobles, who several times glanced at her.

Who wouldn’t glance at the young lady from the Kacper dukedom?

Moreover, Selena was even more gorgeous than princesses.

However, she really didn’t care about those things, as she walked elegantly while giving off an aura that made it difficult for people to approach her.

‘Indeed. I really do have a scary charisma.’

Well, she still thought if her aura was a charisma.


“Woah, the cake here is good! Milo must love this chocolate cake,” muttered Selena with her mouth full of cake.

She sat on a chair she had dragged close to the ledge of the balcony, which she used as a table for her two plates full of food.

“This is how you should enjoy life,” said Selena, biting her macaroon while seeing the night view of the palace garden.

However, her action from the beginning she reached the balcony, witnessed by a man who was standing in the corner of the balcony.

He was standing in a blind spot, and it was quite dark on the balcony at that moment. Even though he was actually quite surprised when Selena arrived on the balcony while humming and carrying two plates full of food.

He knew if it was rude that he peeked at Selena the entire time, but he couldn’t help it because he knew Selena and found it interesting to watch her longer.

However, it seemed he couldn’t help his chuckle anymore. Seeing a young lady from a prominent family acted so casually and so different from the rumors.

Jaden just couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Pffttt! Hahahahaha…”

His laughter echoed the balcony, which made Selena immediately turn to him.

Then, Jaden could see her beautiful face, but the opposite happened to Selena.

He put on an intrigued smile, taking some steps towards the spot that shone by the light. His smile widened after seeing Selena’s face even closer. He really couldn’t believe if Selena Kacper would be this different from the rumors.

‘Is this the real Selena Kacper? So all the rumors really are just a rumor?’  Jaden pondered.

As Selena finally could see his face, Jaden was shocked by Selena’s reaction to him.

“Excuse me? Who are you? Peeked at me from there the entire time? It is not polite, you know that?”

Her irritated voice left Jaden speechless.

Well, Selena paid no attention to the other guests as she had been captivated by the sumptuous food from the beginning she arrived at the hall.




To be continued...

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