S1 – Chapter 19: Secret party.
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Chapter 19: Secret party.




“I sealed you in this form so that no one could recognize your mana. But you still could use magic since I cannot completely seal your mana.”

“Well, I bet there would be no one could sense your mana even they are as strong as your father—except their sensitivity as high as you.”

Milo still remembered the words from the one who sealed him in this form.

‘Then, How could he sense my mana? He must be stronger than my father!’ Said Milo in his mind, curling up his trembling body under the blanket in Selena’s room.


The sound of someone entering the room made him gasp, and his fear grew worse.

“Milo, I bring the chocolate milk,” said Nessie, bringing a tray with a bowl of warm chocolate milk.

Milo was still hiding under the blanket as Nessie came in. In consequence, Nessie immediately approached the bed.

“Millo, what happens?” Nessie put the tray on the side table and opened the blanket afterwards.


She could see Milo's trembling body, with his ears dropping as he curled up between the pillow and under the blanket, and even his meowed was also shaking.

After seeing this, Nessie couldn’t help but feel worried. She then sat on the bed, trying to caress Milo’s head, but Milo dodged as he was still scared—with everything.

He only needed Selena to be with him right now.


Milo woofed, telling Nessie to leave him alone.

Nessie couldn’t let out a word as she never seen Milo like this. “Miss Selena will come back soon, and I will leave the milk in here,” she said in concern before leaving Milo alone in the room.

‘This place is scary, and does Selena even know about this?’

Milo wondered before peeking at the chocolate milk which made him lick his lip.



“You don’t know who I am?” asked Jaden in confusion, breaking the silence after hearing the shocking response from Selena Kacper, who was known as a timid, pure, and innocent young lady.

“How could I know you when you don’t even introduce yourself?” Selena replied in annoyance before observing Jaden's appearance that looked fancy and simple.

Jaden didn’t use a super fancy and dazzling outfit like the Crown Prince used in this ball, yet he used simple yet elegant clothes, but one could tell if he is a prince — except for Selena.

“Hmm… Then, let me introduce myself. I am… Flint,” Jaden introduced himself gently.

“I am Selena,” and Selena gave a brief introduction before then she swept her gaze back towards the night view of the garden.

As if she was really not captivated by the Imperial Jaden’s look at all.

However, the opposite happened to her. 

‘Damn, he is hot!’ She said in her mind as she already looked away from him. 

Jaden, who introduced himself as Flint, broke the silence that made Selena flinch.

“Can I join?” He asked with hesitation.

Selena tried her best to be calm after hearing his husky voice that somehow sounded as attractive as his face. She let out a fake cough before she responded. 

“Sure, you can drag that chair too,” replied Selena, pointing to another chair behind her.

Jaden seemed couldn’t hold back his smile. Well, he just couldn’t believe if the gorgeous young lady in front of him was really Selena from the Kacper Dukedom.

“Why don’t you join the ball and dance with someone, young lady Selena?” He asked after he sat on the chair next to Selena, turning to Selena, trying to look into her eyes.

Selena took a deep breath and formed a flat expression before turning to Jaden.

“What about you? Why are you hiding in such a place? Are you perhaps waiting for a couple doing any lewd stuff here so you can peek at them?” Asked Selena nonchalantly.

She didn't care if she acted quite disrespectful toward Jaden because she heard no nobles named ‘Flint’ in the Rayen Kingdom or other kingdoms. Especially nobles who have connections with the Kacper.

“Pft—hahahahaha,” Jaden couldn’t help but laugh after hearing those words from Selena.

As he stopped his laughter, he then looked at Selena and met her amber eyes that shone in the dim light of the balcony.

‘How could someone be so interesting,’ Jaden wondered as he was mesmerizing Selena’s beauty.

It’s been really a long time since he could laugh like that. He never really found joy since he was younger.

Because he knew that his brother, Kenley, hates him.

Jaden wanted to be like his brother; being free, meeting lots of people, and having fun. But the Empire wouldn’t allow him to do that — because Kenley exists. For that reason, he rarely left the empire. Since any business outside of the empire would be taken care of by Kenley.

Before he drowned further and further away by Selena’s enchanting eyes, Jaden started to speak.

“I don’t really like a crowded place with people I don’t really know well.”

“You didn’t know me.”

“But it’s not crowded here.”

Selena went silent and looked away again. She then leaned into the chair before she replied without facing Jaden.

“Well, I’m here because I don’t like being surrounded by fake people.”

“What do you mean by fake people in this context?”

“Someone who comes to you just because of your family or they expect something from you? I’m not sure how I should explain it.”

“I understand,” replied Jaden softly and nodded, which made Selena unconsciously turn to him.

His gentle voice somehow reminded her of someone. 

Selena blinked, looking at Jaden, who put on a smile. She then unconsciously changed the topic. 

“Do you want some cake?”

Well, she just didn’t know how to continue the conversation, and she hated the awkward situation. Meanwhile, Jaden just let out a brief chuckle before he responded.

“No, thank you. I’m good.”

And the silence fell—again. But not for long, Jaden started another topic.

“I rarely attend a ball unless it is important.” He then turned to Selena before continuing. “Because I have someone who always does it for me.”

“… And who is it?”

Jaden smiled. “My brother. He always does my work outside the Empire on my behalf.”

“So you are from the Empire… I see," Selena nodded. “But why your brother always does your work outside the Empire? Do you have an illness or something?”

Jaden let out a brief chuckle again as he just couldn’t believe that Selena was so different from the rumor and most of the noble lady on this continent.

Her casual and attractive manner of speaking made Jaden feel like chatting with his close friends. 

Even though he didn't have one in the first place.

“I honestly don’t want him to do everything for me. But in our family, it is his job. He works everything for me, as the other of me and as my shadow… although I do want him to live the way he wanted, but I can’t, neither can he.”

Selena frowned her eyebrows as she couldn’t fully understand Jaden’s reasoning. “So you don’t have any illness, and your brother is just an idiot?”

Jaden's smile widened, looking into her eyes—deeper. “Well, he is actually cursed. He will always serve me as long as he is still cursed.”

His voice sounded wistful as he looked away, staring at the night view with a faint smile formed on his face.

However, Selena thought his explanation didn’t make any sense.

“How could he be cursed? And what about your parents? Don’t they need to do something for him?” Selena’s voice sounded irritated. She even crossed her legs and starring at Jaden.

“We… we have a complicated family. And…” Jaden turned back to Selena, looking down as he continued his sentence. “He is not recognized by my family.”

“Oh…” Selena’s face turned complicated as she kind of felt bad after saying her previous word. “Well, let’s move on to another topic,” she said, clasping her hands, which made Jaden flinch.

“You are so different from the rumors,” said Jaden with a smile.

“Well, it’s just a rumor. And would you think every noble only has one side?” replied Selena, shrugging.

Jaden let out a small chuckle after hearing Selena’s response. He felt like the burden and sorrow in his heart disappeared a little.

Well, Jaden is a lonely prince; stuck in the Empire, waiting for his brother to do his job had been done till he was 15 years old at that moment.

In fact, he wanted to have a fun and exciting adventure like the other prince or noble around his age. He wanted to be free and do whatever he wanted to. But his title as an imperial prince of an Empire—that was said to be a cursed Empire made it difficult for him to do the things he wanted to do

“I think it’s time for me to leave,” said Selena, standing and fixing her crumbled dress.

Jaden stood, offering his hand, and said, “Do you want to have a dance with me before you leave?”

Selena finally put on her mocking smile and thought.

‘Why would I refuse an offer to dance from someone as handsome as you? But the thing is….’

Her mocking smile then turned into a wry smile as she just realized that she could not dance.

But it was at that moment when Selena was about to say something, someone opened the door of the balcony that made both of them startle.

Especially Jaden, because Selena pulled his hand to hide.

“Let’s hide!” Selena dragged Jaden to the blind spot where no one could see them.

They who came to the balcony were a couple; kissing and hugging while entering the balcony.

Selena and Jaden curled up and crouched, hiding between the statue that was on the ledge of the balcony.

Their positions were so close that Jaden even could smell the vanilla scent from Selena’s perfume.

He gulped his dry saliva before peeking at the couple who were doing a lewd deed.

Moreover, Jaden tried his best to hide the sound of his heartbeat that was so chaotic. His face was as red as a tomato because he never thought that he would be this close to Selena.

“Why we are hiding?” Whispered Jaden.

Selena, who was witnessing the erotic scene before her with a smile, replied excitedly but in a low voice.

“Don’t you think it feels like we are watching live porn without being bothered by bad connections or booster ads?”

Jaden, who didn’t understand Selena’s response as he is not from Celine’s world, went silent and blinked several times.



“Miss, I bring you a tea,” greeted Nessie as she came into Selena’s room while holding a tray with a glass of herbal tea.

Selena didn’t respond as she just arrived at her room a moment ago, hadn’t even said a single word because she just felt tired after using her acting after so long.

For that reason, Selena didn’t even pay attention to the whined Milo who kept pushing her body to wake up.

“I will put the tea here, Miss,” said Nessie, peeking at the tired Selena who just looked as if she was drunk at that moment. And also, Nessie didn’t forget to take the empty bowl previously filled with warm chocolate milk.

As Nessie left the room, Milo poked Selena’s cheek several times.


“Ugh… Milo… stop that! You know that I’m tired…” She groaned, rolling to the side, and turned her back to Milo.

‘But why were you smiling when you arrived?’ Milo sighed, shaking his head.

He wanted to say something about what he had seen before. However, he didn’t want to reveal his real identity yet.

But then, Milo was quite mad because Selena was talking to herself. On the other hand, she sounded happy and not tired.

“Tehehehee… I just saw something interesting today… hehehehe,”

As Selena didn't stop giggling, Milo had no choice except to yell at her.

“Selena, I saw something shocking today!” Shouted Milo in his cute voice.

Selena immediately got up and turned to Milo. “What the fuck, did you just speak?!”

Milo blinked and so Selena.

“It’s not important! I will tell you the thing that even more important!” Yelled Milo in a low voice that sounded scared.

Because he felt someone approaching Selena’s room.

“Are you a pokemon?” asked Selena, as she just couldn’t believe what just happened at that moment.

However, as she saw Milo curled up his shaking body, Nessie’s voice could be heard at that moment. 

“Miss, the Duke would like to see you,” said Nessie from outside her room.

Selena was confused and still shocked. But then, she could hear Milo’s shaking voice that made her mind even more chaotic.

“Please don’t meet him now! I have something to tell you regarding your father and this house,” said Milo in a very low voice as he hid between the pillow.

While Selena had her jaw dropped, trying to process whether she transmigrated into a pokemon’s world or not.




To be continued...

Oh wow... we almost there... Season 1 almost finish.. in more than 10 chaps maybe. LOL
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