S1 – Chapter 20: Vacation?
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Chapter 20: Vacation??????????????????




Selena was still flabbergasted and her mind went blank for a second. 

First, she just heard an animal could talk. Second, it’s regarding her father and this house that she had wanted to find out about ever since she transmigrated into this world. Third, her father was waiting for her outside the room. 

“Miss Selena,” called Nessie again and was followed by a knock on the door, breaking Selena’s reverie. 

She shut her eyes for a moment, letting out a sigh, and then looked at Milo, who was still trembling in fear.

“We will talk later, but can you hide somewhere first?” Asked Selena.

“Your father can sense me,” Milo stuttered when he answered. 

Selena clicked her tongue and looked away. She brushed her hair back, thinking about another plan. 

“At least hide somewhere further from the door. I will find out a way so he couldn’t sense you,” said Selena as she turned to Milo. 

Milo's eyes shook before he nodded. 

“I’ll take care of this. Trust me,” said Selena and got off from the bed. 

‘Trust her…’ repeat Milo in his head as he somehow longed that words. 

Selena took a deep breath, shutting her eyes for a second before opening the door.

“Good evening, father,” greeted Selena in a weak tone as she already masked her face with a weak-looking expression. 

“Are you alright, my dear?” Asked her father in concern. 

Both Nessie and her father had the same concerned expression on their faces, which made Selena feel a bit relieved. 

“I’m feeling a bit dizzy and nausea, father.”

Her father frowned his eyebrows for a moment and bit his lips as if he had something to tell, but he couldn’t utter it. 

“Is there something you need from me father?” She asked as his father remained silent. 

“Well, we can talk tomorrow, my dear. Take a rest for now.”

Her father caressed her head before he left, and Nessie was still there. 

“Miss, do you want a glass of herbal tea again or maybe a porridge?” Nessie asked fidgety, avoiding Selena’s gaze.

It was because Selena had stopped acting as a weak girl, and Nessie knew well about it. Selena was staring at her blankly but in Nessie's point of view, her stare gave Nessie the chill. 

“Stay outside and make sure no one is around my room tonight,” said Selena and closed her door without waiting for Nessie’s answer. 



Selena bit her almond cookies before speaking.

“So, in conclusion, they are not the two wolves in the sheepfold, but I am the one who is the lamb in the wolf’s den?” Concluded Selena in disbelief, yet she could still chew her cookie as if nothing serious happened. 

Milo just nodded as he chewed his cookie too. He had explained everything to her about what he saw in this house, but it seemed Selena wasn't really surprised. 

“Did you just know about this?” Milo asked.

“Yes, obviously,” Selena answered nonchalantly. 

“And what will you do now, Selena?” 

Selena glanced at Milo. “I’m waiting for someone to wake up, but he is still sleeping,” she said before throwing her upper body onto the bed, staring at the fancy ceiling in her room. “I need to find out what’s their intention first, then I will decide what I want to do next.”

‘About what happened to the real Selena and why did I suddenly transmigrated into this world,’ she continued in her mind. 

It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t panicking or scared. More precisely, Selena was angry. Well, whenever she was scared, she always turns that fear into anger. 

However, she tried her best to calm for now because she still didn’t get lots of information about his father, this house, and this world. She needed to be slow in making any decisions. 

Because it’s about her new life.  

‘Right, slowly but surely.’ She repeated those words in her mind, thinking about lots of things that crossed through her mind regarding her next plans.

On the other hand, she still couldn’t tell Milo about her transmigration case yet—because she didn’t know Milo’s true identity yet.

“Now, tell me about yourself, Milo. Everything, without a single lie. You trust me, right?” 

Before she found someone who she could trust, she needed to find someone who trusts her first.

“Yes, I trust you…”

Then, Milo told about his past, especially about what happened three years ago.



Three days had passed since Milo told her the truth about himself. About his past, his siblings, the magic tower, and the incident three years ago. 

And Selena...

“My brain and body just need holidays now,” said Selena before taking a sip of orange juice in her hand. She laid on the outdoor couch that was on the deck of the ship, on her way to Gili island, her island.

Selena would like to take care of something on that island, as the new owner. Millions, no, billions of money was already in her hands—even swimming clothes. Well, she wanted to have fun on her vacation.

She didn’t go alone this time, because Nessie came with her as well. 

Well, it was because Milo told her that Nessie is the only one not affected by the dark power. But still, Selena would remain vigilant about everything, especially the secrets regarding this island and her previous affairs here. 

 “Welcome, Young Lady Celine,” greeted the muscular man in his hoarse voice. 

‘Now, this is what a real barbarian looks like,’ pondered Selena, looking away after observing the huge muscular man who greeted her once she stepped out from the ship.

“Where’s Randy?”

“He only told me to escort you to your new residence, young lady Celine,” answered the muscular man politely.

Nessie who held Milo in her arms was actually confused with the situation as they called Selena as Celine. But she couldn’t ask anything as Selena told her to stay quiet.

“I ask again, where is he?”

The muscular man flinched slightly after hearing Selena’s stern voice. “He is still taking care of the trouble maker on this island.”

Selena tilted her head curiously, slowly lifting one of her corner lips before she spoke. “Lead me the way to Randy.”

The muscular man held back his gasp. He knew that Selena is the new owner of this island, but he just still couldn’t get used to her. Especially towards her bossy demeanor. 


Her amber eyes excitedly looking around the island that is hers now. She couldn’t wait to start ordering people to do jobs, such as improve the village, start new businesses, build a school, and many more. 

‘Owning this island is indeed a good decision I have made,’ she thought, before focusing her gaze on the commotion in the middle of a small market.

“Kahahahahaha, I told you! you guys are so slow! Fucking slow!” Shouted a man, standing on the roof of a bar while holding a bottle of beer in his hand. He seemed half-drunk.

All the villagers shook their heads in concern and anger. But some of them had a surfeit expression on their face, which made Selena can’t help but ask.

“Who is he?” 

“He is a wild mercenary from the Sapphire Kingdom. But he often makes a mess in this village by stealing our beers, messing around and being crazy. That's why we call him a crazy dog,” answered the muscular man. Although his voice sounded hoarse, deep, and quite scary, his demeanor actually wasn’t that bad. 

“Why don’t you guys just catch him and put him into a prison?” 

“He is very agile and good at running away. He was jailed several times but still managed to escape. Moreover, he loves challenging our people to fight him.”

“Then, do you guys accept it?”

“We do. Several times he loses but he kept asking to fight him. He’s crazy fighting.” The muscular man shook his head and sighed. 

“Interesting…” commented Selena, putting on her usual mocking smile and walked approaching the commotion. “But this is my island now. I need to punish him hard,” she continued.

That young man has light green hair with an undercut hairstyle, cider orange eyes that look delinquent, and a smug smile on his face that was so condescending and so mocking.

“Sigh, I don’t know what punishment I have to give this time,” said Randy, shaking his head.

“I need to punish him hard for messing around on my island. Very hard so he won’t do the same thing,” Selena suddenly chimed in which made Randy and the others startle before looking at her. 

‘Our new Island’s lord!’

‘Our savior!’

‘The crazy rich from the Rayen Kingdom!’

That’s all the Crowig clan had in their minds when they saw Selena, who came in his casual yet elegant outfit. She didn’t use a dress or something like from noble, but more like an adventurer outfit in an expensive version, of course. 

“Lady Celine, it’s been a while,” greeted Randy, but Selena paid no attention to him as she was focusing her gaze on the trouble maker who called the mad dog.

“Can we talk? I’m the owner of this island,” said Selena in a high voice so that he could hear as well as the villagers around them.

the mad dog shifted his drunk-looking eyes towards Selena and smiled. “Heh, a kid like you? A lord of this island? What nonsense,” he commented and looked away.

“Yes, it’s all nonsense if you think about it. So, don’t think about it too much and get down here, so we can talk…” Selena paused, waiting for the mad dog to look her into the eyes. “With our guts.”

the mad dog’s smile widened and so did Selena. 

“I’m not someone who loves to talk bullshit… so, we can just start it, shall we? I heard you love fighting,” Selena convinced. 

“Lady Celine,” called Randy in worried. He didn’t know what Selena was planning this time.

‘Is she really going to fight him?’ Randy couldn’t help but wonder. Moreover, the mad dog is a pretty strong knight around his age. No, he is strong without a doubt. Although he had lost several times, he also had won almost equal to his losses. And his opponents were knights from the Crowig clan.

“Open the path,” ordered Selena, raising her chin in gesture. She looked at the mad dog one more time with her the most scornful smile she ever put on. “Get down here and let’s bet,” she continued.

The mad dog snorted, finishing his beer and throw them away before he spoke. “Must be fun. Hehehe,” he snickered and got down from the roof with his agility. 

He focused his gaze on Selena’s amber eyes before observing her pretty appearance while walking closer. 

“What’s the bet?” He asked, stopping as he was about 2 meters from Selena.

“I heard you are crazy for fighting,” Selena answered.

The villagers went quiet, observing the island lord and the trouble maker having a conversation. What they surprised to do was that the island lord would bet in a fight with someone obviously looked much powerful than her.

‘Is she the one who will fight him or someone else?’

The same thing happened to Nessie and Milo, who was behind Selena. Well, Nessie tried her best to do her job to be quiet while on this island. 

“If you win, you can drink as much as you want… for free,” continued Selena as the mad dog remained quiet.

The mad dog then chuckled and looked away. “I can do that without even fighting,” he answered before turning his gaze back to Selena. 

“Hmmm… what about… if you win, you can own this island?” Asked Selena which made everyone around them gasp in shock. 

“Lady Celine, what ar-” 

Selena raised her hand to cut off Randy. 

“Fight me. And if you win, you can own this island.”

the mad dog curled up his eyes and his smile widened. 

“Fight you? Are you kidding me?”

“Do I look like I am joking right now?” 

The mad dog’s eyes turned serious because he could clearly see that Selena didn’t show any fake expression. Although she had a mocking smile from the beginning. Plus, Selena's eyes were clear as if telling him the truth. 

‘Genuine eyes,’ commented the mad dog in his mind. 

“Are you sure you are the lord of this island?” He asked seriously.

“Of course? Are you doubting me? I have the proof and the certificate that I own this island,” said Selena, giving a signal by lifting her hand, telling Nessie to show the certificate. 

Nessie put Milo on the ground for a moment. Even though her hands felt numb, she still tried to take out the certificate and show it to the mad dog and people around. 

“Here, Miss,” she offered it to Selena.

“You see this? I am Celine, the owner of this island.”

The mad dog was someone who never got to school, but he still could read the letter. There’s no way he doubted Selena even after seeing the certificate. 

‘So, it’s true.’

“Then, who will I fight? Is it really you? Would you really be willing to give this island for nothing? Isn’t it too easy for me?” Asked the mad dog repeatedly. 

Selena let out a mocking chuckle. “Hold on,” she said with a little laugh. “We haven’t talked about what I will get if I win.”

“You? Win over me?” He asked so disparagingly. 

Selena’s eyebrow twitched, feeling a little irritated by his words. But she just let it go for now.

“If I win,” Selena paused, taking a step forward and smiled mischievously. “You must obey whatever I command. In other words, be my underling.”




To be continued...