S1 – Chapter 21: Dollyo chagi
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Well, The crazy dog's name was actually 'mad dog' but I changed it because it's too mainstream. Then again I write the next chapter, I kinda felt weird. So, his name back to 'The mad dog'. And FYI, I already changed his name in the previous chapter. Thank you.


Chapter 21: Dollyo Chagi




‘Is she really Selena from the Kacper?!’ 

Randy pondered before turning to Selena’s maid, who had his head down without saying a word. However, the chubby fox in the maid’s hand looked calm and even wagged his tail.

The chubby fox that looked so cute seemed to be the most relaxed after Selena, who declared herself that she would fight someone who looked thrice stronger than her. 

Randy had a complicated mess in his mind for thinking anything about Selena. He couldn’t figure out what she was thinking and planning. Feeling his headache was getting worse, Randy sighed and had his head up, looking at the clear blue sky.

“Prepare the arena,” said Selena with a big smile on her face.

Hearing those words, Randy took a step forward, biting his lip before focusing his gaze on Selena’s face that looked so excited.

“Lady Celine,” he called, and Selena turned to him. “Is this bet official?”

“I don’t like saying bullshit,” answered Selena, walking towards Nessie. She then caressed Milo’s head before turning again to Randy. “Just trust me.”

Although she turned to Randy as she said so, Milo could tell if she told everyone on her island as well. Her voice was clear and could be heard by everyone around the commotion. There was no doubt in her voice. Instead, everyone couldn’t help but trust her words. 

The arena, where the mad dog and Selena will fight, was a training ground mostly used by the Crowig clan to practice fighting. Because in the first place, this clan is a clan that has a specialty in the fighting. 

“Well, it isn’t that bad. Looks similar to my own training ground at home,” muttered Selena, looking around the training ground. 

The training ground was just an empty field where no grass had even grown. It would definitely hurt if someone slammed on this hard and dry ground. 

‘This guy has extraordinary agility,’ pondered Selena, looking at the mad dog who cleaned his sword.

Selena had heard everything about his fighting style from Randy. Although she wasn’t quite sure she would win against the mad dog, she did believe there was still a chance. 

‘I need to find out how far my swordsmanship has improved.’

Well, she’s actually more focused on that than on winning. 

Back in the past, Celine never thought about winning or losing when she competed. She just wanted to enjoy fighting and beating someone. Because it was her way to release her stresses and unspoken emotions she had.

While Selena was chuckling mischievously, Randy, who was beside her, broke out in a cold sweat. On the other hand, he couldn’t disobey the island lord’s order, which made him can’t help worrying about the situation. Because if Selena lost, the mad dog would be the new lord of this island. 

‘I can’t let this happen,’ said Randy in his mind. 

“Lady Celine, can I do it on your behalf instead?” 

“No,” answered Selena nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, if he wins, just kill him so he can’t be the lord of this island,” she continued in a whisper, which made Randy have his jaw dropped.

Selena just left Randy stunned in his position to start the fight. She casually walked with a sword in her hand when all the villagers broke in a cold sweat, seeing a young girl walking with a sword in her hand so casually. 

They all seemed worried and nervous, especially Nessie, who still hold Milo in her hands. She didn’t even mind if her hands went dumb because she had held Milo for too long already.

“So, what are the rules again?” Asked Selena as she stood facing the mad dog in 3 meters of distance. 

Astrid, the polite lady who held Milo during the incident with the royal knights, seemed nervous before telling the rules again.

“Don’t kill or attack that trigger death. Giving up means losing. That’s it, Lady Celine.”

“Sounds simple,” said Selena and nodded. 

“Beware… man or woman is the same for me. So, I won’t hesitate.”

“Good. Because I won’t too,” answered Selena and smiled scornfully.  

The villagers were watching surrounding the training ground where Selena and the mad dog would fight. As Selena and the Mad dog were staring at each other while smirking that looked almost similar, Astrid gave a shout to start the fight.

“BEGIN!” Shouted Astrid. 

“Thank you for giving me your island.”

After finishing his words, the mad dog rushed at Selena. Charging at her with the hooked sword upheld, going to her forewing and slashed downwards with the sword. Selena swiftly parried with her sword, and those swords clashed with a shriek that sent sparks flying into the air.

It was a strong attack. Selena pushed back. The mad dog gave her an apologetic shrug and smirked which irritated Selena a bit. 

The mad dog charged forward, swinging his swords without mercy. Selena managed to dodge the first swing, and for the second, she parried with her sword while thrusting out her right leg to kick him, but the mad dog easily dodged with his agility. 

Swung. Swung. Swung. With his quick moves, the mad dog kept swinging his swords towards Selena without a second pause. He was impressed with Selena because she could still dodge and block his powerful and quick attacks. 

‘What? She is pretty good?’

Selena pushed back again. Turning her gaze to see her slightly slashed left arm, she clicked her tongue. 

Well, she couldn’t completely block and dodge all of his attacks. 

“Well, I’m excited to fight a strong opponent,” muttered Selena before wiping off the blood on her arm. 

Randy, Nessie, and the rest of the villagers couldn’t help but show their worried expressions as it was clear that the mad dog was stronger than Selena in a sword fight. 

The mad dog stomped approaching Selena, using his momentum to attack again. As Selena was about to attack him first, he jerked and swung around her. Then, when he was directly behind her, he thrust his sword. 

All the audience tensed up as they would see Selena would get that attack. However, they could see Selena formed a mocking smile on her face.

Swiftly, Selena dodged the attacks from her back to the side, lifting her left leg, she then dropped her leg quickly to hit the mad dog from above. The mad dog rolled forward, parrying the sword Selena had launched from above. 

It was a strong swing. Very strong for a girl around her age. 

“You really are a mad dog,” said Selena and the mad dog just chuckled. 

He took a step back, letting go of the clashing between two swords, and immediately launched a new attack. He lunged forward, jabbing out his sword in an attempt to stab her. But Selena easily ducked forward as she found an open, trying to cleave his legs. But the mad dog noticed it and at the last second, he got away with a small, bleeding slice. 

Selena smirked. Thinking at least they had the same injury. 

“You are pretty good,” said the mad dog, panting and Selena just replied with an arrogant shrug. 

He then sprinted at Selena again. Selena just raised her sword, and then two blades clanged together, creating a spark of fire flying onto the sky. Selena gritted her teeth as she almost couldn’t bear the impact of his attack. It was so strong. 

The weight of his sword pushed her a bit. Selena was panting, but her face showed a very excited expression. She hadn’t met a strong opponent who fights her seriously. 

The mad dog is a strong swordsman. However, Selena had met stronger; Kenley. She then snorted and smiled for a moment as she suddenly remembered about Kenley. But Kenley uses a longsword. Unlike the mad dog who uses a regular sword. 

‘His technique is average, but he is strong and so agile,’ thought Selena, before parrying the sword strikes from him. 

Those were continuous attacks, and the mad dog laughed in joy, pushing Selena back and almost approaching the audience. 


Selena cursed inside, couldn’t find an open to dodge and do a counter-attack. Those attacks were powerful as if the mad dog were letting out his anger towards her. Selena even received multiple light slashes on her arms and body. 

Besides, Selena was pissed, because the mad dog was laughing. 

“Kahahahahaha, give up now, or I will accidentally kill you!”

Randy bit his lower lip, looking at the one-sided fight. He had realized if Selena is a good and pretty strong swordsman, but her techniques were still lacking.

“Selena, you have a powerful attack in every swing of your sword. But swordsmanship not only how strong your swing is, but it’s also about your technique. And also, I always feel like you are angry whenever we spar.”

Selena recalled Sir Derick’s comment about her sword skills. 

Her hand that gripped a sword slowly felt hurt because of the impact of the mad dog’s attack. 

“He is a good swordsman. When he is fighting, he always focused on the technique and strength of his swings.”

Selena smiled and sighed after recalling Randy’s words about the mad dog. She got an idea. However, maybe it was because she let her guard down for a moment, the mad dog launched the last strong attack to throw Selena’s sword out from her hand. 

He gave the first swing close to Selena’s face, but Selena managed to parry her swords. She was panting, feeling a bit shocked because she almost couldn’t block the attack. 

The mad dog then spun around, stretching his attack, and swung his sword from the ground up and right at the point where Selena had difficulty parrying and dodging his attack. It was approximately 10 cm from Selena’s sword grip. 


Then the sword managed to escape from Selena’s grip. The sword was thrown far enough towards the right. And for the last attack, the mad dog thrust his leg and kicked Selena backward. Selena pushed and fell.

‘Damnit my butt!’

Selena panted and groaned in pain, feeling her butt hurt as she landed on her it. What’s more, the ground was hard, and she was aware of it from the beginning. 

Randy shut his eyes and had his head down. He thought everything was over, and he really needed to use the second plan. He then slowly lifted his chin, taking a step forward in order to approach Selena’s location as he thought that Selena was losing. 

However, it was at that moment he heard a happy and excited meow from Selena’s cute pet. 


Milo meowed and wagged his tail towards the training ground which made Randy turn to that direction in reflex. He then saw Selena started getting up. What surprised him was the expression Selena had on her face. 

She looked so happy and excited. Besides, Randy got the chill after seeing her expression. Because she didn’t look tired at all, instead, she looked wild and thirsty for blood. Especially her gaze. 

As if there was a bloodlust aura surrounding her body. It was different from the aura that he felt when the first time he met her. Her current aura was more like an aura of a true fighter. 

‘Right… my skill and techniques are still lacking,’ thought Selena.

The mad dog tilted his head, looking at Selena in confusion. It’s not only Randy who felt the chill after looking at her but everyone around the ground field, especially the mad dog too. 

“Kehehehehe… you know what? You are screwed when I fight you without a weapon,” said Selena, stomping towards the mad dog. “Get ready, or you die.”


“Fight me. You said you wouldn’t take easy on me. I could still fight well without a weapon. Don’t underestimate me.”

“Well, I never underestimate my opponent.”


Selena rushed to the mad dog, smirking mischievously, and the mad dog left in confusion. 

The mad dog didn’t know what he should do, hesitating to choose between attack or dodge, because he rarely fought someone without a weapon before. 

He gulped. ‘Right, just attack and win,’ He convinced himself, lifting his sword and swung it down. 

Seeing his moves, Selena snorted. With speed, she lifted her left knee as she was about leg-length from her opponent. She rotated her standing foot and pushed the right side of her pelvis forward, making her kick much powerful. Then, she extended her leg straight out—robustly—hitting right on the mad dog’s wrist and released the sword from his grasp, which sent the sword out of his hand.

Moreover, a low cracking sound could be heard. It was clear that his wrist cracked from Selena’s powerful front kick. 

“Agh,” the mad dog groaned in pain, but he couldn’t focus on that now, because Selena hadn’t finished attacking yet. 

“Don’t let your guard down, you fool!” 

After Selena finished her words, she prepared her position to perform Dollyo Chagi, because she wanted to punish the mad dog hard.

This kick needs a reliable balance, and that is one of Selena's advantages. She rotated on the ball of her foot, quickly bending the knee of the kicking foot while she began to turn before extending her leg out straight and hit the mad dog’s head.

The mad dog staggered, losing his balance to stand after receiving another powerful kick from Selena which also made his head dizzy. He could feel something salty in his mouth. It was blood. He then reflexively wiped his mouth and saw bloodstains on his hand. 

“Oh, there was no one who could stand after receiving my Dollyo Chagi even without a head protector. You are strong,” exclaimed Selena, smirking. 

The mad dog couldn’t respond as he was still in pain. But of course, Selena wouldn’t take easy on him. She felt good after performing her special kick to someone who didn’t use any protector. 

She never felt this excited before. 

Feeling enough with the kicks, Selena began to use her boxing skill. 

Jab. Selena hit his right cheeks, the mad dog pushed back, staggering but still could stand. Selena tilted her head and smiled. 

Cross. Uppercut. After hitting him with Cross punch, she punched his chin from below robustly, which made his body finally fall and his mouth couldn’t stop dripping blood. Surprisingly, he was still conscious, but groaning in pain. 

“You are strong huh,” said Selena and followed with a vicious chuckle. 

She walked approaching the mad dog who was lying in pain. “This is what you got after belittling me and making a mess on my island.” Selena stomped on his stomach after finishing her words, making the mad dog moan in pain and cough up a chug of blood. 

“Weak,” commented Selena. She then kicked the mad dog’s body several times. “Stand up and continue! Hey weakling! Stand up and fight me more! Oi! Bastard! Hey weakling bastard! Stand up!” She grumbled while kicking his body. 

The mad dog was still groaning in pain as his mouth couldn’t stop dripping blood. But there was Selena who kept hitting his body to stand up. Moreover, her kicks were strong which made his entire body was crying in pain. 

He squinted, trying to open his eyes but his vision was blurry. He then slowly saw Selena’s sight was getting bigger, coming closer to his face. Although his vision was blurry, Selena’s mocking smile could clearly be seen.

“Now, you are my underling. You work under my command, got it?” Said Selena, lifting her fist before giving him the last punch.


‘What a wild person….’  He said in his mind as he began to fall unconscious.

The mad dog passed out, with a face covered in bruises and blood that didn’t stop coming out from his mouth. 




To be continued...


1. Dollyo Chagi: Roundhouse kick from Taekwondo.
2. Jab, Cross, Uppercut: movements from Boxing.

My first time writing sword fight scene *Sweats*. I know this is not that good, but I hope you can enjoy it. Thank you for reading! See you next week!