Blue Hell
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The blank good before my eyes stretched infinitely. After what felt like an eternity I was indeed able to confirm, that my pure pristine blue prison had no ends. There were no corners to hide in or edges to exploit. I can remember if I think back as hard as I can.

I was married, and as I recall I loved it. Her face has been blurred during my time in this blue void, but her kind eyes and caring actions were more than able to last in my heart. We had a happy marriage and I remember crying over her sick bed as she was slowly taken away. I thought death would be a release, a chance to see her again, or at the very least, a chance to end my dark lonely struggle through life. My work was the only thing that kept me going. The feeling of being needed is quite a powerful incentive!

Now there is simply the blue. The memories. And regret.
I wanted another chance to live and laugh. I wanted to love and grow, to start my cycle of reincarnation once more. For the first time I tried to scream into the void. "Please god...or Buddha or whatever, I think it's time I moved on."

As if merely saying the words was the key I was able to see a slight aberration in my blue hell. There from above was a color. A COLOR. The sheer beauty of this shining green light eased my soul. A tension I couldn't describe, and only felt, began to unwind as I looked at the kind smiling man with a large belly. My eyes, had the existed, would have been open in shock and awe of the sight. This was not any 'God'. This was MY God. I was a practicing Buddhist and seeing the only creature to achieve Nirvana gave my mind a sense of wonder.

"So you are finally ready to move on?" He asked with a small laugh. I attempted to shake off my shock as I affirmed myself. "Yes please, I'm tired of reliving my life and regrets." He laughed and gestured for me to come closer.

"Well fantastic!" He said laughing heartily before looking at me in a bit of an odd manner. "Actually for your next incarnation you have a few options." He paused pulling out a simple scroll unfurling it into the blue hell.

Curious I moved to look at the scroll. The words were in English, and 8 was relieved to see my name in the list. "Well ok, what are my options?" I asked. Coughing softly he began. "You can reincarnate back on earth or...." His pause made my curiosity grow immensely. Being a gigantic dork, I was well versed in the sciences. A new planet to explore was far to tempting of an offer. I nearly demanded to be born there, before a thought reached me. I am not brave, nor can I fight. If this other planet was even a few hundred years behind earth it could be a disaster.

I began to think harder. Since there were only ever two things that caused true joy to grow in my heart the process was easier. "When I reincarnated will I have my memories?" I asked. I could see my Buddha nod at my question before I began to contemplate again. Without a reset I would have zero chance to even attempt to acclimate to a new world and my heart grew sad. I shook my head turning my head to give my choice only to see...a very panicked expression.

"Look how about we give you some help and you try the new world?" He asked. Since I knew my Buddha would never hurt I was eager to see what it might be. "Firstly we will give you a full 'knowledge:language' for Thaildor, along with any of its sub languages." as he spoke I could feel a white hot drill burrowing into my brain. I could see him still speaking, but any higher level processes were beyond my grasp. "So would that be acceptable?" he asked gently as my brain felt like it was exploding. "yeah..." I muttered trying to reorient myself after the knowledge injection. He clapped his hands and I could feel myself leaving my prison. I couldn't speak! Wait what are my other abilities! I screamed into my mind as I felt an even greater awakening beginning. The first touches of air were on my new face in a world I knew nothing of, and a completely unknown skill set. "Fuck..." I muttered into the air.