Queen of the Forest
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My irritation at this moment could be best described as, a billion ants all devouring my nerve endings at the same time.

"So Pinky where is the fucking forest queen then!?" I shout at him. Pinky doesn't seem to mind being bellowed at, so he just shrugs his massive shoulders. "Dunno, she's kinda slow sometimes, but she should be here soon."

I sigh exhausted and sit down. The inside of Pinkys den looks exactly how I had pictured it, fucking gross. As such I've been sitting here waiting for this god damn queen to show up for at least an hour. She SHOULD have shown up while I was fighting Pinky, but she didn't. For either fight!

I try and forget about the irritation on focus on my new abilities. Since I can now access the elements of fire, water, and wind I haven't had a lot of time to play with them. Using this in the middle of town would be little more than idiotic. I may liberally use my magic at all times, but if I can keep the other elements a secret?

I focus on the complex mathematical puzzle that is water magic. Unlike my druid spells, that remind of Celtic knots from earth, water magic is essentially just an equation you must answer within your mind. Once you have the correct answer the spell fires off. Truthfully Water magic has been the only successful element that I have ever used. My attempts at wind magic left me confused, and fire magic is....complicated.

What I've been able to figure out thus far, is that depending on how well liked I am by my familiar the more powerful the magic is, and therefore the more complex the puzzle that needs to be solved to cast it. Both Xia, and Marriot are quite new, so their puzzles should be easy. The problem lies more with Esmereldas' fire magic.

Due to Esmereldas' fondness for me her magic would be incredibly powerful, but the puzzles are far too hard. It's like starting on the hardest difficulty without knowing the rules yet!

Are successfully casting my water ball spell a few more times I can finally hear some scuffling outside. Pinky has already stood up and wandered out of the cave to survey the new comer.

"Please be the queen!" I beg. It's only after several more minutes pass, that I decide to head out of the cave myself. "What's the hold up Pinky?"

I ask, but I can see the hold up instantly. A...Child? has pinned Pinky on the ground and is currently lecturing him.

The kid from looking at it seems to have the qualities of bear and human mixed. Unlike my Puppy and Kitten she has more than just ears and a tail, her hands are closer to that of paws ending in sickle like claws. Her eyes are a captivating bright orange color that seem to only glow brighter in the light of sun.

She looks at me with hostility, "So you're the new bastard who wants to be king huh? How could you lose to a human like him Kovi?

"I'm sorry queen, but he's really really strong!"

'Aww thanks Pinky, good bear.'

With a smile I walk over to them, and place a hand on Pinkys shivering frame. "Get up Pinky." I command. This always going to be a contest over who has the most power in the forest, and there is no way in hell that some god damn loli-bear is taking my position of power. Not when I've just gotten it.

"No, Kovi. Stay down there." He's clearly torn between the two of us. His decision will very clearly set the tone for the rest of this conversation.

"Pinky, I've already taken an arm. Don't make me take something more important" The threat in my icy tone hangs in the air. Thankfully Pinky finally remembers who is truly the master in this relationship and rises, even going so far to stand on his hind legs.

"Good boy." I say smiling sweetly at the bear girl in front of me. "Now then Pinky, tell her who your king is."

Pinky grumbles in his throat, "You are forest king."

I nod my head satisfied. "Anything else....queen?"

She's staring at me looking completely furious. Her skin has gone deathly pale, aside from the bright red flush that covers her face. Her tiny arms are even shaking with rage, I've done quite well this time!

"How dare you order a bear! You pathetic Human scum! How can you even dare to think that we of the noble Ursas line would bow down to you!" Her voice started off normally, but by the end she is very nearly in tears of rage as contempt flows out of her.

"Two things." I say closing the distance between us quickly. She's only a few inches away from me and I purposefully crouch down so that I can look her in the eyes....and protect my crotch. She looks like the kind to kick first and ask questions later.

I hold up one finger, "Firstly, I'm not a fucking human. So do not call me one." I slowly place a hand on her shoulder.

"The second bit of information is the most important are you ready?" She nods her head at me. Her face has drawn close to mine staring at me nearly captivated. There is a loud rumbling sound all around us as the ground shakes and dirt rockets into the air.

All around us thorned trees thick as ancient oaks soar in in the sky, "This has been my forest for a while now. You can merely borrow it."

She seems to be cowed for now with a show of power so I quickly turn to Pinky, "You know what the deal is. Since she looks close enough to one, have her drop off any stones at my house directly." I command him. He nods, but looks hesitant, "How can we find your den forest king?"

I smile and turn towards the forest queen, "Well I'm taking her there now. She'll learn the way easy enough."

Gently placing a hand on her shoulders again I steer her towards the edge of the forest and towards my home, "Come little queen, time to meet...well the other queens I guess."