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Walking though the forest was quite peaceful, the babbling of the water accompanied by the hushed whispers of the wind always made me feel good. That in no way was able to shake the unmistakable feeling of dread that I felt as I made my way home.

While I wouldn't say I'm necessarily afraid of my wives....I don't think they are going to be terribly happy at my long absence...

"Why you shaking king?" A very normal question pops from the mouth of my half bear and half human compatriot. I had asked her about her unique condition, unlike the beast races I had met before she was a bear to begin with. Originally she was just a normal bear doing bear things, but after eating a strange plant her body had begun to change. She had only found this mysterious plant a few months ago, and her transformation advanced quite rapidly with no signs of stopping yet.

"Well....I think my wives might be a little...surprised to see me so soon. I kinda...just left for a while..."

The cute bear next to me merely nods, "Well obviously you gotta get yelled at a bit."

I can't help but agree with her, "Yeah, I suppose you're right. Doesn't mean I need to look forward to it though."

My grumbling continues until, finally, I can see the beautiful Elven manor that I had taken as my residence.

"Okay little queen, this is where I live.....but I have a feeling explanations may be a bit easier if you weren't..."

She looks at me with a mixture of nervousness and fear. I sigh deeply, "No, no it's fine. Just...wait here for a few minutes okay?" I plead at her, and she readily agrees.

"Fine, but no funny business king. " She crosses her bear paws across her chest, "I won't go in yet, but if you don't come get me in a few hours I'll tell your wives on you!" She grins widely in victory. Judging from her face I can tell that in this moment, she feels like she's one.

My initial irritation at her is replaced by a black rage. "You know little queen. Blackmail isn't really a good idea for you right now." I tell her a patient pleasant smile plastered on my face. She looks shocked and flushes at her strategy being brought into the light.

"Wh..What do you know! You're the one in trouble with your wives!" She bellows at me.

I close my eyes firmly as I feel a headache brewing in me.

I wrap her up in my finest vine restraints, including a muzzle, and stride up the well manicured grass towards the manors entrance. I found it odd at first that the guards didn't stop me, but given the way they evade my gaze. I'm certain a storm is brewing for me when I get into my home.

Now, I have a few options here, I could go quiet, loud, or try and get them alone. All of these ideas have some pretty serious flaws in them. Sadly I just can't seem to think of way to announce that I have arrived, and also not get bullied by my wives.

"Well, if I'm getting yelled at anyway may as well be loud about it." I say with a fake grin. My heart feels heavy and sick.

I conjure around myself a bit of flame, and water together. Unlike an actual spell I'm merely holding the power of the elements around myself. So far I haven't been able to really find a use for it aside from looking bad ass!

The combination of fire and water around me gives off a rainbow hue of light, as if my body is glowing. Next I use the wind elements from Marriot to project my voice.


The words echo around me a deep booming echo that stirs all around it. The once apathetic guards have now trained their eyes on me. I see horror, confusion, dismay, and universally across them all. I see a the look a man has when they see a convict doomed to hang by the noose.

Waiting patiently, I could feel my sweat slowly trickling down my brow and neck. Though hard to notice, from the way the drapery has been moved I'm positive the maids inside the manor know I'm here.

Wait what's going on? No yelling yet, and its been about 5 minutes since I yelled....are they going to give me the silent treatment.


Ah, there it is.

I plaster a wide smile on my face and spread my arms wide to greet my wives. Currently both standing in the doorway of the manor, it seems like they are set to yell at me.

My smile drops a fraction, but I quickly try and smooth things over. Very rapidly I make my way toward them. When I'm no more than a few feet away I stop. They had been holding on to the door tightly ready to slam it in my face had I tried to force my way in.

"Maya, Arith! I've missed you two so much!" Though my sentence is met with cold silence for a few seconds, but Arith doesn't have the poker face that Maya does.

"I missed you too husband!" She says almost happily. I give her a big smile, and the effect of our absence and the mesmerizing light around me has her staring at me in wonder.

Good, at least she won't yell too much now. "I'm sorry I was gone for so long Maya. you see I had to get you and Arith a good wedding present!"

I mean...yeah that's what happened in the end....wasn't really WHY I left but....

I deftly pull out a brilliant purple crystal and present it to Maya. "It took me a very long time to find something half as pretty as your eyes. I think this is close though."

With a grin I softly place the stone in her hands. She's shaking slightly and I could swear Arith is about to cry as well.


Ah, perhaps....that was a bad call...


The girls seem to share a look and with a defeated sigh back away from the door. "Come in Husband. We have MUCH to talk about." Mayas tone is cold and dark.